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  1. so,, where is the dimension??
  2. biquad with balun
  3. how many beamwidth degrees for this antenna
  4. definitely using very thick material, and the size must also be large
  5. wow... it is big antenna.. possibility of problems with wind gusts
  6. hi admin... it is posible to copy mantbox reflector for this sector antenna???, mimo with single polarization of course..
  7. Correction, i use 0.4mm galvanis sheet not 4mm and today i adding reflector, indoor place, get 21 tv channel 19 clear picture. Thank,s admin...
  8. No,,,, use director but without reflektor. Without director is it not working, maybe tomorrow i try attach the reflector
  9. antenna test without reflector i get 3 digital tv broadcast (same as biquad i use before) 17 analog tv broadcast, but more clear picture than my old wire biquad, some bad signal for uhf 22-28 and uhf 52-60, maybe there are another option for 300mhz bandwith? Thanks,,
  10. use galvani sheet 4mm, how to connect the coax cable, i dont have flux for solder galvanis or maybe use bolt and nut, and pixelglass replaced with styrofoam it would be?
  11. dimension and material for this antenna please,,,
  12. yes, i was tested and it working very good, i like it what polarization and angle beamwidth for this antenna? if add more patch, can be increase the gain?
  13. for the feed, whether it is right on the edge or there is a distance from the edge