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  4. TL-MR3020 is actually a secure device because I have used it last year in my retail business and we had a conversational bot implemented to interact with all the employees. The employees could interact, ask questions, apply leaves, etc through this chatbot platform that was connected over TL-MR3020. Since it was an interactive solution I wanted a highly secure network and TL-MR3020 did a great job. The modem was actually suggested by the chatbot development services company that developed the bot for me. seems they had several clients previously that used and was well satisfied with TL-MR3020.
  5. ,,,voiceofbusiness,,, the place of this type of antenna is not here, try to post in the right place...!!!
  6. Hi, I am new to this site. I would like to build a Double Biquad Antenna for 920MHz. Could you please share the design and simulation for this?
  7. Нужно освоить прогр. Мнаму! You need to master the program. MMANA!
  8. Hello Jomi! I have yagi calculators. But this is a narrow strip. I did it on the middle frequency - not very good!
  9. SetupYagiCalculator.exe
  10. Antex patent ;-)
  11. 700mm the one i'm working on...i'll tell you if it works all 8 mm tubes and double flat strip 15x2mm folded dipole and balun included (just put the cable tv in the antenna STRAIGHT)
  12. https://ypylypenko.livejournal.com/32276.html 11 dBi
  13. 600-700мм
  14. is a great design you can USE the length you want , taking directors OUT from the TIP back (reducing GAIN) the BALUN losses and bandwidth is of most importance
  15. Vova, this antenna is not broadband. It covers 2 adjacent channels. It is not suitable for your requirements. How long do you want the antenna to be? http://radiotech.inf.ua/Shematic_PCB/HFtehniks/shpindler_anten.htm
  16. oh it's a long antenna !!!!! I thought that you already calculated the antenna for me and that for 12dbi you need to add + 3 elements ??? Clanon, for one good small antenna, they will give 2 long ones !!!!
  17. VOVA it was ALREADY MADE by YURI
  18. Thank you very much, Clanon, for your work! Add as many elements as needed. Then I will use without an amplifier. A dipole made in this way is very good from reactivity
  19. so far i'm using Boom 15x15 square (1mm) tubing 8mm (1mm thick) DIPOLE 15 x 2 mm 12dbi could be achieve with 7 + 3 elements BANDWIDTH is the hard thing to achieve (More than 50mhz)
  20. ?
  21. Earlier
  22. better with one! I thought so! Clanon, they brought me an AL strip today. 15x2mm. This is in addition to the material I wrote to you yesterday!
  23. This channels ? more or less...KANALs ...? if only TWO channels we need TWO dipoles if ALL channels only one dipole
  24. it promise more than 10 dbi (still working on it)
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