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  2. ,,,hi buddy...!!! ,,, but tell me, on this whole forum, you did not find anything that interests you .... ??? !!!
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  5. Where is the ZERO point in SPACE (REAL AIR or Vacuum)...?
  6. ,,,such a thing is not common in design...!!!
  7. ...SO....? you can make ANY point your point of origin ...translating the WCS... CHOOSE any point and make it! Point zero
  8. Clanon, your antenna is not positioned at the zero point of origin...!!!!
  9. i could save on the other formats drawing only... TRY to IMPORT from 3d Yagi 3 formats.rar dont't forget if you don't adapt to 50 ohms USE 300 Ohms port... (or build the adaptor of 125 ohms) not easy...
  10. I see, but the 125ohm cable is half-wave length. May be you can simulate the result in 125 ohm? Any ways to open 2020 file in 2017 version?
  11. Hi can you gv use the material and dimensions? Regards
  12. 690-960 MHz - 6-7 dBi 1800-2600 MHz - 10-12 dBi 3500-3800 MHz - 6-7 dBi
  13. is a 2020 file you can't open it with an older version
  14. 50 ohms to 300 ohms (ALLFOLDED DIPOLES) quarter wave transformer 123 ohms (125)
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  16. Hi pro Pleas I need desgin for antenna 4G But have high gain but without dish In my country, I cannot buy online because of the siege and war. I am in a border region and I need to receive the Internet from another country. And I need an antenna mimo high gain that can receive frequencies 1800 and 2100 Or multi bands . Can you help my give me desgin antenna like array patch panl or anther soultion . My respect . Sorry 1800 and 2300
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  18. Why 300 ohm is used? the cable is 50 ohm, and I am using 50ohm tested it out
  19. I think the impedance match cable are half-wave length without shielding (not sure how many ohm, but I suppose is 125 ohm)
  20. Hi Clanon, the cst file had some problem. Anyone can provide me the cast file?
  21. Hi, the dimensions you shown above are correct
  22. i think i'm close...2.3ghz is not showing REMEMBER to use a 300 ohms port yagi.cst
  23. i'll try with a 300Ohms port and see ...
  24. ,,, put some pictures, if you want ... !!
  25. you're RIGHT ...i was tweaking and fiddling with it...trying to get the S11 right....(closer to the measurements...) i think that the cylinder thing helps widen the band...and NOT sure about the port distance (dipole gap) dont forget the IMPEDANCE MATCH with 125ohms quarter wave...
  26. Clanon,,,, good job, but I don't know if you respected the F-dipole connection...!!!
  27. i build a model...check it ou...(didn't like the resonances...small S11) yagi.cst
  28. ,,, yeam,, thank you for your post,but you can give the dimensions more clearly because it is not distinguished on your images..!!! ,,, these dimensions are good(in mm) ... ???
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