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  1. I don't know, maybe a maximum of 6km with a height of 3m and with direct visibility....???!!!!
  2. ,,, attention...!!! aluminum cannot be tinned (welded)..!!! ,,,the vibrator and the reflector can be made of copper sheet (galvanized sheet) and the directors of aluminum...!!!
  3. ,,,yes, it seems that this dipole with circular reflector is good....!!!
  4. ,,,the dimensions of this are not clear...the dimensions are in inches and the wavelength in centimeters...??? ,,,a very old book, it can help someone... 12 - Microwave Antenna Theory and Design.pdf
  5. ,,,old trash...!!!
  6. DavidER ,,, something like these would be...
  7. yagi

  8. ,,,by Harry36 user.... For manufacturing, you will need galvanized iron with a thickness of 0.5 mm (no more, this is due to the height of the patch above the reflector), two SMA connectors, an M8 bolt, an M8 nut, an aluminum pipe with a diameter of 8 mm, and foamed PVC. The design is relatively easy for home production, even a round element of this diameter will not be difficult to cut with metal scissors. Follow all the dimensions and recommendations as accurately as possible and you will have a great antenna.
  9. ,,,okay, I'll try to satisfy your desire...!!!
  10. ,,,okay, I will try to satisfy your request...!!!
  11. ,,,do you want something like that...???
  12. yagi

    ,,,a modification to Bester antenna... ,,,and even better...with truncated vibrator...!!!
  13. yagi

    h0 = 2mm ,,, the material for the antenna does not matter, but it must be able to be welded...!!!
  14. anoduck,are these the dimensions for the 5 GHz frequency?