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  2. dimension and material for this antenna please,,,
  3. Yesterday
  4. ,,, I think it's a better option...0,5...0,7GHz(200MHz bandwidth)
  5. Last week
  6. Thank you for answering. I don't speak English natively, so I don't know if I understand it very well. You said the design I showed you was better?
  7. ,,,to solve the problem with isolation between ports, it is necessary to execute a cross-cut to the vibrator and to place an insulating spacer...
  8. This MiMo antenna was made by the user "com666" and has a circular polarization(RHCP+LHCP)... According to simulation the antenna is good, but isolation between ports is not the best...!!!
  9. yes, i was tested and it working very good, i like it what polarization and angle beamwidth for this antenna? if add more patch, can be increase the gain?
  10. ,,,it"s good...!!! Tell me, are you taking the test today?
  11. for the feed, whether it is right on the edge or there is a distance from the edge
  12. the antenna is finished, can it use the teflon sheet to cover it?
  13. ,,, some portions must be added to the drawings, so that the line can be glued to the hexagonal patches...
  14. Антенна 1700--2700 мГц цельный элемент1.pdf Антенна 1700--2700 мГц цельный элемент1.frw.bak Антенна 1700--2700 мГц цельный элемент1.frw Антенна 1700--2700 мГц цельный элемент1,1.pdf Антенна 1700--2700 мГц цельный элемент1,1.frw.bak Антенна 1700--2700 мГц цельный элемент1,1.frw Антенна 1700--2700 мГц цельный элемент.pdf Антенна 1700--2700 мГц цельный элемент.frw Antenna 1700-2700mhz Dimensions.dxf Antenna 1700-2700 MHz template 1.frw Antenna 1700--2700 MHz integral element.dxf К шаблону 1 To pattern 1.txt Антенна 1700-2700мгц шаблон 3.pdf Антенна 1700-2700мгц шаблон 3.frw.bak Антенна 1700-2700мгц шаблон 3.frw Антенна 1700-2700мгц шаблон 3,1.pdf Антенна 1700-2700мгц шаблон 3,1.frw.bak Антенна 1700-2700мгц шаблон 3,1.frw Антенна 1700-2700мгц шаблон 2.pdf Антенна 1700-2700мгц шаблон 2.frw.bak Антенна 1700-2700мгц шаблон 2.frw Антенна 1700-2700мгц шаблон 2,1.pdf Антенна 1700-2700мгц шаблон 2,1.frw.bak Антенна 1700-2700мгц шаблон 2,1.frw Антенна 1700-2700мгц шаблон 1.pdf Антенна 1700-2700мгц шаблон 1.frw.bak Антенна 1700-2700мгц Размеры.pdf Антенна 1700-2700мгц Размеры.frw
  15. Can I upload files here, how to make REMO?
  16. ok, I will try this antenna, can you give me a detail please,,,
  17. ,,,not...!!!
  18. how about this,,,
  19. thanks, but not as I expected, digital tv (maybe 5-6) works at a frequency of 400-500 and most tv broadcasts are in the frequency of 470-799mhz. that means for fbiquad antenna it is not possible to work at 400-800 frequencies?
  20. ,,,,good, I do not know if that's what you're happy with ...
  21. this one, please,,,
  22. I have two variants, which you prefer ... ??
  23. Another "adventure" with these liver pate caps ... !!!! ,,, it"s a panel antenna having a double frequency band (3G + 4G)
  24. ,,,the director must be attached to an insulator...!!1 I will make such an antenna
  25. ok,, how to connect director and what material using between director and wire.
  26. ,,, for a biquad with a band so wide I think a director should be attached ,,,with reflector and the thicker copper wire ..
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