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Found 5 results

  1. Trying to build a long range setup, and have a bunch of questions about how to best do it. I thought I had a yagi antenna to use for this project, but discovered a few days ago it is the wrong frequency to use. So, you guess I could say I am back to the drawing board. I need to have good connectivity at around 900 meters, and would prefer 1400 meters if possible. My thoughts were to incorporate two different antennas to match the two different bands Wi-Fi connections use these days. One for 2.4ghz and another for 5ghz, since their waveforms possess different shapes due to the difference in frequency, but then I discovered parabolic antennas can manage both. To my understanding, my options are: Purchase another yagi Purchase a parabolic Build a super cantenna Build a cigar antenna like the one I found on this site. Build the hybrid yagi-cantenna that I also found on this site. I was going to couple this antenna with a repeater/amplifier to give it more power. There are several available on amazon, of course. My soldering skills are not good enough to try to break out the breadboard and schematics to build my own. I just don't know what antenna would allow me the best opportunity to penetrate through the heavy wooded area that would surround it, oh, and that one hill. I am also unsure at what elevation would this antenna need to be mounted. How much would gain be affected by elevation, and at what point would the voltage drop from the cable reduce any benefit received from an increase in elevation? Elevating the antenna would present some technical issue to the build, as there are codes restricting the height of an antenna mast before it would require approval by governing bodies, and the mast itself can get quite expensive fairly quickly. I also don't want anything that would draw attention or suspicion. Like a tesla tower would. Last in this rambling post of a thousand questions, I was given most of a spool of buriable coaxial by a friend. From the looks of it, it appears to be RG6. Would this do? Or is something else needed with less loss? Cheers
  2. I recently copied this antenna design from the internet and although I'm pleased with its performance, i have my doubts about the original configuration so i have made a change to the driven element. The driven element on the original design appears to be coupled to the rest of the elements - surely this creates a short circuit? so what i have done is isolated the driven element from the boom. what do you think? cheers.
  3. Hi all, I am currently working on a project where i have to transfer video signals to a distance of 10km. i want to know that can i use a omni antenna on one side and a directional antenna on the other side. reason for using omni antenna is that side is a rotating fixture .so we need 360 degree coverage. i want to know whether this will work and also if there is any omni antenna which can transfer video signals you can share the datasheet\part no.
  4. Hello friends, I have several nanostation m5 devices and I would like to repurpose the antennas they have for the 5 GHz band. The problem is that, as can be seen in the photos, they have two feed points (marked in red). This makes me think that they are fed like two separate antennas to transmit and receive simultaneously. So my questions are: Can I use the as single antenna? Where should I feed my signal? Any help will be apreciated. Thank you very much for your support.
  5. Hi, I'm completely a newbie in this world and I'm sorry If I will say something stupid or wrong. I need to trasmit my local Wifi network up to another point placed at 10 km of distance (see image below). What do I need? Did you have already discussed this topic in another discussion? I guess maybe a parabolic antenna for trasmission and receiving is required. If yes I would like to know how to build this antennas and everything I need to make the overall system working. Thanks in advance to everyone want help me