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  1. my DIY 2,4ghz antenna, not test yet
  2. i have made it and using at indoor, material is 0,3-0,4 galvanize sheet, change plexiglass with Styrofoam, this is good TV antenna for me..
  3. look like without sma connector??
  4. yes... i am using that antenna until now.. placed on above ceiling
  5. with wire biquad antenna, i get 17 tv channel but only 13 with clear picture
  6. sorry, edited,,, you can remove latest picture,,
  7. diamater 172mm and heigth 11mm
  8. brass tubing, ID 5mm and OD 7mm using lmr-200 coaxial cable, bottom of brass tube crimp to braided shield of coaxial cable
  9. get crazy when build of amos antenna, i try to make this RHCP,, that is very good antenna... using cookie can lid, because of it is stiff shape, what gain of this type antenna..???
  10. Yes, i found stacking with coax cable on qsl.net
  11. which one i must solder and not to soldered, can you give more detail
  12. how about this ?
  13. correction my amos 9
  14. yes,, i want to learn how to work with antenna simulation program, please,,, but this is my computer...