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  1. ,,, another fake antenna made by mcneill...!!!
  2. ,,, these could be the dimensions .. !!! ???
  3. ,,,, why do you want this .. ???
  4. ,,,okay,I will try it today...!!!
  5. ,,,it happens that the gain increases a little but it is about the protection against electric discharges...!!!!
  6. ,,, I think I can't, I have cst 2021..!!!
  7. Passive TV panel antenna Kroks TV-8 is designed to receive television broadcast programs of digital (DVB-T and DVB-T2) and analog (Decimeter waves) television. The antenna is used to receive and amplify the television signal at a considerable distance (up to 15 km) from the tower or repeaters, for example in a country house, etc. It allows to achieve signal amplification up to 8 dB in the entire operating frequency range of the antenna (470-860 MHz). shop_property_file_1757_18426.pdf
  8. ,,,swisusto,these are the files you requested.... 5,777ghz.gbr 5,777ghz.dxf ,,,and measure... 5,777ghz.cst
  9. ,,, YOU want a Batwing antenna...???
  10. ,,, for what frequency do you want the patch antenna to be...???
  11. ,,,the 50 Ohm coaxial cable is mounted directly...!!!
  12. ,,, these are the dimensions for the 2600 MHz frequency... ,,,and *cst simulation...
  13. ,,,yes...!!!
  14. ,,, the antenna is for 50 Ohm coax cable, these are the dimensions ... !!!