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  1. ,,,you can do instead of 110mm to 95mm , but the gain in directivity will be lower....!!!
  2. I think this butterfly shape is better...
  3. ,,,good, and here we have the simulation results of these antenna...
  4. Well, congratulations,,, !!! ,,,but with the antenna of the wire how many TV stations did you catch....???
  5. ,,,missing director and reflector....!!!
  6. ,,,good...!!!! ,,,yes, it is possible...!!!
  7. I guess it is useful to replay REMO versions of this antenna to which the connection is made by coaxial cable... ,,this solution does not have a uniform impedance across the frequency bandwidth...!!!
  8. ,,, a model much easier to build...
  9. Well, but the antenna has nothing to gain in the directivity 16dBi , as they say...!!!! ,,,,patatua666, where you found this drawing...??? Panel 16dBi 5GHz 56x57mm
  10. That's what you ask me...!!! Material = Aluminum #4mm Isolated Spacer= plexiglass 20x25,5x40mm
  11. ,,, I think it's a better option...0,5...0,7GHz(200MHz bandwidth)
  12. ,,,to solve the problem with isolation between ports, it is necessary to execute a cross-cut to the vibrator and to place an insulating spacer...
  13. This MiMo antenna was made by the user "com666" and has a circular polarization(RHCP+LHCP)... According to simulation the antenna is good, but isolation between ports is not the best...!!!