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  2. I don't think I have this file anymore...!!!
  3. try post cst file!!!
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  5. maybe it worked? did u checked your quados8 with SWR-meter? this antenna got horizontal polarization when placed vertical so it could not work with base station because of polarization missmatch -20...30db and if u rotate it 90degree, make parallel to the ground, it got ultra-thin radiation pattern so it is VERY hard to point it to basestation
  6. ,,,band 42 = 3,4 GHz frequency...??? ,,,maybe this antenna will satisfy you...17 dBi gain...
  7. interesting antenna on the 0.88G. Share antenna sizes? Or project if modeling in CST Studio
  8. hi which antenna design you recommend for band 42 lte with high gain? i tried to build quados 8 antenna but it didn't work...
  9. Last week
  10. https://www.scielo.br/j/jmoea/a/5RBXvnGygJNrS8LCHSCdFLJ/
  11. They are Circular polarized disc patchs Right hand and Left Hand without the CUTS it would go linear... and are switched electronically from RHCP to LHCP and EACH disc could be fed (slot feeding) the phase of signal you program (delays) to make an Electronically Scanned Array (no need to point to Each satellite , the electronics do that) AND there is BEAM FORMING too...
  12. Version with parasitic director.
  13. ,,,maybe...I will try to do it...!!!
  14. Or something like this, Petra 10 analog. Can be done in MIMO?
  15. ,,,hi buddy....!!! I will try to find the file, if I still have it...!!!!
  16. ,I think it would be interesting to build a monopole antenna for the 5.5 GHz band...Broadband Circularly Polarized Patch Antenna Arrays With Multiple-Layers Structure ,,,does this by using an L-shaped feed on the layer below, and covers almost the exact frequency range needed (roughly 10-14 GHz)
  17. I thought this worked on: Downlink (Satellite to User Terminal): 10.7 GHz to 12.7 GHz Uplink (User Terminal to Satellite): 14.0 GHz to 14.5 GHz Considering that nowadays satellite constellations is a demanded topic, I think now this post is really useful. My questions below: 1) What are these cross patch shapes for? Directivity control, so that more gain? ... Surely the cross shape is for circular polarization achievement/improvement. 2) So... they use slot feeding mechanism?
  18. ,,,,these would be the results on your Bifilar Helix Antenna....!!!
  19. Unfortunately not really an option, since I was looking for a wideband solution, but thank you for pointing me to this post!
  20. ,,,hi buddy...!!! ,,,you can try to do Clanon's impedance matching...
  21. Hi everyone, I am attempting to make this antenna to work for ISM band (868-915 MHz). It seems that I am having troubles with the feeding structure, since the measured Return loss barely represents what I observe in simulations. The antenna is designed for the characteristic impedance of 200 ohms, so I am using the Mini-circuits 4to1 balun and connecting the balanced side rigth to the ends of helix, just as in the simulation. I cannot really find the reason for the discrepancy in the results, since even if I am feeding the antenna with unbalanced 50 Ohms it still demonstrates the return loss that is way off from the simulated results. I am attaching the simulation file and a few photos of the prototype. Thank you for everyone who will contribute to the discussion of this topic! BFHA_tests_3.cst
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  23. Where can I find such a dialectical polystyrene? Is it suitable in a building materials store? I'm sorry for the stupid question, as I understand it, you need a material with certain characteristics of dialectical permeability?
  24. This panel rectangular 4+4 patch antenna can also give you better performance because of its high peak gain of 19dBi. {recommended for drone tracking antennas} overall dimensions=120x200x10mm The antenna patches are suspended on a polystyrene dielectric...
  25. IIRC the WIRES UNDER the discs (closer to reflector) gave less reactivity ...improving VSWR...
  26. ,,,did you really buy this antenna from the store...???
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