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  1. Planar microstrip antenna arrays have conformal nature andgood directivity. However, they have low efficiency because or feed network losses and higher cross-polar radiation from the feed network. Reflector antennas provide high gain but their curved reflecting surfaces and large weight are disadvantages.To mitigate the above problems, space-fed microstrip antenna arrays have been proposed.
  2. ,,,a Batwing in a bucket(D=290mm;d=154mm;h=200mm)...!!!
  3. ,, and here is a simulation of the antenna with mine dimensions(I'll post them later)....!!!
  4. Solwise Outdoor directional panel antenna 10dBi gain Flush wall mount N type socket connector 2.4GHz
  5. Petra-9 turns into Petra-20 For the manufacture of a strong UMTS 2100 antenna, which it needed in a repeater gain circuit, must be used a small Antrax Petra-9 panel antenna. Petra-9 is used as a service (internal) antenna, but with a little refinement it can become an irradiator for an offset mirror.
  6. ,,,for tuning the 50 Ohm impedance,Total Efficiency must to be << -0,06 dB...!!!
  7. I think I should test this mini-TV antenna...!!! ,,.from JM actualidades on YouTube...!!
  8. ,, another form of batwing antenna... batwing new.cst it can be shaped from liver pate caps(95mm-diameter)
  9. ,,,,a practical way to build this antenna...
  10. ,,,,ok, but these dimensions are not for the 430 MHz frequency ... !!!
  11. ,,,,it works in 2.4 --- 2.6 GHz....!!!
  12. ,,, well, this antenna panel is good,,,!!! ,,,but it seems that, this antenna exists on this forum....!!! ,,, these are the real dimensions ...
  13. ,,, for which the frequency...???
  14. ,,,please discuss in English ,,, in fact I will delete the dialogue in another language...!!!
  15. ,,, here is a simple and easy to make antenna, 16 dBi gain directivity,,,