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  1. Well, then post the electrical circuit of the assembly...!!!
  2. ,,,or this...
  3. Adaptation,is much more complicated. Lines that are symmetrical but there was more on each printed circuit Board 2 Guanella current balun 4:1
  4. Antenna amplifier Pro Street II significantly expands the coverage area of mobile Internet and creates a stable connection with the base station of the cellular operator. Built-in product powerful antenna receives even the weakest signal, and the MIMO technology further extends the bandwidth of the channel, thereby providing the maximum possible speed of data exchange between the subscriber device and a mobile communications tower. Also due to the fact that all radio traffic is going on inside the machine, the Street II Pro amplifier minimized signal losses, which are inevitable when using conventional panel or directional antennas. Power supply and data transfer from the amplifier to the router (computer) is by a single cable type twisted pair, the length of which can reach 120 meters, which makes possible the selection of a place for mounting the device are almost limitless. Street performance sealed enclosure allows for outdoor installation of amplifier and operate it at an ambient temperature of from -30 to +40°C. Protected from moisture SIM slot is located on the housing of the amplifier facilitates easy installation or for quick replacement of the SIM card. Setup and installation takes just minutes and will not cause difficulties even for inexperienced users. Mobility solutions allow business users when moving to a new place to deploy a full-fledged online channel and provide your office with reliable and high-speed Internet in the shortest possible time. FEATURES Frequency range, MHz :1700 — 2700 MHz Gain :12,5 — 16 dBi Support communication standards 2G/3G/4G/Lte Housing material :polycarbonate + ABS Size (l x W x h) :25 x 25 x 9 cm Supported speed :100/50 Mbps. Supported OS :Windows, Mac OS X, Linux Support MIMO :Yes Polarization :vertical / horizontal Antenna type :directed Fastening type :mast diameter 20 — 52mm Operating temperature range :-30° to +40°C
  5. Advantages: Antenna works with all LTE, 3G, 2G The possibility of an emergency replacement SIM card operator The inner space of the box allows you to accommodate any active equipment (modems, routers) Low path loss from the antenna to the modem The antenna is suitable for installation on the facades of buildings Active emitter antenna covered in a plastic case Roomy sealed box provides protection for the modem or connection "modem+router" from moisture according to IP65 Plastic shell of the antenna is protected from UV exposure and has an extended lifespan. The antenna has a modern design
  6. "Irg, very interesting this antenna, do you have something like that or these images are taken from youtube ??? ,,,,from here...???
  7. ,,, ok Bejo, you can do a drawing with this antenna....???
  8. ,,,okay,for 5,8GHz LA=WA=116mm or 230mm....I think that would be almost reasonable...!!!
  9. yagi

    ,,,the distance between the vibrator and the first director(0,073*lambda ) as well as their different size...!!!
  10. yagi

    ,,,where did you see this...???
  11. yagi

    This difference, increases the bandwidth and increases the distance between directors can increase the gain of the antenna.
  12. ,,,, but the dimensions are for the centre frequency f0 = 7.74 GHz...!!!! ,,,for 2,442GHz LA=WA=275mm or 545mm....so the antenna will be very large...!!!!
  13. Clanon, you can create circular polarization by using cross dipoles. like crossed dipole or crossed bow tie antenna. moreover you can create CP by truncating stubing and sloting in a patch.You can get a circular polarisation with a planar spiral antenna which has the same circuit modelling of a dipole but with CP. For 2.4GHz sbf-antenna is very large in diameter(580mm)...!!!
  14. ,,,much better...!!! ,,, from this idea... ,,, and these are the dimensions of the antenna...
  15. ,,, be attentive to the coaxial cable portion with 75Ohm impedance...!!!