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  2. Thanks for sharing this!
  3. Yesterday
  4. Yes, it seems that I had a mistake in the design, now it works,,, ,,here it"s the modified CST*file....!!!! Pagoda 5.5.cst
  5. Alternatively, if the simulation software allows you to specify properties of the coaxial cable directly, the RG402 coaxial should have capacitance of 98.1 PF/m . Since our coaxial is 71mm long, the capacitance is 7PF. The capacitance (around 0.34PF) between signal (PCB A) and ground (PCB B) is necessary for the Pagoda.
  6. I think you need to add PTFE tube of outer diameter 3mm and inner diameter of 0.9mm between PCB A and PCB C. This PTFE tube has a dielectric constant of 2.02 and a loss tangent of 0.00022
  7. ,,,, yes, you're right, that's what I ask myself, why ... ??? !!!
  8. RG402 coaxial used for each antenna is 71mm. After PCB A and B are aligned, you mean VSWR is still 6.74 in your simulation? This is strange.
  9. Or maybe you want to say something like that.,,(dual frequency=814MHz-2442MHz) ,,,or something like this...
  10. My simulation above is compliant...!!! How long is the coaxial cable ?, this is important ... !!!
  11. Last week
  12. ,,,for this frequency band, I don't think it's possible...!!! ,,,maybe only a Vivaldi antenna....!!!
  13. Great work! How about the radiation pattern and SWR curve after u solved it?
  14. admin, please make me an antenna yagi that covers a frequency of 800-2200 mhz ...
  15. I know this, I solved it ... !!! ,,,here it"s the CST*file..... Pagoda 5.5.cst
  16. Thanks for the simulation. There appears to be a problem with PCB A and PCB B. You need to rotate one of them until the 3 markers are perfectly aligned for the 2 discs. Refer to red arrows in below pictures.
  17. I hope the admin gives details of its size, and I want a 75 ohm impedance ...
  18. ,,, a first test with wire mesh, with 10mm mesh( without reflector)... ,,,with reflector...
  19. I don't know, but the results of this Pagoda antenna are not eloquent or maybe I'm wrong somewhere,,,,
  20. thanks for your effort admin
  21. ,,,hi buddy...!!! I do not have the dimensions of this antenna, but I will try to improvise one...!!! I think it is such an antenna...
  22. great admin i need more details and mesurements thanks by advance
  23. For phone brand - Universal for any 4G modems of any MTS tele2 companies magafon. beeline, having outputs for pigtail. 5m cable and pigtails for your modem included. 10dB gain. up to 20km. enhances both reception and return (Mimo).
  24. ,,,hi buddy...!!! ,,, you have the antenna pagoda .. ???
  25. Thanks for adding the measurements, it is useful for anyone who wants to build it.
  26. oooo, you're right, sorry...!!!! ,,,then ,so to be it...
  27. Your numbers are all ok except one is wrong. Please change 9.4 to 7.29. Quarterwave is 7.29mm according to relative permitivity of 1.22 for FR4.
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