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  1. Your Reference Signals Received Power (RSRP) it"s verry poor...!!! ,,, what does this antenna look like inside...????
  2. ,,,but this antenna it"s available for use between 4.9 to 6.4 GHz and does not make the subject of this post...!!!!
  3. ,,, yes, see previous posts...!!!!
  4. Digital terrestrial television (DTTV or DTT, or DTTB with "broadcasting"),,,for the 470-820 MHz frequency band(820-470=350MHz bandwidth )
  5. ,,, okay, but you can ensure a bandwidth of 350MHz .... ???
  6. ,,, and an improvement for the batwing transmission line...
  7. ,, and a new configuration of this antenna...
  8. ,,,okay,thanks my friend...!!!
  9. Of course,,,see google search...!!!
  10. I do not understand you, you get a new laptop and you want to stay on CST2014 ... ???
  11. ,,,yes...!!! ,,,but try to install cst2020...!!!
  12. ,,,does not matter...!!!
  13. ,,, to the center, where else ... !!! ???
  14. ,,,the wings are inclined by 17-19 degrees ... ??? ,,,,it has to work...!!!