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  3. ,,, still looking...!!!!
  4. I searched every sing thread but i didn't find . please just share the file if you have it
  5. Real 1/4 petra 9 4x4
  6. version? 22 or 23?
  7. ,,,try this...maybe you can make some improvement... Petra9.cst
  8. Yesterday
  9. ,,,can be even better...!!!!
  11. i searched everywhere but I didn't find it can you share it with me please i really need it
  12. ,,,seek and you will find...!!!
  13. Last week
  14. do you have the simulation model for this antenna can you share it with me please
  15. @Admin i finished the construction and i isolated the driven element . is everything correct??
  16. ,,,and what is inside...
  17. can you please explain more
  18. ,,,it is also possible with an isolator for the vibrator but to change the distance from the reflector...!!
  19. done and it's working. i saw in a YouTube video that we can upgrade this antenna by isolating the driven elements from the others is that true ???
  20. ,,,you can use a tin sleeve around the coaxial cable as below...
  21. MONA-2 MIMO BOX Universal remote antenna with the ability to accommodate any modem, router and convenient change of SIM card. Frequency 790-960/1700-2700 MHz. CU=7.5-10 dBi + Box. 2xSMA-male connector. It is recommended for use at distances up to 5 km from the BS. Support for aggregation of all frequencies
  22. and also can i use this cable thanks i already made a normal circular one can now tell me where should i solder the coax cable and the ground on it
  23. Eco, the box is very big and has no point, and the biquad antenna is connected like this...
  24. That's my version of this antenna: (BOX completely incidental, should be other size) size 55x38x26cm bottom : 51x34cm
  25. ,,,maybe this will help you understand something...
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