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Found 7 results

  1. Hello! What is the currently best solution to build an directional (maybe yagi) antenna without machines? I want an easy, fast and good solution for an antenna that i can use on my external adapter. I saw videos and read some topics here about different yagis, round, copper bars, copper tapes, but i am not sure if they really work... Andrew Mcneil uploaded an Video 9 years ago that shows an 19 Element yagi made with copper tape, is it outdated? So what is the best div solution? Does Copper Tape antennas really work? How thick does it have to be? Does Copper bars work better then tape? hollow or solid? Is copper the best material? Can / Do I have to increase the power of the adapter to fit the antenna size? (19 Element Yagi for example)
  2. Did this with several rtl8187b with GREAT RESULTS (even better than a tp link722) MiniPCIe to USB adaptation PS: Make sure you have this two -D +D on the card (some cards don't have'em!)
  3. I ran up on this and was pretty impressed. Don't know if anyone has tried to build one of their own. It is a fascinating design, and I am interested in how the internal baffles interact with the wave. img.asp
  4. This is a duplicate of the antenna mimo 5Ghz 120° The size is in accordance with the original Who knows anyone needs or can modify it to make it better Copy 5Ghz 120.cdr Copy 5Ghz 120.dxf
  5. Hi, I'm completely a newbie in this world and I'm sorry If I will say something stupid or wrong. I need to trasmit my local Wifi network up to another point placed at 10 km of distance (see image below). What do I need? Did you have already discussed this topic in another discussion? I guess maybe a parabolic antenna for trasmission and receiving is required. If yes I would like to know how to build this antennas and everything I need to make the overall system working. Thanks in advance to everyone want help me
  6. Hi, sorry for a newbie question, I would like to build a directional 2.4GHz antenna for my secondary wifi router, and this forum contains many very good examples. What I don't understand is how to deal with the fact that the router has three antennas. What's the advice of the experts? Simply three coplanar biquads or pcb patches? At what distance? Won't they crosstalk badly? (like the three default styluses BTW) Thank you for any advice fbx
  7. i saw dual-barrel gun today...can yagi work like that? LIKE 2 stacked yagi, but 1 vibrator,1reflector BUT 2 sets of directors? placed side-by-side at 1\4wavelength vibrator should be 2-4 mm closer to first directorS (not like in single yagi) but reflector-vibrator should stay same (29mm)