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  1. v1.dxf v1.stl v2.dxf v2.stl
  2. can anyone try simulate which is better antenna between this two design yes i have it, with file extension you want it
  3. i think VJJT is copied from mantbox, but different dimension and size acri don't worry mantbox is more than 120degree in the real beam, but vendor says 120degree this is Mant reflektor
  4. acri we have 2 same freand on facebook 1. MC iskandar 2. Hendra Uburcumi Hendra is same city with me, First time we met in year 2008, from KASKUS to KOPDAR. we both need an internet connection. but he was lucky, he could get an internet connection first finally I took an internet connection from him wireless network
  5. tray this version Dude
  6. 1. lingked with reflektor 2. is 2mm 3. 4mm 4. 5mm 5. 35mm 6. 7mm 7. 2mm
  7. my friend have that antenna so i tray to copy it Dude can u simulate it ???