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  1. http://www.electronicecircuits.com/electronic-software/parabola-calculator-for-satellite-dish-antenna-design
  2. It depends on the DISH , F/D ratio . offset or center feed...? you'll be trying to achieve 70% efficiency (illumination) or more if possible.
  3. This is more in your alley https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xhW4QQruBTo
  4. https://www.wifi-antennas.com/topic/300-magnita-1-universal-car-antenna-4g3g2gwifi/#comment-3007
  5. Vivaldi is OK ABOVE 1ghz... not much GAIN tho, and it SUCKS under 1ghz...we must try and reconsider...JOMY might have a UWB design...CONE and DISC...
  6. i think is 25Mhz to 1.7ghz... and the LF is below that , any wire antenna would do there...
  7. if you have two connectors...do you know the frecuencies EACH connector covers... Is the whole bandwidth 100khz to 1.7 ghz...? (or more) divided into TWO antennas...
  8. I'll try that VIVALDI on FR4 i'll tell later how it went
  9. Can you burn your own PCB...? we could dig up some design...
  10. It seems they use VIVALDIs (modified) on pcb for this...
  11. What about the PCB , ...? FR4 or something better...?
  12. 1:1 Pawsey stub...?
  13. is it the same on the back of the PCB...(the leaf shapes)
  14. is it a DUPLEXER...? and WHAT about the REST of the BOARD...?
  15. S11 is high Q (more than okay)@13ghz S22 (@17ghz) not so high Q What's the function of this MIXER...getting and S1 + S2 , S1 - S2... Sorry it isn't clear for me... besides the card you show on the first post seems to TAKE SIGNAL out...(and is incomplete)