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  1. ,,,says in English bro...!!!
  2. Product Description Frequency Range:690-960/1710-3800 MHz V.S.W.R:≦1.5 Gain:12/16 dBi Cable Length:1,2,3Meter etc. Polarization:Vertical Cable Type:RG174 or others
  3. ,,, galvanized sheet 0.5-0.7mm thick...!!!
  5. yagi

    ,,, yes, I think you used this TV plug (with the removal of the threaded collar)...
  6. yagi

    BenQ204,,, why don't you read the whole post carefully...???
  7. ,,, thanks to "com666".... ,,,,discrete ceramic capacitor 1pf. Solder the containers in the places indicated in the diagram. They are needed to coordinate the Batwing in the center (frequencies 1700-2700 MHz)
  8. ,,, is something like this...
  9. ,,,n00bkali91,WELCOME...!!!
  10. ,,,after resizing, I managed to optimize the FA20 antenna on the PCB...
  11. DESCRIPTION Panel antenna for outdoor placement. It is used with USB modems that support MiMo technology, which can provide faster connection speeds. The main feature of the antenna is a wide band of operating frequencies, in other words, the antenna works on all bands of mobile operators. The antenna is directional and equipped with a 50 Ohm cable and a standard SMA-male connector. To protect against static electricity, the antenna has a DC circuit closure. The antenna structure is covered with a radio-transparent plastic housing that protects against UV radiation and most adverse weather conditions, increasing the product's service life. It is installed on a mast or bracket with a diameter of up to 50 mm, allowing for more precise adjustment to the mobile base station. SPECIFICATIONS The location of the antenna:External Operating frequencies, MHz:790-860, 1700-2700 Coefficient of strengthening, max., dBi:9 / 13 Standing wave voltage coefficient, max:1.4 Wave resistance, Ohms:50 Maximum input power, W:40 Cable length, m:5 Connector type:SMA Built-in Wi-Fi adapter :no Assembled dimensions (without mounting unit), mm:275x245x87 Weight, not more than, kg:0.8 Package dimensions, mm:290x250x120
  12. Looks like this...!!!
  13. ,,,and now, for Hamza user...
  14. ,,, at the request of the user "Curb S. Gutter", I tried to optimize this antenna for a wider frequency band...
  15. yagi

    Composite material consists of two layers of thin, pre-painted aluminum sheet, between which polypropylene is enclosed(dielectric constant=2,2),,,,