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  1. my bad! it cant never be under 1:1
  2. It's wideband by several PEAKS of resonance...if your frecuency of interest doesn't FALL inside one of those you're out of luck... So it's NOT continuos WIDEBAND like other designs...
  3. Is THIS right...? (the values for swr...)?
  4. Copy (bad) of Ionnica over 20 dbi...?
  6. https://youtu.be/iOmdQnIlnRo?t=924 ,,,why it doesn't work..??
  7. yagi

    could be close to 15dbi if built right...
  8. yagi

    what version is it ? the modem https://www.youtube.com/watch?app=desktop&v=gWqWh86B200
  9. yagi

    VSWR on antenna MISSMATCH (it could be overheating) if the firmware allows it you'll see it as signals coming and going away...high strength and then 0...
  10. yagi

    1.ALL antennas show reciprocity TX and RX are the SAME....BUT if you have little power high VSWR and LOTS of PLASTIC you'll lose energy (efficiency) speed would suffer...(Having the antenna pointed at the RIGHT direction and ANGLE) 2 .that looks like PVC cover , it's good for water insulation but it CHANGES ALL calculations from FREE SPACE
  11. yagi

    tower mapper by PROVIDER
  12. That one NC LINK being ALL METAL should OUTPERFORM the one on PCB...Less losses...higher efficiency...more gain