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  2. Heart of the antenna is low noise digital amplifier, high-frequency chip Kzt67. Philips c gain 22 dB.
  3. What kind of amplifier is this ? If is used BFG65 as main transistor then maybe worth something .. but if are used anything else then ,,,is so so
  4. Antenna CIFRA-30 with built-in amplifier is used for receiving and strengthening of TV signals with DVB-T, DVB-T2 and analog TV UHF band. The type of the antenna-resonator. Recommended for use at distances up to 20-30 km from a TV repeater.
  5. ,,,41,6mm...!!! (48,7+34,5)/2 = 41,6mm
  6. HI Sir please tell me what is the distance? thank you
  7. Yesterday
  8. WOW ....its A lot better than my old build....many thanks Admin.....
  9. Last week
  10. ", that's your antenna ... !!!
  11. Dear Admin...., Can u help me simulate this Bowtie antenna...many thanks in advance
  12. Я не знаю, я должен учиться ... !!!
  13. Привет! У меня есть двусторонний фторопласт толщиной 5 мм, можно попробовать, все равно я не наю, что из него сделать. Hello! I have a double-sided fluoroplastic 5 mm thick, I can try it, anyway I don’t know what to make of it.
  14. And how do you want to do this?
  15. Dear admin...i prefer ""gamma match"" if posible to match the antenna..
  16. I think this one...
  17. How can you tell which is the best product from the list on this site? https://buywirelessrouternow.com/best-wireless-router-under-50-usd/
  18. ,,,yes dear tcl32...!!!
  19. dear admin, but i still dont understand your drawing ....on what is 1000mm ?? is it a reflector also what is it 170mm ...is it a director
  20. I wrote to you above that the antenna has a 240-300 ohm impedance, so you need to adapt for a 75 ohm cable. ,,,something like that...
  21. Dear admin.. i have question of the picture shown below. is it a matching impedance 75 Ohm ??
  22. so a macthing 4:1 balun must be used ???
  23. The impedance is highly dependent on the construction details. In general, you can expect 100-400 ohms of impedance. The nominal impedance is generally considered to be 400 ohms.
  24. no ??? hmm as far as i know OPEN DIPOLE antenna have impedance from 50 to 75 ohm and CLOSED DIPOLE have 240 - 300 this one is OPEN DIPOLE
  25. 1) 240---300 Ohm 2) ,,,no...!!!
  26. Dear Admin.....may i know 1. what is the impedance between F F ?? 2. can use standard 3C coaxial 75ohm directly beetween F F ??
  27. will try it for next TV antenna project...many thanks Admin
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