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  1. Can it be wound from wire instead stripe ? What dimensions for 2.4Ghz ?
  2. any dimensions for that bat wing ? You have right - 1.4 is not bad at 750 What impedace does it has at 868 and 750 ? GOt question, this tube diameter is critical. Asking beczuse will be quite hard to find 30mm brass tube. Brass rod is quite expensive for that diameter.
  3. Hi, excelent :)thank you. thickness of elements is the same (2mm) ? Can it be 1.6mm. Asking because have double sided FR4 laminate. It will be easier to make them (cut on CNC). Do you have also such design for 868 Mhz ? Will try make them both.
  4. yes, but its still for 75 ohm. need 50 ohm version.
  5. Ok, how scale it to 750 mhz and for 50 ohm ?
  6. Searched forum, and this looks like this Yagi antennas. But made form FR4 laminate. THis is just example, picture took form other topic. AS I see this version is for 2.4
  7. the first one is for 2.4 ghz.
  8. As in begining. still interested in this design. Looks compact as for 915. For 750 will be biggeer but can still accept that. Eventually, if you have calculations for PCB Yagi antenna for such frequency I want to test aslo FR4 Yagi but for 868 and 915Mhz.
  9. Thanks, but looks like has quite big footprint. this one i've provided is quite small - 200mm diameter. Generally i could sacriface those 10 dbi over smaller footprint. Clanon. So such design but linear and for 750 ? Can someone also simulate Yagi on FR4 for 750 ?
  10. Any dimensions for that proposal ? Generally dont looking for broadbang. At this moment looking for two antennas with higher gain: One for 700MHZ and second for 750mhz. Easy to manufacture on CNC from FR4 laminate.
  11. it looks like patch with parasitic element, and looks like easy tu manufacture because there are just only 3 round elements.
  12. I have small cnc and spare PCB blanks so it's doable.
  13. Found it some time ago. Feed point is on side of the middle element. This is also for 2.4 ghz wersion 24 patch.webp
  14. this design looks interesting:
  15. If it will be smaller then it will be additional good feature