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  1. Rond Batwing I think these sizes are the most suitable...!!!
  2. ,,,r=8mm,you want round batwing for the frequency of 1800 MHz...??
  3. ,,,,does this suit you...??? batwing.dxf batwing rond.dxf
  4. ,,,here...
  5. Edel2020,search on this forum and you will find everything you are interested in...!!!
  6. ,,, for the frequency of 1800 MHz, this is... microtik.cst
  7. ,,,SEE THIS...!!!
  8. ,,,this works too...!!!
  9. ,,,hi buddy,where have you been until now...??? ,,,right now I'm trying to satisfy your wishes...!!!
  10. ,,,to cover this frequency range.... ,,,,a good antenna can be this yaga....
  11. ,,,executes a single reflector with two antennas spaced at a distance greater than 143 mm between them...!!!
  12. ,,,eco32, what program do you use for simulation...!!!
  13. ,,,for 2600 MHz,it seems that with these dimensions the Bester antenna is better...a greater width of the frequency band is ensured and the impedance is more uniform over the entire frequency range...
  14. Bester BDM 2600 MIMO RHCP+LHCP 4G+Antenna System ,,,distance between Bester antennas=164mm