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  1. ,,, if you add a dielectric lens (polystyrene foam), you can increase the gain in directivity ...
  2. ,,, it was appropriate to make the rectification required by optimizing the Batwing antenna for 5GHz band frequency.... ,,, and the practical realization of antennas ...
  3. ,,, you can try this with ALFA AWUS036NH....
  4. ,,, it can be 9 dBi...!!! ,,,but try to rotate the antenna 45 degrees horizontally and change the position in different places...!!!
  5. The antenna (TP-link ANT2409A),has only 6 dBi gain in directivity, try a stronger antenna made by you .. !!!
  6. ,,, the material used for antennas does not have much influence...!!! ,,,usually used galvanized sheet, covered with Rilsan (or a coat of paint)...!!!
  7. ,,, it's good, and the other port ... ??? ,,, put the simulation ... !!!
  8. ,,, sorry, but I don't know ... !!!
  9. ,,, I don't know how to do it, I posted something like that before, so there are three -four posts with Antena Nitsa .. !!!
  10. It would be good if this simple version were tested as well....!!!
  11. ,,,no,I think that the director's clearance, it"s not taken into account in the model when calculating...!!!
  12. ,,,thanks swarg_eu,can you put these dimensions, please ... !!!
  13. Constructive details...
  14. Clanon, don't you think vibrators look like this ... ???
  15. You don't have such an antenna...!!!