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  1. around 10 dbi if the signal is in the same POLARIZATION...3 db less if lineal source... Jomy should try and make it smaller with the meanders in the circle... 3/8 pipe (9.5mm) refrigerator tubes...
  2. Quadix.nec
  3. simlations
  4. the diameter would decrease....but to get more than 10 db it should take more than 2 meters....i think...
  5. YUP! i picked stations (VHF TV RADIO) from Chile (1000km or more ) by refraction that way with the helical monster...and some other antennas...with lots of FADING and it doesn't last long... HEIGHT above GROUND is of utmost importance beyond 200kms... PS: it will be useful to know the POLARIZATION on the TX...
  6. You SHOULD PLAY with the reflector distances around 2 centimetres (19 mm right now) , more or less some millimetres (to allow for PCB differences in material) Closer more gain and vswr ...farther less vswr and gain (there MUST be a SWEET SPOT there) THIS is for FR4 4.3 dielectric constant (permeability) 1 millimetre (thickness) or less Quad .dxf Quad gerber file.gbr quad.cst
  7. working on the RHOMBOID right now...hard to DRAW that shit...
  8. you didn't answer about material availability...sizes...
  9. details
  10. This should work UKW 14 Elemente, DDR-Ausf├╝hrung.maa
  11. the CODE was on site UKW 14 Elemente, DDR-Ausf├╝hrung.maa.txt i'm gonna work on the RHOMBIC...27dbi , more on my alley for dx...
  12. I always wanted to try a crossed dipoles (circular-elliptical) polarized array... Most of the signals are Vertical on old equipment (around here) and quasi CP on the new stations...theory
  13. Other FM mmana files (german) we could try something .."new" ..what tubes are you planning to use... and boom dimensions... hard to get close to 14-15 dbi without a big area reflector...
  14. nice...I did some 400km 500km dx back in the 90's ...but i have a cement glass fiber roof W (dielectric until rain) over which i put 2 x 30 mts helical wire , feed at the middle with 300 ohms cable over or close to 15 dbi i guess...to mi advantage the roof was aligned with the big cities... stations piled up and kick each other out...(yamaha fm receiver good selectivity and sensitivity)