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  1. ,,,hi buddy...!!! ,,,it seems that the pdf file does not have all the dimensions required for the antenna...!!!
  2. alireza_asol,, you see that on this forum there is such an antenna and it would be good to post there in order not to open another topic on the same topic... after you find this topic I will delete what you posted here...!!!! ,,,see this...
  3. ,,,maybe only this...
  4. ,,,maybe FA20 with more patches..!!!
  5. ,,,good work WEAZY...!!!
  6. yagi

    ,,,other dimensions, another wifi-shotgun antenna...
  7. yagi

    ,,, such a thing cannot be done..!!!! ,,look better on this forum...!!
  8. yagi

    ,, the connection between radiator and vibrator is not visible...show it...!!!!
  9. ,,,it would be easier to build such an antenna...
  10. ,,,yes, all elements of the antenna are not isolated from the reflector..!!! ,,,yes, the cable connection is as shown in the figure...!!!
  11. ,,, yes, but I also need some dimensions...!!!!
  12. ,,,on this forum you have all kinds of 2400MHz antennas, you just have to choose...!!!
  13. ,,,an antenna simulation...
  14. ,,,,you want to say something like this...??