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  1. what affects these parameters, and what should be done??
  2. my bester antenna
  3. and this is the dimension
  4. my simulation antenna, it is will work or not?
  5. how to make triangle shapes in CST?? ,,,or from here...https://downloadly.ir/software/engineering-specialized/cst-studio-suite/
  6. The test passes through 6 walls, can still be connected, -80dBm, to open the router GUI very smoothly haven't had the chance to be connected to the internet, so don't know yet how much speed can be generated
  7. how about polarization of this antenna?
  8. it must using 0.5,,,1mm metal sheet??
  9. yes,, this antenna on the PCB
  10. it is possible to create loco m2 antenna with 0.2mm metal sheet???
  11. hi Admin... you have detail for this model??
  12. attractive design