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  1. Model #OLX19M-097130-A Frequency (MHz)5150-5825 Antenna 2 Peak Gain (dBi)13.81 VSWR2.0 : 12.0 : 1 Power (Watts) 55 Impedance (Ohms) 50 HPBW (Azimuth)30°28° HPBW (Elevation)28°34° Dimension (mm)129.5 x 120 x 5.3 Polarization Linear Connector IPEX Cable Length (mm) 160 (customized) 112 (customized) Operating Temp (C)-40~+85 Manufacturing 100% made in Taiwan
  2. This is an article edited by the user "com666", for which, I would like to thank them....!!! The range of mobile communications covers a wide frequency band. The bands LTE800, LTE900, LTE1800, LTE2600 are already used to transmit LTE signals in Russia. 3G signals are transmitted in the ranges wcdma900, wcdma2100. To receive mobile signals in these ranges you need broadband antennas. Among industrial designs, it is difficult to find simple and repetitive designs. Most often, antenna manufacturers use separate antennas for the low-frequency and high-frequency parts of the range to cover the entire range and combine them with a frequency-dependent combiner. This approach has many disadvantages, such as: The design of the antenna is much more complicated. The hardest thing to do is a filter adder. The area occupied by the antenna is increasing. Losses from summing ranges are growing. Examples of such antennas in the photo below. SHYAM Antenna for 900 + 1800 Dual Band Repeater: However, full coverage of all ranges of mobile communications is not provided. There is a need for a simple broadband design with the overlap of the entire range of mobile communications 800-1700 MHz. Here is an example of such an antenna: The antenna is a modernized broadband Batwing, 1945 patent. "Batwing Super-Turnstile Antenna US Patent Number: 2480153 Year: 1945 Inventor: Robert W. Masters Original Document: US Patent Number 2480153 " There is a mention of this antenna at Rothamel in the book "Antennas" The antenna sheet can be cut from a flat galvanized sheet, 0.7 mm in one pass with a laser cutter. Additionally, you need to solder or rivet the cables from the same material with a size of 34x14mm. The antenna uses two flat square screens: Lower 220x220, above 95x95. Specifications:
  3. ,,,try with cst2021...!!! ,,,or maybe I'd better give you the drawing ...!!!
  4. The ANTEX AX-2000 OFFSET 75 irradiator complete with an offset mirror antenna (not included) is designed to increase the range of 3G modems in the 1705-2175 MHz range . A mirror antenna with an irradiator significantly improves the quality of communication at the borders of 3G service areas. The active vibrator of the irradiator is securely hidden from precipitation and aggressive influences in a plastic case. Overall dimensions, 120x120x60mm To choose the right diameter of the "plate", refer to the following table: Antenna diameter-Resulting gain factor 0.55 m-19 dBi 0,6 m-20 dBi 0.9 m-23 dBi 1.2 m-26,5 dBi 1.5 m-28 dBi Thus, the larger the antenna diameter, the greater the gain. We recommend: use antennas of 0.55-0.9 meters, because they have a relatively small windage, use" plates " of domestic production. But you can also use any other offset antenna.
  5. ,,,see the cst*file(T-Antenna) above...!!!
  6. I do not have the dimensions of the original antenna and the impedance can adapt to 75 Ohm.
  7. ,,, this antenna could be quite good... T-Antenna.cst
  8. Technical specification for manufacture of powerful antennas and high gain exclusively for FPV needs was consistent with the known Scientific-Production Center. The centre has a serious scientific potential, SOOOOO expensive equipment, modern production base and its patented production technology. The guys have been designing and manufacturing aerials for over 15 years and know about antennas just about anything, have experience of working with domestic manufacturers of UAV, FPV, therefore, subject them in part familiar and in this respect they have certain practices. Just what we needed: 1) Create an antenna that would have a large gain, comparable with the antenna "Yagi" in the popular FPV range 1160-1280Mhz. 2) To the antenna form factor was close to a patch antenna (for ease of placement on a tripod) 3) had an adequate angle of orientation, eliminating the need to use the rotary system for tracking the model at long distances Antenna gain from a 14.7 dB at the extreme frequencies of the range 1160Mhz 1280Mhz. Not difficult to guess that the gain in the middle of this range is significantly higher (the guys understand the task "literally"). This reinforcement is "not theoretical" and measured on real devices, on average, it in two times better than any patch. 2) the Antenna has dimensions of 400х400х25мм (including the case) 3) the Angle of orientation of the antenna about 40 degrees, which is not bad. Specifications : The most effective frequency range: 1160-1280Mhz The gain in the effective frequency range: 14,7 dB VSWR: less than 1.5 Polarization: linear vertical The radiation pattern Vert/Horiz: 40/40 degrees Input impedance: 50 Ohm Connector: N-type "mother" Weight: 2kg As we can see, the antenna is a... rather strange design four groups oval active elements. Between them the special material. The reflector is a metal substrate, the active elements in each group, TWO(!!!) (instead of one in the classic patch).
  9. ,,, by the way, maybe something like that could be used as crossed dipole...
  10. No money for a factory TV antenna or have a desire to make something with your hands? Then You have an easy and quick project — antenna-butterfly. It is easy to manufacture, compact shortwave HF-antenna. It is called so because of the resemblance with a butterfly. For its production we need a copper wire with a diameter of about 2-4 mm. If the Antenna of the butterfly is done for external, that is external to the application — you can use 4 mm., and for the home (for example, to improve reception of 3G/4G or WiFi) will fit even a piece of ordinary TV coax cable 75 Ohm. The production is simple — make a rectangular frame from wire. For the theory of conical antennas Butterfly(BowTie) see this ...https://habrahabr.ru/post/328728/
  11. ,,,from Sl4va...
  12. ,,, at this biquad antenna the impedance adaptation line(on PCB) is interesting>>>>!!!!
  13. This page details the construction of a biquad antenna. The biquad antenna is easy to build, and provides a reliable 11dBi gain, with a fairly wide beamwidth. an antenna geometry of ideal biquad...
  14. Petra-9 MIMO 4x4 Unibox-2 is a 3G/4G antenna combined with a spacious sealed box (Unibox-2/Unibox-2L) in which you can place an LTE modem with support for MIMO 4x4 technology or two modems with support for MIMO 2x2 technology. The antenna is equipped with reliable connectors-SMA-male (50 ohms). Antenna adapters for connecting LTE modems are not included. The modem communicates with an indoor PC or router via a USB extension cable (USB 2.0). If the router is installed inside the box, the antenna can be equipped with a sealed PG-7 or RJ-45 pin (instead of a USB extension cable) Electrical characteristics of the PETRA-9 MIMO 4x4 UniBox-2 antenna Operating frequency range, MHz 1700÷2700 Gain factor, dBi 8,5÷10 Bottom width in the H-plane, deg 59÷82 Bottom width in the E-plane, deg 35÷57 Side lobe level, max -7 dB Decoupling between ports in the operating range, not less than 25 dB Input impedance, Ohms 50 SWR in the operating frequency range at the inputs, max. 1,5 Permissible power, W 10 Slope of polarization of received / emitted waves -45°/+45°(X-pol) Mechanical characteristics Weight of antenna, mount, box, extension cable g 1900 Bracing mast diameter 20-52 mm Operating temperature range -60°C to +80°C Overall dimensions without mounting, m 0, 24x0, 24x0, 1 Permissible wind speed, m / sec 25 Connectors 4 x SMA-male Material of the protective cover -Polycarbonate+ABS Antenna Material -Galvanized steel, brass Mounting material steel / Polycarbonate+ABS
  15. ,,, the place of these antennas is not here, try another suitable place...!!!
  16. ,,, maybe yes, but you need other distances between the biquad antenna..!!!
  17. ,,, then try to transposes this type of antenna on the frequency range 1.7-2.7 GHz...!!!
  18. Is a Russian patch-antenna for its positioning in the focus of a parabola offset... Antenna is broadband (2.3-2.7GHz) It has a circular polarization antenna.
  19. ,,,a Bester Antenna after Harry36...
  20. ,,, and these dimensions are important...
  21. ,,,a fake batwing antenna 1700-2700, 8.7-9.7 dBi @ 50 Ohm from Yurii Pylypenko (ypylypenko) wrote... ,,, and here are my results ...
  22. ,,, another situation would be if SMA connectors were attached to the REFLECT0R...!!!
  23. ,,,only if you give me all the dimensions on the antenna....!!!
  24. 4G antenna BDM-2 is a wave channel with crack initiation, and the delay line is made of sequentially installed disk elements. Compared to the classical antenna BDM , new directional antenna BDM-2 is: More gain; Improved radiation pattern; More stable operating parameters; Greater reliability; Superior mechanical characteristics. Due to the small weight, a small sail and streamlined shapes, the antenna BDM-2 can be used in almost any climatic conditions. And corrosion-resistant materials of the antenna will ensure a long maintenance-free operation even in the marine climate. Specifications 4G/LTE antenna BDM-2: Antenna type Directed Beam width H/V ° 20/20 Frequency range, MHz 2600 MHz Polarization Linear orthogonal Gain, dBi 15-17 DBi depending on frequency of execution The CWS in RAB. the frequency range, not more 1.5 Max. input power,W 50 The weight of the antenna package, gr. 910 Input impedance, Ohm 50 Overall dimensions, mm Ф90 x 500 The operating temperature range, °C -40 .. +60 Performance All-weather, all - Connector (on the case) N-female x2
  25. Harry36-user,he meant other batwings, not even batwings, but Sputnik V. Sputnik V,, put in a bucket... ,,IMAGINE...