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  3. Jomy , could it be that i'm right with all sizes...BUT the SMA is not on 50ohms (after taking a bite of it) is a tricky shape close to the FEED Line... i'm gonna take some more copper out of it and see what happens with the IMPEDANCE (so close to 50ohms) 49.13...
  4. Last week
  5. I will give you...!!!
  6. WOW 11dB ..that is very very good ..and the dimensions are ...in the image above or ?
  7. Here is the MODEL if you wanna give it a GO... (Didn't work for me) 6 patchs.cst
  8. I think it's ok, but try to shorten(or increase) the length of the adjustment lines...!!! for scaling it uses a factor k and compiles another file cst ...!!!
  9. Z shows arround 49ohms going up with frecuency...(the secondary lobe and misalignment of MAIN lobe ...i'll say is the feeding line to LONG...or the distance between patches too big...don't know (patches size seems RIGHT now...i think) " total efficiency must be <-0.06 dBi" yup ... is taking about 70% of power ...NOT ENOUGH for a 100mw card...(should be close to 90%) PS: I'm using Frecuency solver (it takes a while to solve) and WAVEGUIDE PORT inside the SMA and close to patchs plane... QUESTION...Can i SCALE parts of the whole thing , separately...? without dissasembling all pieces...(going back to boolean add)
  10. "Yes, I think it's good, but the total efficiency must be <-0.06 dBi and how impedance is it? and there is also a secondary lobe of radiation..!!!
  11. What do you think...? Jomy... i'm close...? vswr and s11 ...still off (a little) PD: Check what i did to your SMA to make it work...
  12. ,,,yes,it"s 10mm...
  13. Yes i see that image before .. Jomy ..what is the distance of inner wire i assume 10mm ? id benter is on 30 mm
  14. ,,,simply the best...!!!
  15. Yes it is for 75 ohm..and i use 75 ohm cable
  16. Ok I can build this one again ..no problem ΕΎ BUT how you get 0.5 lambda that is 46 ...instead of 60 mm ? and how you get 0.6 lambda that is 59 mm --- 72 mm ? And joMy ..i found on several sites that is stated that batwing have only 3db gain so if mine have 5 that is better..he he ! I will try to build UHF TV version with aluminum wires to see how work as TV antenna with horizontal polarization !
  17. ,,,but that's for the 75 ohm impedance...!!!
  18. i tok image from here: http://ha5cfj.hu/dm2abk/25.2.4.html
  19. ,,,that's the reality....!!!
  20. Clanon, yes that I know, but the dimensions .... ???
  21. https://www.researchgate.net/publication/282776048_Crossed_Dipole_Antennas_A_review
  22. ,,,,show me from where did you took the picture ...???
  23. mostly ALL parameters CHANGE when you add a reflector...Z (Real and Reactive), Fr , Gain , etc...(imho) Bat wing antenna "Batwing antennas generate a horizontally polarized signal. " "The "batwing" shape of the elements is used because it gives the antenna a widebandwidth of approximately 20% of operating frequency at a VSWR of 1.1:1"
  24. Ok i use it with reflector ok ..resized... Is that mean that sizes from old paper picture are wrong?
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