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  1. I will give you...!!!
  2. I think it's ok, but try to shorten(or increase) the length of the adjustment lines...!!! for scaling it uses a factor k and compiles another file cst ...!!!
  3. "Yes, I think it's good, but the total efficiency must be <-0.06 dBi and how impedance is it? and there is also a secondary lobe of radiation..!!!
  4. ,,,yes,it"s 10mm...
  5. ,,,simply the best...!!!
  6. ,,,but that's for the 75 ohm impedance...!!!
  7. ,,,that's the reality....!!!
  8. Clanon, yes that I know, but the dimensions .... ???
  9. ,,,,show me from where did you took the picture ...???
  10. ,,,a ground plane antenna for Noaa weather station...