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  1. ,,, if you don't have obstacles in the direction of Base Station, it might work(but I don't think so)..!!!
  2. ,,, for a distance of 10 km, you need a parabolic offset dish...
  3. ,,,hi buddy...!!! ,,, yes it is possible, but tell me , Bester antenna with how many elements .. ???
  4. ,,, yes, it seems you are right...
  5. I don't know, let's see ... !!!
  6. ,,, no, but I can do something about ... !!! ,,, it must be known that this antenna is a fake...!!!
  7. ,,,why do not you try metal disk loaded helical antenna...???
  8. ,,, Clanon, display the dimensions please .. !!!!
  9. ,,, this antenna does not work well and is not the original...!!!
  10. ,,,okay,I will try....!!! ,,, but it would be better to try this...
  11. ,,,to see this...
  12. ,,, try and you will see ... !!!
  13. ,,, if dielectric foam(polystyrene) is applied between the patches, the dimensions of the antenna can be reduced...