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  1. the right name for "698-3800 Mhz Yagi" is "Log-periodic antenna" =)
  2. wow! someone in russia makes it for 5.8!
  3. no he used big 2.4ghz version in video
  4. dude used your Batwing to get 5.8 GHz...can you show simulation for your Btwing on 5.2-6GHz?
  5. hm...what if you try to model Batwing with 90 degree 2d-corner reflector?? 0_o corner reflector antenna with Batwing instead of dipole! 0.36...0.4 wavelength from corner top to axis of batwing batwing plane in plane of corner's bisector
  6. i know swr on video is just beautiful
  7. This is your batwing made in russia! Wow! p.s he just a little bit mess with reflector angle
  8. useless because: https://encrypted-tbn0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn%3AANd9GcQbN4PrLX2HeFXsEbDTY0c9193ykPSbLNTkVg&usqp=CAU
  9. SWR and sizes are beautiful! but it is hard to produce can u model this simple batwing with simple reflector batwing: square reflector with wings:
  10. do you have SWR-meter to test them?
  11. no, you did not model your Wings Reflector with Exactly this simple batwing: please combine it,model it
  12. so can you simulate this backplate with wings with this batwing: i need SWR graph frrom 1700mhz to 2700mhz
  13. i mean radiation pattern and Ohms of that specific batwing with this reflector with wings