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  1. hm...they got two 3.5dbi antennas X-pol... 3.5 x 3.5 = 12 (dbi) THIS is how this chinese antennas arithmetic woks
  2. extender fo not so long distances
  3. show us fotos or your fm reciever, please i think in your case there is some port\antenna missmatch and it is the only trouble on your way to ultra-long range FM-sessions
  4. )) i think u do not need just "better things" i found this "Sven says this horizontal antenna receives stations 250–300 km away in northern Germany almost like locals" and if u got some troubles receiving stantions from 250km, it is most likely because it is 75 OHM antenna and your reciever input is most likely 36 o 50 ohms
  5. addind 1-2 directors and re-emulating this FM5 looks like good idea
  6. So THE best option 4 u is: Small FM5 Yagi because it is less than 3m, THE simplest construction, good F\B and tested for you requested distance: "Sven says this horizontal antenna receives stations 250–300 km away in northern Germany almost like locals" http://www.ham-radio.com/k6sti/five.htm it is so easy to produce. U can make your own and test it in couple hours
  7. THE best FM-antenna is: FM5 YAGi https://3g-aerial.biz/fm5-small-antenna
  8. only practice will show...but i still think: cable length from #3 on video and conection scheme from #1 is the best option
  9. he is using 3 Different cable length in this antennas so IF you try to use cable length from #3 type (best SWR on video) AND use this cable length with connection option #1 it will be the best
  10. 1st but the difference will be small and not the fact that it is particularly measurable
  11. the right name for "698-3800 Mhz Yagi" is "Log-periodic antenna" =)
  12. wow! someone in russia makes it for 5.8!
  13. no he used big 2.4ghz version in video
  14. dude used your Batwing to get 5.8 GHz...can you show simulation for your Btwing on 5.2-6GHz?
  15. hm...what if you try to model Batwing with 90 degree 2d-corner reflector?? 0_o corner reflector antenna with Batwing instead of dipole! 0.36...0.4 wavelength from corner top to axis of batwing batwing plane in plane of corner's bisector