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  2. ,,, what browser you use ..--- at me with yandex it works...
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  4. Got this. Fritening
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  7. Maksud saya apakah ada formula untuk membuat antena ini , formula for impedance adjustment to 50 ohms or 75 ohms
  8. This is an example of a wireless antenna design on PCB, if seen in a very simple, I'm sure you can create your own. ,,,from here...https://orinet-semarang.blogspot.com/2009/09/wireless-antenna-24ghz-patch-panel.html
  9. ,,,thanks VMan...!!! ,,, about win10, I think it must be reinstalled after you clean and delete the hard disk....!!!! ,,,or try this...https://www.wisecleaner.com/wise-care-365.html
  10. I am fighting with my system (Windows 10) at the moment, as soon as i win, will start this battle Very nice design of your site. Good job!
  11. ,,, good return, my good friend ... !!! You can try this... https://downloadly.ir/software/engineering-specialized/cst-studio-suite/
  12. Hi, my friend! I just come to find good news about CST2019, hope you will help me, if i am stupid enough to install it properly
  13. ,,,hi buddy...!!! ,,, yes, you can, but I think there is such an antenna on this site...!!! ,,, and please, speak english...!!!
  14. Добрый день! А если чуть уменьшить размеры и сдвинуть резонанс вверх и перекрыть диапазон 1800-2100? ,,,Good day! And if you slightly reduce the size and shift the resonance up and cover the range of 1800-2100?
  15. Cheap High Power Wifi Usb Adapter Sinmax SI-7300NA Sky Wireless Antenna Signal Long Range Wifi Adapter 30dbi High Gain Wholesale. Single frequency (2.4-2.4835GHz) Inside antenna...
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  17. Ok. Just wanted to make sure you didn't forget
  18. ,,,my friend, I've been pretty busy the last few days..!!!
  19. Ingsun, I don't understand what you mean ... !!!
  20. how do we get the impedance and vswr frequency we want
  21. I don't know if it helps too much, but it still has to be tried... antena_ns2.cst
  22. Thanks then
  23. Of course, but after I finish my simulation...!!
  24. So, can you send me a MY .cst file?? ... with yours changes
  25. ,,, in fact, my * cst file it"s yours...!!!
  26. I'm sure they aren't but I found only these pictures on internet. I needed something to start with. Could you send me *.cst file what you've made, please?
  27. ,,, and do you think that the dimensions are the real ones?
  28. Ok, my antenna - your pictrure... I copied the antenna in Autodesk Inventor.
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