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  1. dimension and material for this antenna please,,,
  2. yes, i was tested and it working very good, i like it what polarization and angle beamwidth for this antenna? if add more patch, can be increase the gain?
  3. for the feed, whether it is right on the edge or there is a distance from the edge
  4. the antenna is finished, can it use the teflon sheet to cover it?
  5. ok, I will try this antenna, can you give me a detail please,,,
  6. how about this,,,
  7. thanks, but not as I expected, digital tv (maybe 5-6) works at a frequency of 400-500 and most tv broadcasts are in the frequency of 470-799mhz. that means for fbiquad antenna it is not possible to work at 400-800 frequencies?
  8. this one, please,,,
  9. ok,, how to connect director and what material using between director and wire.
  10. i have made biquad antenna for TV, reference at biquad calculator, frequensi from 470-800Mhz and place in indoor it is working good but not really good, a question is, there are way to tunning this antenna for best result..
  11. chances are less precision, because cutting by scissors,,, just make the reflector it is possible for mimo???
  12. thank you, will remain faithful to wait for the results of the details
  13. good thank you,, but it is for 1800mhz, that i need is 2300-2700mhz
  14. and where i found the detail...?
  15. if I'm not wrong