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  2. So...can we add directors? Would it work as a yagi?
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  4. HI mate. Do you have this model in CST? It is awesome! I would like to try to make it with Circular Pol. Thanks
  5. Two ports are well isolated because two orthogonal modes are being exited with this configuration. Bandwidth at S11 -10dB is reduced.
  6. Very simple and intersting performance. I guess Circular Pol will work well too by using two of these orthogonal oriented and 90º phase shift. I wonder how to make this much smaller. for the same frequency band.
  7. ,,, this would be about the frequency of 1800 MHz...
  8. Last week
  9. It really looks simple....what design to do to get closer to 20db at about 20 km in band 3 1800 MHz?
  10. Any dimensions for that proposal ? Generally dont looking for broadbang. At this moment looking for two antennas with higher gain: One for 700MHZ and second for 750mhz. Easy to manufacture on CNC from FR4 laminate.
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  12. A set of equipment for mobile Internet in the country or in the office. Desktop MiMo antenna of the domestic manufacturer Antex stabilizes the signal in the room, which increases the speed of the Internet connection. The maximum gain of the MiMo antenna is 2*9dBi. The kit includes a universal modem that installs SIM cards of any mobile operators. The modem is connected installed inside the antenna from which the cable is output (included 10 meters) and connected to the USB connector of the router. The router, in turn, distributes the Internet over a Wi - Fi network at a frequency of 2.4 GHz. Additionally, it is possible to connect up to 4 devices without a Wi-Fi module, via Ethernet wires (RG-45). The equipment package supports all 2G / 3G/4G LTE networks using LTE Cat technologies.4 at mobile connection speeds up to 150Mbps. ,,,the first option...easier to execute...!!! Huawei E3372 Modem with Router and Antenna Petra Lite Home Boxhuwei 3G/4G Modem + Wi - Fi Router
  13. i love your work my friend its writen in blue the feed point 34 mm from the center the antenna is made for 75 ohm
  14. ,,,,and where is the feed point located...??? ,,, these would be the results with feeding points at 90 degrees... ,,,it seems that the isolation between the ports is quite good...
  15. 4:1 balun (50 ohms to 200 ohms , 75 ohm to 300 ohms , etc)
  16. Hamza, what do you mean by asymmetrical cuts(-3,-4)...???
  17. Greetings JOMY very excellent job. i m so curious to know the level of isolation of 2 ports (crossports) in your antenna design. being so busy i will post the dimensions as you asked
  18. So guys, what would the balum be like for this antenna?
  19. ,,,this would be the simulation...follow the dimensions....!!! ,,,and as 'miloudsatdz' wants...
  20. Hamza .test the antenna with out this élément and compare the différent whene you use dish parabol
  21. ,,,congratulations....!!! ,,,can you also give some dimensions...???!!!
  22. I made this
  23. ,,,it's simpler that way...and it's broadband (0.75---0.865)MHz....
  24. it looks like patch with parasitic element, and looks like easy tu manufacture because there are just only 3 round elements.
  25. miloudsatdz,,, these would be the results of your antenna... ,,,by the way, for which frequency do you want the antenna to work...???
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