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  1. Model #OLX19M-097130-A Frequency (MHz)5150-5825 Antenna 2 Peak Gain (dBi)13.81 VSWR2.0 : 12.0 : 1 Power (Watts) 55 Impedance (Ohms) 50 HPBW (Azimuth)30°28° HPBW (Elevation)28°34° Dimension (mm)129.5 x 120 x 5.3 Polarization Linear Connector IPEX Cable Length (mm) 160 (customized) 112 (customized) Operating Temp (C)-40~+85 Manufacturing 100% made in Taiwan
  2. ,,,try with cst2021...!!! ,,,or maybe I'd better give you the drawing ...!!!
  3. ,,,see the cst*file(T-Antenna) above...!!!
  4. I do not have the dimensions of the original antenna and the impedance can adapt to 75 Ohm.
  5. ,,, this antenna could be quite good... T-Antenna.cst
  6. ,,, by the way, maybe something like that could be used as crossed dipole...
  7. The ANTEX AX-2000 OFFSET 75 irradiator complete with an offset mirror antenna (not included) is designed to increase the range of 3G modems in the 1705-2175 MHz range . A mirror antenna with an irradiator significantly improves the quality of communication at the borders of 3G service areas. The active vibrator of the irradiator is securely hidden from precipitation and aggressive influences in a plastic case. Overall dimensions, 120x120x60mm To choose the right diameter of the "plate", refer to the following table: Antenna diameter-Resulting gain factor 0.55 m-19 dBi 0,6 m-20 dBi 0.9 m-23 dBi 1.2 m-26,5 dBi 1.5 m-28 dBi Thus, the larger the antenna diameter, the greater the gain. We recommend: use antennas of 0.55-0.9 meters, because they have a relatively small windage, use" plates " of domestic production. But you can also use any other offset antenna.
  8. ,,,from Sl4va...
  9. ,,, at this biquad antenna the impedance adaptation line(on PCB) is interesting>>>>!!!!
  10. ,,, the place of these antennas is not here, try another suitable place...!!!
  11. ,,, maybe yes, but you need other distances between the biquad antenna..!!!
  12. ,,, then try to transposes this type of antenna on the frequency range 1.7-2.7 GHz...!!!
  13. ,,,a Bester Antenna after Harry36...
  14. ,,, and these dimensions are important...
  15. ,,,a fake batwing antenna 1700-2700, 8.7-9.7 dBi @ 50 Ohm from Yurii Pylypenko (ypylypenko) wrote... ,,, and here are my results ...