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  1. https://www.scielo.br/j/jmoea/a/5RBXvnGygJNrS8LCHSCdFLJ/
  2. They are Circular polarized disc patchs Right hand and Left Hand without the CUTS it would go linear... and are switched electronically from RHCP to LHCP and EACH disc could be fed (slot feeding) the phase of signal you program (delays) to make an Electronically Scanned Array (no need to point to Each satellite , the electronics do that) AND there is BEAM FORMING too...
  3. IIRC the WIRES UNDER the discs (closer to reflector) gave less reactivity ...improving VSWR...
  4. you gonna need tubing (aluminum old TV antennas) 10 mm or more...MOST Array aren't omni , metasurfaces are a LIE...VERTICAL FRANKLIN Collineal is the way...BUT MOST I see are folded dipoles with facing on the coax...SO a SIMULATION is NEEDED for ONE DIPOLE and then multiply by at least 6-8 or 10 units and facing COAX should be calculated...for 340 MHZ and 50 mhz bandwith...
  5. 12 dbi omni is doable...what wideband arround 340 mhz...? (Narrow = Wire , Wide = Tube) but you gonna end up close to 5 meters having 44 cm each dipole... a big Tower...for omni...
  6. OMNIdirectional and high gain are MUTUALLY EXCLUSIVE can not have BOTH...at 340 mhz omni Vertical colineal VEEERY LOOONG could get you 15 dbi...using several meters of wire...
  7. it would be GREAT to put a VNA there on ALL 5 and check HOW they behave ...tho
  8. what standard (speed) and frequencies ?...2.4 5.8 A B G N ...AC 2.4ghz b/g/n High sensitivity (- 96 dbm at 1mbps) anything with AR9271 (Tplink tl-wn 722n Version 1) 150 mbps max
  9. VNA measurements
  10. FR4 have lots of disadvantages (efficiency at RX lost , losses at TX a lot ! , never know the Tangent loss and dielectric constant for each material , fr wouldn't be on POINT ever ) you'll need an antenna analyzer or vna to be on frequency PS: only "advantage" size is smaller than metal on air
  11. https://www.lan23.ru/forum/node/318855
  12. yeah , it's easy with the model....pretty sure you are gonna end close to 1 meter by 60 cm or more GRILL...
  13. Wire grill (big 80 cms at least) OR parabolic dish EVEN BIGGER 1.2 1.5 meters
  14. Easier ,for me, if YOU choose ANY 2-3 patches design (10dbi) ( need a frontal picture) and then we'll make it work at 725mhz...
  15. Easily 12 dbi at 725 mhz