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  1. This patch antenna are cheap in cost, having low profile, and easy to fabricate. Patch antenna have three parts−patch, director and ground.for which it covers the entire frequency range for 2.4GHz
  2. So, it can be so...
  3. ,,,so this antenna is easier to build ... ???
  4. Clanon, in the picture above you are ... ???
  5. ,,,well, the reflector where is ... ???
  6. Clanon, you're from Argentina and you speak Russian...??? ,,, please write in English ... !!!
  7. Proposed dipole array antenna which makes omnidirectional radiation possible and is made of coaxial cable with metal cylinders...
  8. ,,,,goodbye and goodbye ,,, be healthy ...!!!! If you want with all this, you will follow Alex's footsteps ...!!!
  9. You want everything for free ... ???
  10. ,, our friend sa3500, built this fake antenna... I recommend this broadband antenna...
  11. Yes, it looks like it works pretty well ... !!!
  12. PETRA LITE BOX Operating frequency range, MHz 1700-2700 Gain, dBi 8,5÷9,5 Dimensions without stand, m 0,2x0,2x0,06
  13. Hi, buddy...!!! You have the dimensions at this antenna... ??? The box has these dimensions... ???
  14. ,,,the connection will be through transmission lines and not by coaxial cable....!!!!