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  1. yes very cool
  2. what did you change? I have been very busy no much time to look at it.
  3. thank you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Can you post the CST file for this new design ?
  5. I'm using rg402
  6. how is the cable connection made?
  7. yes I did then I exported it to CST
  8. I would like to add some elements to this... br1.9biquad.cst
  9. here is a bi-quad i built and the results
  10. what are you getting 16.4dbi from? can you post the CST files for this?
  11. I like how are you cutting that out that is some vintage equipment bet it works well
  12. here are the difference's between 0.3 0.5 0.6mm 0.3mm is just to thin
  13. The connection I am using 6mm of rg402
  14. The antenna is specs. using a 0.5mm thick element and if I use a 0.3mm thick piece the VSWR moves where I don't like
  15. h Here is a Double Patch Antenna I built form the plans on this forum and the VSWR meter I use the only problem I'm having is getting the right thickness sheet metal here in the USA they don't use metric