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  1. wifislax64-3.1 VERSION FINAL PARA DESCARGAR https://foro.seguridadwireless.net/live-wifislax/wifislax64-3-1-version-final-para-descargar/msg374111/?topicseen;PHPSESSID=d0897b0807542a05cd799b755e691906#msg374111
  2. ,,, congratulations doctor, but I think you need to work a little on the impedance, it should cover a wider band of frequencies...!!!
  3. ,,, it could be something like this ....
  4. ,,, yes, I think it could be ... !!!
  5. Dimensions; vibrator = 129x129 mm; reflector = 168x168 mm
  6. ,,, it is recommended to show all dimensions...!!!
  7. ,, is one and the same with antenna ,,, copper sheet or galvanized sheet...!!!
  8. ,,,hi buddy...!!! ,,, but I think it's better that way ... !!!!
  9. ,,, it might work, but the isolation between ports leaves much to be desired, it must be tried ... !!!
  10. ,,, and Dr. Pepper says.... When the PDF is a scientific article I have perhaps access Edit: here it is: wong2004.pdf
  11. 5.8 GHz 17dB High Gain AAT Automatic Antenna Tracker for HD FPV RC Racing Drone Product Description: Model: 5.8 GHz 17dB AAT Automatic Antenna Tracker Frequency Range: 5150-5950mhz Input impedance: 50Ω VSWR at surface level: <1.5 Antenna Gain: 17dBi HPBW (3dB): 16 ° H-plane 38 ° E-plane F/B:> 20 (dB) Max Power: 50W Polarization: Vertical polarization Connector Type: RP-SMA Static protection: DC ground Antenna Length (AAT): 30 cm Size: 136*68*10 mm Weight: 57g (Manual)/47g (AAT) Package included 1x5. 8 GHz 17 dB high gain
  12. ,,, it seems that the impedance is not very good ,, okay, okay, it also shows the dimensions .... !!!!
  13. ,,, this is what the 0.35mm thick sheet looks like...
  14. ,,, I will do a simulation for PCB 1.6mm thick as well as for antenna only 0.35mm thick sheet...!!!!