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  1. ,,,voiceofbusiness,,, the place of this type of antenna is not here, try to post in the right place...!!!
  2. SetupYagiCalculator.exe
  3. You have some antenna sketches from Splinder's book....???
  4. Norge, this antenna calculator is not exactly good, try to search on this site what interests you and you will find ... !!!
  5. ,,, yes, you're right, then this is ... ?? !! outdoor kna27 kna27-800/2700c gain signal booster gsm for 3g 4g LTE MIMO antenna
  6. Harry, I thought it was better to do a separate topic with this antenna, don't you think it's better that way...???!!! ,,,the frequency band of the antenna is 700-4000 MHz ,,, if you want I'll delete it ... !!!
  7. 27 dB, MIMO, for router and modem 5G (N78), LTE (1800, 2100, 2300, 2600), Wi-Fi 2400 Frequency range: 1700 to 4200 MHz
  8. I'm curious if this mcneil antenna works...????
  9. ,,, another version of adaptation...
  10. ,,, the coaxial cable is connected in the center...
  11. ,,,, okay, I will try to satisfy your desire for 2600 MHz antenna ... !!! ,,, but speaks English with the translator...!!!
  12. ,,, yes, the antenna I simulated above, works very well on the frequency of 0.8 GHz...!!!
  13. ,,, hello Vova, I'll try to see how we solve it ... !!! ,,, but as you can see, this antenna works in your frequency range .... !!!
  14. Edel, but this antenna is over 4 meters length...!!! ,,, the antenna according to my sketch above, is better(75 Ohm impedance)...!!! antenna elements = 16x2 mm aluminum pipe adaptation line = copper wire 3mm diameter