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  1. GND would have continuity to any of those IC EMI SHIELDS (aluminum tin covering circuits) that's COAXIAL SHIELD (MESH) GND...just to be sure...
  2. Yellow ring is SHIELD (GND) (careful with those hairs, make a ring with solder) RED line is inner WIRE...50ohms feed point https://www.wifi-antennas.com/uploads/monthly_2020_09/5f714c7f94137_frontdesoldered.jpg.c2757e4d0fc1d166241bf1cbe9d605d3.jpg.7e186604399d80e2a8f10e2d24415cec.jpg
  3. Electromagnetic Fields at HIGH Frecuencies...behave like witchcraft ...(before simulations was hard to figure it out...and still is)
  4. It's a PIFA antenna (low gain)...Check continuity ...but i think cable (50ohms shorter you can) goes like this Try with a DIPOLE
  5. DISTANCE and AREA/SHAPE (curved angled) is IMPORTANT ...fiddle with it use a fast and sensible indicator of level quality
  6. I start up with PEC and NO loss materials...then ...when you get close to your goal , you could switch'em to REAL WORLD materials... PS: The ENCLOSURE has a MAIN ROLE in FR , and losses...imho
  7. if you don't get closser to -60dbm or even under -60... AND link QUALITY (PACKETS) OVER or CLOSE to 70% you won't have SPEED or stability If you can , try a reflector (ANY METAL) behind your antenna and the signal direction...
  8. Port 2 is not getting to 20...i'm working on it...TOO MANY stubs and LONG feed lines... Is the one on the left
  9. What ya think...? JOMY Port 1 (middle port)
  11. this is similar Polyurethane with aluminum film... https://youtu.be/9nA0PBCHiOg?t=245 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yv1pV2r-HPs