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  1. What, is it hard to cut a sheet of wire ... ???
  2. (DTA) is one of the best zig-zag antenna. Her canvas in contrast to the previously discussed antenna differs in that instead of two rhombuses consists of two triangular frames. The antenna pattern in the horizontal plane with no reflector is an eight The input impedance of the antenna in the receive frequency range depends on the antenna dimensions and its forms, from the placement of terminals to which is connected a coaxial cable or other transmission train, and also the location in close proximity to antennas of different construction which influence the distribution of electromagnetic field in space. In this case, the antenna is in good agreement with the coaxial cable is 75-Ohm characteristic impedance without other adaptation
  3. ,,,and the required dimensions...
  4. ,,,,good, and yet it seems to be broadband...!!!
  5. ,,, you can not, how as crossing the adaptation line, the potential null point ... ??? !!! ,,,or something of that kind...
  6. " be careful ... vibrator size = 53mmx56mm directory size = 48mmx60mm
  7. ,,,these are the dimensions ... !!!
  8. ,,,good, I do not think this problem influences too much....!!! ,,,what displacement has the nut...???
  9. How to Download & Install CST Microwave Studio-2018....
  10. Our Bejonet user says ... ""hi friend, i was made it, but still not good, unlucky me i dont have any instrument for check if this antenna is working or not, just try to connected to my router and wifi signal is not good.."" "and still I do not understand what the problem is ... !!! ???
  11. ,,,okay my friend, but not today...!!!
  12. Another way to connect the SMA port...
  13. I thought it would be appropriate to simulate a different antenna on this frequency...
  14. ,,, sure, it can ... !!
  15. ,,, of course my friend, but I will try to do a simulation in this sense....!!!! ,,, you want to be conical or without a cone....???