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  1. Still testing , Imepdance needs some work still...But looks good so far) Copper tape under 40 cm long and wide...PES foam or PU foam dielectric
  2. 12.3 inch long x 1.02 inch diameter ferrite rod core for maximum reception 31 cms x 2.6 cms OLD AM radio variable cap i'll try in the next days and post if GOOD..,.
  3. Loop antenna (antena de Lazo) should be straight away design in CST... Lots of WIRE wounds and a Port at the ends... 10-30khz...i'll give it a TRY in CST LOTS of wire for that LOW... Alonso para que uso la vas a usar...(What use you're planning for this...?) https://stormwise.com/page28-VLF.htm
  4. Without a reflector (Omnidirectional) you'll need 1 meter and some to get close to 15dbi (15-20 half waves) With reflector you could have 15dbi at under One meter...
  5. Insulators , supports should be on the middle of ANY half wave dipole (ti minimize losses and mismatches)
  6. 2,1 mts diameter , i assume
  7. something is OFF , i think it is SPILLING signal OUTSIDE the dish , maybe with some wall side box...or a RIM...
  8. MOVE ALL up FRONT (directors) Extend Boom tube to allow extra length
  9. 18dbi
  10. OKAY , just talking about THIS (more info)
  11. Distances to FIRST director and to REFLECTOR MUST be reviewed! CAN't OPEN it ( NEWER version)
  12. what happens if the FOLDED dipole is HORIZONTAL ?
  13. INTEGRAL is FAST , BUT you have to check accuracy tHE ONLY ONE THAT WORKED ON 1,26 MTS DISH
  14. ALWAYS FD solver shows a SHIFT in RESONANCE center and POORER S11...(but it is RECOMMENDED for WIRES)
  15. The original FEED is for a 6' 7' 1,8mts 2.1 mts diameter GRILL Parabolic Antenna F/d ratio is important (te indica el tipo de iluminaciĆ³n necesaria par eficiencia mayor a: digamos 70 % , que es lo que se busca como objetivo) Having the original feed wouldn't be better to copy the original GRILL