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  1. oooo, you're right, sorry...!!!! ,,,then ,so to be it...
  2. ,,, that could be .... ??? !!!
  3. RC-Concepts,
  4. A Notch Filter is also known as a Band Stop filter or Band Reject Filter. These filters reject/attenuate signals in a specific frequency band called the stop band frequency range and pass the signals above and below this band. For example, if a Notch Filter has a stop band frequency from 1200 MHz to 1300MHz, it will pass all signals from DC to 1200 MHz and above 1300 MHz. It will only block those signals from 1200 MHz to 1300 MHz.
  5. ,,,welcome back,my friend...!!! ,,,for you,I will try to simulate this notch filter....!!!
  6. yagi

    ,,, of course it has importance, the lack of border, it alters the gain, the impedance as well as the front-back ratio of the antenna...!!!
  7. ,,okay my friend,let me see what this is about Messages...!!!
  8. ,,,hi buddy...!!! ,,,what message are you talking about..??? ,,, I'm trying to simulate this....
  9. I think a parabolic reflector would be better....!!!!
  10. Yes, Aurel, it is, I think I will try to simulate this Yagi...!!!
  11. ",,,, it would seem that this yagi-antenna is better....https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HwMsUICo8jc&t=31s
  12. ,,, the antenna dimensions with adapting lines ....
  13. ,,, a simulation attempt... ,,,but without this line of adaptation....
  14. Universal antenna NITSA-2 is designed for use with included c cell phones, modems or repeaters standards GSM900/GSM1800/UMTS900/UMTS2100. Electrical characteristics Operating frequency range, MHz 890-960/1700-2200 Gain, dBi 9 / 9รท11 The width of the days in H-plane, degrees 70/50 Days width in E-plane, degrees 70/53 Input impedance, Ohm 50 SWR in the frequency range, not more 1,5 Permissible power watts 20 Polarization vertical Mechanical characteristics Weight with mount, g 835 Overall dimensions, m 0,2x0,2x0. 045 Connector N-female The material of the radiator galvanized steel Material of protective box Polycarbonate+ABS Nitsa2 vswr..