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  1. how about potential line replaced with 1.5mm copper wire..??
  2. thanks for correction and yes it work, this patch more signal strength than my omni antenna 10db..
  3. I thought the length of the director and vibrator were the same, meaning the director was longer than the vibrator right? thanks brother.. another question .. what about models like this, for the 2400mhz sectoral antenna, is it possible?
  4. the length of the director and vibrator is 56mm, while the nut distance from the long side is 30mm, so the nut is not in the center ?? that's what I meant I tried using a comparison of tplink wr-741nd with default omni and this antenna, the result is still better using omni
  5. i thinking if measurement 30mm from director and vibrator not from reflector and i use reflector size is 80x100mm
  6. my mistake have look at the picture, nut not to the center vibrator and director
  7. what material do you use and how thick
  8. this is without sma connector, can it be applied? for 2,4ghz
  9. where is coax cable or feeder/connector
  10. great, coz there are some easy to made, no need special tools
  11. thats radiator using cooper wire?
  12. which better with this one..
  13. what used material?? can you tell me about this detail, its look like easy to made. thanks
  14. in english please,,