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  1. a dumb question...how you install it...? HORIZONTAL parabol...Vertical FEED...? ELEVATION angle important too!
  2. Guglielmo Marconi says it SHOULD WORK!
  3. is it COMPLICATED to do an 6 or 4 ARRAY (Z adapters for sure)...and how much Gain could be attained...?
  4. is it like that TDJ-X2327BKC in lan23...?
  5. Getting 20.9dbi ALL wideband...BUT...Efficiency i low... with waveguide port... gonna try next with DISCRETE Port... PS:the HOLES make a lot of difference in the PTFE!
  6. Jomy...impedance is close to 76ohms...what you think...reflector distance wrong ...? (i guess) (i used 5.5mm from backplane to PTFE)
  7. PS: Some doubt about PTFE thickness...I used 1.575mm...
  8. Still not 21dbi , but getting there... 24.2020H.28-08-09.pdf
  9. YEP , BACKFIRE antenna feed... nasa yagi
  10. YEP , circular patches for 1.15 to 1.6 ghz...(but a weird shape of circular...)
  11. Jomy , what you think of this:
  12. What size is that pannel...? average...
  13. the Ultra Wide Band thing seeems a little too much for me...(just need Gain , stability in packets and and 50mhz or so)... PD:So far the AMOS ARRAY is the best i have...the FA20...a BIG disappointment )
  14. Any VIVALDI ARRAYs out there...(Interested in the FEEDING technique and Z adaptacions...)
  15. Did you notice ANY difference between that and a quarter wave MONOPOLE...?