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  1. This kind of antenna is very iterative, especially as it is meant to be broadband...
  2. "I think the most interesting thing would be this kind of antenna ...
  3. Yes, it is an interesting antenna, but you can also give the size ... ??? !!! For this antenna would be interesting to do a simulation ... ???
  4. Well, but that's very simple if you do the calculations...!!!
  5. PETRA BB MIMO 2x2 UniBox is an antenna combined with a large sealed box (UniBox) which you can put any 3G/4G modem and even router. The antenna is provided with connectors - SMA-male. Included are two adapters to connect 3G/4G modems (the type of adapters to choose). The connection of modem to PC or router located in the room is via a USB extension cable. System UniBox - protects the modem from adverse weather conditions! Advantages: Universal antenna with excellent gain and operating in all high-speed standards Reliable fastening of the modem in the box Quality connectors for connection of modem and antenna Quality adapters with minimal losses Hermetically sealed Hardy and ultrafiol case material The possibility of repeated Assembly and disassembly of the box All set to launch the modem
  6. The ENH202 2.4GHz Outdoor Wireless Ethernet Bridge delivers high-performance 11n wireless speeds to 300 Mbps on the 2.4 GHz band, supporting short and long-range, PtP applications such as digital signage displays for schools, retail and hospitality, or outdoor POS systems. It is ideal for deployment in rural locations where 2.4 GHz is not as prevalent. High 29 dBm Transmit Power Extends Wireless Coverage Outdoors Focused 10 dBi Directional Antenna Beam for Long-Range Connections Industrial-Grade, IP65-Rated Housing Withstands Harsh Environments PoE-Compatible 10/100 Port & Second 10/100 Port for Connecting an IP Camera or AP
  7. ,,,dielctric constant for epoxy fiberglass=2,6....6 ,,, there are many types of material...!!!
  8. "yes it can ... !!! ,,,but the dielectric characteristic of the epoxy figerglass is to be known...!!!
  9. With * jpg file you will be not able to trace a real image to be able to drag that picture to be actually cut..!!!
  10. Double Patch Regular Polyhedron The rectangle 94*68 mm, the sides of the cutting plane 28 and 16 mm rack Diameter 6 mm. each patch has an input impedance of 100 ?, between 0.5 *Lambda of the connecting line. Obtained by parallel connection of 50 Ohms. And cool chart SWR the broadband is a patch in the form of an ellipse with eccentricity 0.8, 2 Patches of narrow-band, but with the increase of the gap band of operating frequencies increases at 0.1 Lambda reaches 10/11 %. When band gaps, increases the ability of multi-mode excitation. With the increase of the gap increases and the value of the input impedance. Based on this information, can built a patch with a gap from the reflector is 15 mm. The line length is 0.5 L, so its width is not critical. In this project its width is about 2 mm d = 1 mm The gap( between the surfaces) 15 mm width to reflector Conn. line 13 mm. the distance between the two coherent emitters choose, usually based on two criteria. Or the maximum gain, then it's 1 lambda or a little more. Or at a minimum side lobes, then it is less than lambda, about 0.7/0.8.
  11. ,,,or maybe it's better so,panel with two-band antennas...!!! ,,,but without omnidirectional polarization....!!! For which this panel antenna could be for the frequency range of 2.3-2.6GHz ... ???
  12. ,,,horizontal polarization...!!! ,,,it's good that you changed the insulating spacers...!!! ,,,I will soon present beamwidth degree...!!!
  13. ,,,no...!!! ... need different feed lines ...!!!
  14. The device is designed to provide stable access to the Internet via the USB - radio modems in the areas of uncertain reception of a signal of networks 3G (HSDPA/HSUPA/WCDMA2100) and 4G (LTE2600) of any operator. Range of working frequencies, MHz 1700...2700 Gain, dBi 12,5...15 Cable length, m 5 Overall dimensions of the antenna, mm 240x240x20 Overall connectors remover, mm 150х65х35 Set weight, not more, kg 1,5
  15. ,,, beamwidth=2412-2484MHz
  16. I think it's best to use two of them... ,,,or this...
  17. I do not know, you want a lot, why do not you look at this site, find enough antenna types...!!!
  18. "So you need two MiMo antennas, one for 2.4GHZ and one for 5.5GHz...!!!
  19. ,,for which antennas ... ???
  20. ,,, aaaa, okay, so it has separate antenna ports for both 2.4GHz and 5.5GHz respectively...!!!!
  21. "Well, but your access point has two antennas, one with vertical polarization and one with horizontal polarization... Here is a side view of the 2.4GHz antenna. Here’s the top down view of the 5GHz antenna on the MR-16 AP. Both are F-inverted antenna...!!! And what kind of antenna do you want ... and for what frequency?
  22. This patch antenna are cheap in cost, having low profile, and easy to fabricate. Patch antenna have three parts−patch, director and ground.for which it covers the entire frequency range for 2.4GHz
  23. So, it can be so...