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  1. ,,, this is the real Petra-9 2x2 Box antenna...
  2. ,,, these are the dimensions(in Red) for 2.3 GHz...
  3. The AX-2017PF panel antenna is intended for use in a set with 3G modems (routers). The antenna type is common-mode array. It is recommended for use at the borders of service areas, when the 3G signal level is weak and unstable, as well as in the case of a long connecting cable between the modem and the antenna installation point. The AX-2017PF is a version of the AX-2017P antenna, but only for a 75 ohm cable. The antenna uses an F-female connector (a conventional TV connector with a thread), which makes it possible to make cable assemblies directly by the user without resorting to the help of specialists, without using special tools. By using a SAT703 TV cable instead of a 50 ohm cable, you can save a lot of money . Electrical characteristics Operating frequency range, MHz 1900-2200 Gain, dBi 16÷17 Bottom width in the H-plane, deg 32÷40 Bottom width in the E-plane, deg 16÷19 Side lobe level, dB max -13 Forward / backward ratio, dB not less 20 Input impedance, Ohms 75 SWR in the operating frequency range, max. 1,5 Permissible power, W 10 Polarisation vertical/horizontal Mechanical characteristics Weight with mounting, g 1800 Overall dimensions without mounting, m 0. 45x0. 24x0. 05 Connector F-female Antenna Material steel, galvanized steel Protective coating powdered polymer paint Material of the protective box Polycarbonate+ABS
  4. ,,, modified version with bent transmission line... patch with bent line.cst
  5. ,,, maybe so ...
  6. I think the galvanized sheet is the best...!!!!
  7. ,,, a constructive variant of the user "com666" ... !!!
  8. ,,, the antenna dimensions of the user "com666"....
  9. ,,, I think that for a good isolation between ports, such a configuration would be necessary...
  10. ,,, I don't know, have to try ... !!
  11. untitled.bmp
  12. ,,,clanon,try to put the simulation in the center...!!!