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Found 11 results

  1. I recently copied this antenna design from the internet and although I'm pleased with its performance, i have my doubts about the original configuration so i have made a change to the driven element. The driven element on the original design appears to be coupled to the rest of the elements - surely this creates a short circuit? so what i have done is isolated the driven element from the boom. what do you think? cheers.
  2. I can repair split air conditioners, satellite dishes, conduct electrical wiring. I can fix cars, and a lot more that I can Recently, I put amplifiers gsm-3g. Grateful to these my professions, I did not become rich. But, I live in prosperity. In my refrigerator sometimes there are cheese, fish, sausage, and much more. Thanks God! But, recently there was a client asking for a lot of wimax2300-2400. And I, understanding nothing in excess of high frequencies, tried to understand the theory and practice of these antennas. How do I do it - I'll write a little in this thread.
  3. Hello! What is the currently best solution to build an directional (maybe yagi) antenna without machines? I want an easy, fast and good solution for an antenna that i can use on my external adapter. I saw videos and read some topics here about different yagis, round, copper bars, copper tapes, but i am not sure if they really work... Andrew Mcneil uploaded an Video 9 years ago that shows an 19 Element yagi made with copper tape, is it outdated? So what is the best div solution? Does Copper Tape antennas really work? How thick does it have to be? Does Copper bars work better then tape? hollow or solid? Is copper the best material? Can / Do I have to increase the power of the adapter to fit the antenna size? (19 Element Yagi for example)
  4. Hello Friends, can you explain what type of this yagi antenna is? in my country this antenna is very popular and good, because it has high gain and in areas with no signal at all you can get 3G and 4G LTE signals. I hope my friends can explain this antenna, because I have tried to do a yagi calculator but nothing fits this type of antenna.
  5. Hi guys 1- I want to make an antenna for my access point but i don't know if this measurements are good or no 2- and also this is my access point pcb I'm going to solder it directly with no sma adapter or any coaxial cable is it going to work ?? ( my access point don't have any sma port or anything )
  6. Trying to build a long range setup, and have a bunch of questions about how to best do it. I thought I had a yagi antenna to use for this project, but discovered a few days ago it is the wrong frequency to use. So, you guess I could say I am back to the drawing board. I need to have good connectivity at around 900 meters, and would prefer 1400 meters if possible. My thoughts were to incorporate two different antennas to match the two different bands Wi-Fi connections use these days. One for 2.4ghz and another for 5ghz, since their waveforms possess different shapes due to the difference in frequency, but then I discovered parabolic antennas can manage both. To my understanding, my options are: Purchase another yagi Purchase a parabolic Build a super cantenna Build a cigar antenna like the one I found on this site. Build the hybrid yagi-cantenna that I also found on this site. I was going to couple this antenna with a repeater/amplifier to give it more power. There are several available on amazon, of course. My soldering skills are not good enough to try to break out the breadboard and schematics to build my own. I just don't know what antenna would allow me the best opportunity to penetrate through the heavy wooded area that would surround it, oh, and that one hill. I am also unsure at what elevation would this antenna need to be mounted. How much would gain be affected by elevation, and at what point would the voltage drop from the cable reduce any benefit received from an increase in elevation? Elevating the antenna would present some technical issue to the build, as there are codes restricting the height of an antenna mast before it would require approval by governing bodies, and the mast itself can get quite expensive fairly quickly. I also don't want anything that would draw attention or suspicion. Like a tesla tower would. Last in this rambling post of a thousand questions, I was given most of a spool of buriable coaxial by a friend. From the looks of it, it appears to be RG6. Would this do? Or is something else needed with less loss? Cheers
  7. hi,I want to make a wifi antenna 2.4ghz but I don't know which design is the best So can anyone show me the best performance design for a wifi gun antenna and thanks for helping.
  8. Hello Recently, I have ordered the materials for building this type of antenna. However I’ve only found one scheme for 1.8 ghz disc yagi antenna and I’m not sure if the measures are correct. Should I also make two antennas for 4G router if it has two sma connectors on the back or it would work fine with just one? Can someone help me improve or confirm the existing antenna design shown in the picture? Thanks Additional read: 1. I plan on making two 1.8GHz external antennas for my 4G router (Huawei HA35) in hope it would improve signal reception and speed. Router operates in average of 1.5/3 signal bars (4,5mbit download/1.5mbit upload). 2. I have measured the output antenna voltage on two female SMA connectors located on the back side of the router (~1.75V, separate circuits). ISP: HT HR, 4G-LTE (Band 3, Band 20) 2. Why disc yagi? It’s easy to build elements on winding rod 3. I am aware this design has its flaws and antenna would be in shorted unless isolated on the main rod which I plan to do DE7E86F9-CD4E-4847-A8E1-64EB20C5B81C.webp
  9. I thought people here would enjoy seeing the progress so far on building a complex 'X-wing' antenna. I'm still testing and figuring it out, but this is looking good so far. I welcome any thoughts you have.
  10. Hello to you; I'm coming here in hopes of learning more about self-built wireless antennas. So far I've watched a great number of Andrew McNeil's videos and have largely decided on this multi-element yagi The issue for me is that I have a philosophy of avoiding money and purchases whenever possible. I build what I need out of found items and what I have nearby. So while I have plenty of copper house wiring (for the elements themselves), some wood and metal for a spine, and a soldering iron -- what I don't have is a metal SMA connector. So my first question is, would it be possible to repurpose a dipole antenna piece for this? Since there are two points which need to be soldered (like an electric outlet) there would need to be two conductive parts on the dipole. I assume that one of the two cylinders could be that part, but I don't know if it's the one on the blue arrow or the one on the red. It does seem possible that this piece could be used for a cantenna by isolating the cylinder from the can itself and I will likely try that with one of these. I thank you in advance for your expertise Aaron
  11. i saw dual-barrel gun today...can yagi work like that? LIKE 2 stacked yagi, but 1 vibrator,1reflector BUT 2 sets of directors? placed side-by-side at 1\4wavelength vibrator should be 2-4 mm closer to first directorS (not like in single yagi) but reflector-vibrator should stay same (29mm)