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  1. but it would be really nice to see how it performs on the simulations... 24dbi for 64 dipoles is NOT that good...(lots of losses apparently)
  2. ...blockage , 180 degrees at -6db illumination...efficiency...
  3. Adjusted at 2.437ghz center CH 6 can't run the parabolic dish, too big...i dunno how the dish would change this results...(yet)
  4. What's most important to me are the 180 degrees of illumination at about -6 db of gain... helix length – 13cm, 1.5mm wire ,5 doble turns instead of 4 on original site -6dB beamwidth of around 180 deg (good for f/D ratios 0.25 (focal plane dishes) to 0.3) -6dB in beamwidth corresponds to a -10dB edge illumination (max gain) since there is an additional -4dB spreading loss to the edge at these low f/D ratios.
  5. Starting point this site by Graham Sharples 13 cm bifilar helix I'd never found a good feed for DEEP DISHES ( i have a 1,26 m , 0.31 m deep dish F/d 0.25 )
  6. always TWO PEAKS of resonance (1ghz- 2,5ghz ) NO S11 though... tubing should be better than flat plate... (i guess)
  7. What it SHOULD look like WITHOUT the parasitic squares patches...
  8. it looks like 5 ...but maybe 1 more really small close to the boom...
  9. yep , is called optimization...but you could do it by hand if you know your stuff (right now i'm short on RAM and cores) so the closer y draw and scale the sooner i get to optimal...(but JOMY is the most experienced) if you could use 2d or 3d drawing ...it would be easier to share
  10. CST is GUI intuitive...fast and efficient... (no need for code or commands)
  11. try to work with this... is the closest i got...didn't like it...TWO peaks of resonance very close LPDA lte.cst