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  1. try install cst2018 64bit, my computer is not support, looking for cst2019 32bit but nothing found, is student edition support for your cst file??
  2. cannot open in cst 2016
  3. stupid question,,,,... what effect, if the antenna does not have an impedance of 50 ohms
  4. may I get the cst file
  5. what mean Re(Z1,1) = 38.9??? it is not 50 ohm???
  6. dimension of this antenna...???
  7. yes,, of course
  8. works at what frequency range
  9. and finally,,, this antenna pair with my outdoor modified TP-Link MR3220 ubnt bullet m2 firmware installed
  10. ok thanks, i will try to make it soon
  11. so,, that means this antenna can still work at a frequency of 2.4ghz ??