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  1. 5.8CP_patch.cst
  2. Ideas

    looks like in whole designs he don't cares impedance
  3. Ideas

    So do you thin that design is ok ?
  4. at 1280 - wsvr was 1:1.4
  5. i forget - thickness of fr3 sheet diameter of circular fr4 is 45 height if folded fr4 is 21.7
  6. Ideas

    this is folded dipole. isn't it 300 ohm ?
  7. circle is 0.5mm fr4 and folded fr4 is 0.35mm
  8. looked, and ?? I've got that white antenna. And few minutes ago dissembled it It's not QFH as i said
  9. Yup, i know QFH. But for me looks like some king evaluation of such antenna made from thin fr4. Ok i've looked at that antenna. It's not qfh. So what a kind of antenna is that ?
  10. But on this picture there are two different antennas. First one is some kind of QFH antenna and it's for 1.2ghz.
  11. Ideas

    I saw this guy designs. I don't know what to think about his videoblog. First example - Yagi. Why he don't make any impedance matching ? Does he made Yagi which has 50 ohm ?? I don't think so.
  12. https://www.researchgate.net/publication/227960359_A_Novel_Approach_of_Measuring_the_Dielectric_Properties_of_PET_Preforms_for_Stretch_Blow_Moulding So PET, PP looks like better choice
  13. you have right. But sometimes we can't use them. example: a lot of PMMA. It's obvious that will shift antenna characteristics. But I suppose that materials will have also impact on other properties of antenna.
  14. yup i know but sometimes it's imposible to use such thin materials - case etc. For example helical antenna - element which is holding helix. I'm asking which of them has smallest impact. I've found few publications as it's quite good material. http://www.imeko.org/publications/tc4-2007/IMEKO-TC4-2007-188.pdf