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  3. Cardboard RC Airplane DIY - F22 Raptor l S-DiY https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WKkWElvF-a0
  4. ,,, these would be the results of your antenna simulation...
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  6. You tried to make such an antenna...???? Mavic Air Long Range Antenna Helical 3 cylindrical spirals and 3 hemispherical spirals ...? / ,,,the power supply of the helix antenna is not in the center, it is on the perimeter of the helix>>> ,,,something like that...!!!
  7. I'm trying to make an analysis of a spiral antenna for drones. There is data diameter 47 mm, pitch 5 mm reflector diameter 55 mm. Matching elements are not visible. They need to be invented. Three turns on the cylinder plus three turns on the sphere. How to draw it in cst studio. In "Curves" select "Analytic Curve". The first part - three turns on the cylinder: x=23*sin(2*pi*t) y=23*cos(2*pi*t) z=5*t t from 0 to 3 The second part is three turns around the sphere: x=23*sin(2*pi*t)*cos((t-3)*pi/6) y=23*cos(2*pi*t)*cos((t-3)*pi/6) z=5*t t from 3 to 6 Let's convert the curve to a wire. What are some ideas for reconciliation? helix-helix.bmp
  8. What is the range must be of the wire diameter in this picture
  9. ,,,why don't you read this post carefully,,,?
  10. I mean can I use the Gray hoverman antenna as wifi antenna without impedance I mean omit the impedance
  11. I don't understand exactly what you mean...!!!
  12. 14 dbi - very well?
  13. Wi-Fi antenna "Konus" with gain up to 17 dBi (maximum 16.8 dBi). The antenna is made of composite materials, the output is an F-connector (if you wish, you can install two connectors-free of charge).All four types of SMA connectors can be installed (SMA-male, RP-SMA-male, SMA-Female, and RP-SMA-Female).Wi-Fi antennas are usually used to receive or transmit signals from home routers or from free Wi-Fi access points of operators installed in localities. To receive a signal, you can use both a Wi-Fi adapter and almost any Wi-Fi router configured in repeater mode. The router is even more convenient, you can immediately receive and distribute a Wi-Fi signal. Material Dielectric Constant - Polypropylene -2,1,,,,,2,4
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  16. Hi, It should differ its clear, I'll recalculate it. I'm worrying about the gain at 5.8Ghz and maybe someone has a template for simulation? thanks for the reply
  17. ,,,and this works just as well...
  18. ,,,here you can find some schemes of WiFi amplifiers...https://vrtp.ru/index.php?act=categories&article=3393&CODE=article ,,,and another 2.4 GHz amplifier scheme...
  19. ,,,hi buddy...!! ,,, yes it is possible, but it must be recalculated...!!! ,,,but tell me too, how you get these dimensions (framed in red)...???
  20. Will it work for 5.8 GHz? thanks
  21. hold my bear, wow design
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  23. ,,,,building airplanes...https://rc.tomhe.net/su-37/
  24. Bester optimized...ensures impedance uniformity over the entire frequency band...!!!! I think that of all those who tried to adapt this antenna, few succeeded...!!!
  25. ,,,it's not like that...!!!
  26. Use ordinary metal shears for cutting. use a drawing compass for marking. what was recommended to you by the message above applies to cutting ceramic tiles or plastic. when cutting metal with such a tool of metal sheets, very serious injuries can occur. do not use such cutters!
  27. ,,,you can also use something like this,for cutting patches...!!!
  28. What is the tool used for cutting?
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