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  1. I have a pretty solid DIY one, more or less 60x40, good for wood and acceptable for aluminium. Surely it can make an antenna. If I make coplanar antennas may I use a unique reflector or do you think I have to separate them ?
  2. yup, an aluminium foil behind the three antennas. I am not sure it will be practical. Instead making a sort of flat antenna is very attractive because the place where is this secondary "client bridge" router is perfect for hanging it, looking to the right direction towards the main one, not quite close. I have almost everything for making it, including a CNC :-P . Miss a little bit of time but I can find it... Moreover we are geeks, and we like geeky performant things, don't you too? :-P I assume that the "flat" directional antennas that I see here would crosstalk at least less than the default antennas, which are parallel. I am interested in a directional antenna because I tried putting the longer 2.4G antennas from ebay instead of the default ones, and the signal went from unusable to decent. So the idea is that an antenna that only looks to the right direction would make a better connection. When I come back from holidays I will have a couple more newbie questions, as I don't understand some construction details that are omitted in the designs that you post.
  3. mmmm my router does not support 5GHz. It's an old TP-Link TL-WR1043 running dd-wrt, and the configuration clearly cites antennas 1+2+3 being used. It's not the only router with 3 antennas. My other router has 6 antennas, 3 for 2.4GHz and 3 for 5GHz, hence I would have the same question. Since by default the three antennas crosstalk totally, do you think it would be reasonable to put three coplanar independent new antennas? Maybe rotated by 120 degrees? What do you think?
  4. Hi, sorry for a newbie question, I would like to build a directional 2.4GHz antenna for my secondary wifi router, and this forum contains many very good examples. What I don't understand is how to deal with the fact that the router has three antennas. What's the advice of the experts? Simply three coplanar biquads or pcb patches? At what distance? Won't they crosstalk badly? (like the three default styluses BTW) Thank you for any advice fbx