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  1. Thanks for your proposal. As I said at the beginning I'm a newbie in this field. Based on these results what do you suggest me to do to cover 10km as distance? Which is the best solution? Sputnik antenna requires also the parabolic dish? I guess the target gain is always at least 20dbi Then, could you please show me a scheme where I can see how to place the two SMA connectors on the antenna? Thank you
  2. Thank you for your answer. In this way I can call only thourgh internet, instead I need to use the 4G network on my phone without internet.
  3. If I understood well, this antenna should have a sufficient gain that I need (18 dBi). I have to create 2 identical antennas with a parabolic disc (1 for TX and 1 for RX). The only think we shoud add in the design is the additional feed since the wirless router has 2 SMA connectors. Before to start to build the antennas I will wait the results from the simulation and a confirmation from Adim. Please correct me if I said something wrong. Thanks
  4. Oh I'm sorry. I thought we could handle both the topics. If this not possible we can put on hold "4G Repetear/Amplifier". We can discuss it in a another moment. Sorry for this
  5. Hi Admin, I still didn't find a solution for this point. My antenna is working perfectly with my USB modem huawei 3372. Internet is working on my laptop but the mobile phone signal it is still not fixed. Now I want to create something that is able to bring the 4G signal for all the mobile phones inside the room (see image below). Questions: 1) A signal booster it is required? If yes, do you know how to build it? 2) Do you know how to design the indoor omnidirectional antenna? Thank you
  6. Hi, The image below shows what I would like do. I can place the antennas on the roof and there shouldn't be any kind of obstacles. Questions: 1) The proposal sent by @Admin it is feasible? 2) It is required to build two equal antennas or it is sufficient just to create the TX antenna as parabolic and the receiving antenna could be normal without parabolic dish? 3) Both the routers have 2 antennas, should I create antennas with two SMA connectors? If yes, where shoud I place these connectors? Thank you for you support
  7. For my Wifi I guess it is 2.4 GHz
  8. Thanks for your answer. I was thinking if it is possible to build this kind of antenna like you already discussed here But in this case for Wifi.
  9. Hi, I'm completely a newbie in this world and I'm sorry If I will say something stupid or wrong. I need to trasmit my local Wifi network up to another point placed at 10 km of distance (see image below). What do I need? Did you have already discussed this topic in another discussion? I guess maybe a parabolic antenna for trasmission and receiving is required. If yes I would like to know how to build this antennas and everything I need to make the overall system working. Thanks in advance to everyone want help me
  10. Hi Admin, I would like to realize this antenna because as far as I understood should be the best design for 4G LTE (1800 Mhz). I guess this design is also the best solution for long distance. Could you please show me where I shoud place the second feed? Thank you very much for you support
  11. Hi Admin, How should be the orientation of the antenna in the image above respect to the parabolic dish? Is there a specific constrain? Thanks
  12. I have huawei 3372. As you can see in the image below with this model I'm able to plug directly the external antenna with the two cables. I already tested it and everything is working. Now I want to create something (an amplifier or a repetear) that allow me to avoid this connection with the USB modem because I need the 4G signal also for my phone. So I need a sort of circuit that transfer the 4G signal from the external side to the internal room.
  13. Hello everyone, I'm a newbie in the world of Antennas and for this reason forgive me if I will say something stupid I just created the 4G antenna shown in the image below to catch the 4G signal to transfer it from the external to the internal of my house. This 4G signal is used by an USB modem with the appropiate connectors. Everything is working good. Now my question is : Is it possible to create a 4G repeter/amplifier? I mean I don't want to plug the external antenna directly to the USB modem but I want to irradiate the signal in the whole room. In this way I will be able to go on internet and also to call with my phone. I hope I was clear. Thank you in advance.