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  1. Understand. With the patch easier in the manufacture, it is possible to give the layout for a cutting and it definitely will cut. Considering Your experience and professionalism will be a great antenna. I already't wait to do and test.
  2. Hello. Again wanted to ask about how moving the calculation of the antenna? And wanted to know can I use antenna just for 2.4 ghz? Will not burn whether from this adapter?
  3. With this should not problems to occur. The main thing that all sizes were provided and materials.
  4. Excuse me. Wanted to ask about how things of the case with panel antenna?
  5. It's good
  6. Great. I thought that 4 patch is one of the antenna. As well as their two connected as mimo it will be eight patches.
  7. Afraid to sound rude, but I think complex in the manufacture of the antenna. Can be will be easier to do patch antenna with increased 15 dbi? If You will not difficult.
  8. Thank you! It's great antenna.
  9. Ok. Thank you. It's pretty antenna. Could you still to send the size of this antenna?
  10. Hello. It turned out to optimize antenna?
  11. Great! You can get the drawing with the size?
  12. Great. If you happen to improve, I'm very glad
  13. This is something about what I said. I think it better. If wrong, it is correct me. You have left the drawing from her? Immediately asking for this antenna have to do such a reflector in the form of a cup or you can make two antenna for MIMO and placed them in a rectangular box?
  14. I like it, but this looks more functional http://www.lan23.ru/forum/showthread.php?t=11194
  15. I think yes. But on the forum lan23 you've posted calculations dual band antenna, Harchenko with increased 10-18, Dbi. I think it more interesting.