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  3. This patch antenna are cheap in cost, having low profile, and easy to fabricate. Patch antenna have three parts−patch, director and ground.for which it covers the entire frequency range for 2.4GHz
  4. Last week
  5. So, it can be so...
  6. so,, where is the dimension??
  7. ,,,so this antenna is easier to build ... ???
  8. Clanon, in the picture above you are ... ???
  9. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J2DBpXQ6_mA best i could do...NOT to scale!!!
  10. inside bigger than patchs and close to 4mm or so the screws touch it on the current centers of the patch
  11. ,,,well, the reflector where is ... ???
  12. ABS should be like 2.8 of dielectric constant and 1.5 mm width ...try to keep 5mm to aluminum reflector inside , but it's tricky...not a lot of space some wifi cards don't like it so it must be high VSWR...channels from 1 to 11 all show up...poor signal though...
  13. OK , "dude" ...already built it on a notebook ABS cover...with aluminum foil...CST simulation would be great to fine tunning it... PD: I'm NOT getting 16dbi and a lot of VSWR
  14. https://vswr1.wordpress.com/tag/fa20-array-antenna/
  15. 3dbi more with Directors aparently...
  16. Clanon, you're from Argentina and you speak Russian...??? ,,, please write in English ... !!!
  17. Raytron 16dbi & 19dbi mod Hi , guys it would be nice if some generous soul simulate this one... The original is 6 elements over 0.787 ptfe , 2.1 dielectric constant... (Фольгированные материалы фирмы NELTEC (Франция) NELTEC — новое название фирмы METCLAD. Материалы предназначены для использования в качестве подложек в СВЧ-устройствах. Материалы имеют нормированную диэлектрическую постоянную, низкий уровень диэлектрических потерь и уменшенную толщину слоя меди. Основные параметры: Толщина диэлектрика: 0.127, 0.254, 0.508, 0.762, 0.787, 1.270, 1.524, 1.575, 3.175 мм Диэлектрическая проницаемость (на частоте 10 ГГц): 2.17 Panel_16dBi.pdf
  18. biquad with balun
  19. Proposed dipole array antenna which makes omnidirectional radiation possible and is made of coaxial cable with metal cylinders...
  20. ,,,,goodbye and goodbye ,,, be healthy ...!!!! If you want with all this, you will follow Alex's footsteps ...!!!
  21. be healthy! good luck in business!
  22. You want everything for free ... ???
  23. counted the sizes? when will you post it?
  24. ,, our friend sa3500, built this fake antenna... I recommend this broadband antenna...
  25. Earlier
  26. Yes, it looks like it works pretty well ... !!!
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