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  3. ,,,certain users requested this and I have to comply...!!!
  4. You claim that the cable is 75 ohm for a TV. How can I explain what is used for the 1800 antenna?
  5. yagi

    Of course !!!
  6. yagi

    Which one then? 50 ohm?
  7. yagi

    75 ohm cable (for TV only), not for wireless(modem,antennas,etc) use...!!!
  8. yagi

    Which 2400 antenna with 75 ohm cable is suitable for a modem? https://jekolo.com/jekolo1/product/zte-universal-portable-4g-lte-wifi-mifi-modem-mf920vs/
  9. Petra-10 MIMO 4x4-Universal compact panel antenna for 4G / 5G modems and routers that support MIMO 4x4 technology. F=1700-5000MHz, CU=7-12dBi, connectors 4 x N-female, X-pol, decoupling between channels of more than 20dB. The PETRA-10 MIMO 4x4 panel antenna is designed for use in a set of equipment for 4G (B1, B3, B7, B38, B40) and 5G (N77, N79, N78) wireless data transmission systems at frequencies of 1700-5000 MHz. This antenna is compatible with MIMO 4x4 equipment, as it has four connectors for connecting to the equipment. You can also connect two modems with MIMO 2x2 technology to the antenna for redundancy/summation of communication channels. Advantages of the PETRA-10 MIMO 4x4 antenna : The wide band of the antenna allows you to work in all current and future fastest cellular communication bands Full support for MIMO 4x4 technology. Active emitters are reliably protected from precipitation by a housing made of UV-resistant plastic and have an extended service life The antenna inputs are short-circuited by direct current between the external and internal conductors, which reduces the probability of static electricity accumulation at the modem input and makes the use of a lightning arrester optional (with a small length of the connecting feeder between the modem and the antenna). Electrical characteristics Operating frequency range, MHz 1700÷5000 Gain factor, dBi 7.0÷11.5 Bottom width in the H-plane, deg 47÷73 Bottom width in the E-plane, deg 46÷72 Side lobe level, max -12 dB Decoupling between ports in the operating range, not less than 23 dB Input impedance, Ohms 50 SWR in the operating frequency range at the inputs, max. 1.8 Permissible power, W 10 Slope of polarization of received / emitted waves -45°/+45°(X-pol) or 0° / 90°(V/H) Mechanical characteristics Antenna weight, g 1185 Mounting on a pipe with a diameter of, mm 30-52 Operating temperature range -60°C to +80°C Overall dimensions without mounting, m 0, 2x0, 2x0, 08 Permissible wind speed, m / sec 25 Connectors 4 x N-fe male Material of the protective cover- Polycarbonate Antenna and mount material -Steel, Galvanized steel, Brass
  10. Still testing , Imepdance needs some work still...But looks good so far) Copper tape under 40 cm long and wide...PES foam or PU foam dielectric
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  12. ,,,a Bester antenna with other dimensions... Bester2442.cst ,,,and the practical realization of Egor- Free Wardriving...
  13. two in one.cst
  14. Could the com666 multiband batwing be an option to cover 800-2700?
  15. Very interesting about dual Bester. It is essentialy a multi frequency Yagi?
  16. Method of cutting rounds...
  17. Dimensions please...!!!
  18. DavidER,,why don't you look at this post on page 3...!!!
  19. ,,, yes, it could be that way(two in one)...!!!
  20. for this design probably not, .... !!!!
  21. ,,,man, such a thing is not possible...!!!
  22. Must be at least 800-2700+ to cover full band of 4G !!!
  23. 2,4---2,7 GHz it"s not a limited band>>>!!!
  24. This limited bandwidth.
  25. ,,,a Bester for an Offset...
  26. 12.3 inch long x 1.02 inch diameter ferrite rod core for maximum reception 31 cms x 2.6 cms OLD AM radio variable cap i'll try in the next days and post if GOOD..,.
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