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  1. The PCB is FR4-1 I saw it on the label from the shop.
  2. I used a milling machine with CNC control which is used for cutting the wood, laminate, etc. But the result was not predictable for the operator had to try it out first and after he got to know that it was possible to have those details cut he did it. Before that i tried laser cutting machine which is used for thin wooden laminate but it couldn't handle it.
  3. 1,5mm однослойная, должно быть fr4. покупал в обычном магазине радиоэлектроники.
  4. Yes. I turned the vibrators upside down to have the distance between copper plates 23 mm as it is mentioned in the specs.
  5. Here is my take on this antenna built of PCB. I screwed up with the size of the reflector, i'll change it after some meddling with it.
  6. It is done. Here they are. oval_2_holes.cdr oval_2_holes.dwg oval_2_holes.dxf
  7. Ok. Here are the files for laser cutter in different formats. They have to load properly otherwise if you still experience issues with them while opening approach me here directly via messages. Best of luck! oval_2.cdr oval_2.dwg oval_2.dxf
  8. Autocad mobile and DWG fastview for Android. Both the same result.
  9. Ok. That's handy! How to make one? Actually i was meaning what is shown on the picture.
  10. Hi! I'm a bit confused about the antenna. I've downloaded the template file *.dxf opened it and found out that the rounded stripe connecting the two ovals has a line across it. Does that mean that the rounded stripe has to be cut along that line. I haven't seen tat there's a cut on the photos and pictures with the simulation. What's that? Can you explain it to me?