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  1. yagi

    Thank you, will give it a go
  2. yagi

    Good design and it appears to work well. How does one tune this type of antenna?
  3. yagi

    Hi Admin, yes thats the design, however I omitted the 15mm lip from around the reflector. I'm happy with the vswr at 2.414 ghz as that's where I want to be. The 2.6Ghz reference shown is just how I set up the analyzer stop point. I did however try to re tune to the lowest dip point to 2.414 but had no luck. I guess I need to move the driven element closer to the reflector to achieve this?
  4. yagi

    Here's my completed antenna coupled to my new toy!
  5. yagi

    Admin, this is the design I have followed. The measurements are the same apart from the boom which is 6mm dia, and I haven't included the 83mm lipped rear reflector. Cheers
  6. yagi

    Hi admin, I'll post my antenna measurements later on.
  7. yagi

    Hello admin, obviously not. I've been searching the forum but not deep enough. I have now reconstructed my antenna to the original design. Thank you for the link
  8. yagi

    His garry, thanks for your advice it's appreciated. The reason I deviated away from the original design was due to watching a YouTube video by Andrew Mc Neil, it was he who suggested this approach. Cheers
  9. I recently copied this antenna design from the internet and although I'm pleased with its performance, i have my doubts about the original configuration so i have made a change to the driven element. The driven element on the original design appears to be coupled to the rest of the elements - surely this creates a short circuit? so what i have done is isolated the driven element from the boom. what do you think? cheers.
  10. Thanks, I've built hf and vhf antennas but im finding ghz frequencies a whole new ball game and a steeper learning curve. Cheers.
  11. Will this mean purchasing a crimping tool?
  12. Thank you. I've built this one in the past (Marty Bugs) website I believe. The only thing I don't like about this design is the heavy LMR400 coax feed. I prefer to use rg402 type coax. I have my biquad antennas mounted on a mast outdoors - I soldered a 100mm length of 15mm Di, cu tube to the rear of the reflector, as a mounting point to a mast, will this approach upset the antenna gain? Cheers.
  13. many thanks for the quick reply. I guess its also unwise to use brass instead of copper ? cheers.
  14. hi admin, this is my first posting on your fine forum. Could the sma connector be soldered into the tube and fed with rg402 semi rigid coax ,instead of crimping and the 1.8 cu wire. cheers.