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  1. ,,,you can do instead of 110mm to 95mm , but the gain in directivity will be lower....!!!
  2. After an idea of Vman... Sector Antenna 2442mhz.cst
  3. I think this butterfly shape is better...
  4. (DTA) is one of the best zig-zag antenna. Her canvas in contrast to the previously discussed antenna differs in that instead of two rhombuses consists of two triangular frames. The antenna pattern in the horizontal plane with no reflector is an eight The input impedance of the antenna in the receive frequency range depends on the antenna dimensions and its forms, from the placement of terminals to which is connected a coaxial cable or other transmission train, and also the location in close proximity to antennas of different construction which influence the distribution of electromagnetic field in space. In this case, the antenna is in good agreement with the coaxial cable is 75-Ohm characteristic impedance without other adaptation This antenna is made by "com666" user.
  5. ,,,good, and here we have the simulation results of these antenna...
  6. Well, congratulations,,, !!! ,,,but with the antenna of the wire how many TV stations did you catch....???
  7. Powerful broadband antenna 3G/4G/2G/Wi-Fi with support for MIMO 2x2. Strengthening 15-17,5 dBi.It is recommended to use complete with universal modems Huawei Е392,E3276(M150-1) and conventional 2G,3G and 4G modems. Panel antenna MIMO 2x2 AGATA is intended for use in complete equipment of wireless data transmission systems standards: 2G(EDGE, GPRS frequencies GSM1800) 3G (UMTS 2100) 4G (WIMAX,LTE1800, LTE2600) WI-FI (IEEE 802.11 b, g, n) in other systems the range of 1700-2700 MHz. AGATA MIMO 2x2 antenna is highly directional and ideal for use in communication systems "point to point" and "point-multipoint". Antenna is a structure of two spaced in-phase arrays with orthogonal polarizations.
  8. ,,,missing director and reflector....!!!
  9. ,,,good...!!!! ,,,yes, it is possible...!!!
  10. I guess it is useful to replay REMO versions of this antenna to which the connection is made by coaxial cable... ,,this solution does not have a uniform impedance across the frequency bandwidth...!!!
  11. PETRA BB MIMO 2x2 UniBox is an antenna combined with a large sealed box (UniBox) which you can put any 3G/4G modem and even router. The antenna is provided with connectors - SMA-male. Included are two adapters to connect 3G/4G modems (the type of adapters to choose). The connection of modem to PC or router located in the room is via a USB extension cable. System UniBox - protects the modem from adverse weather conditions! Advantages: Universal antenna with excellent gain and operating in all high-speed standards Reliable fastening of the modem in the box Quality connectors for connection of modem and antenna Quality adapters with minimal losses Hermetically sealed Hardy and ultrafiol case material The possibility of repeated Assembly and disassembly of the box All set to launch the modem
  12. ,,, a model much easier to build...
  13. Universal antenna Petra-9 MIMO 2x2 built-in professional sealed box. CRC9 connectors. F=1700-2700 MHz. GAIN=9dBi. Polarization X-pol. Standards: LTE-A, LTE1800, LTE2600, UMTS2100, WIFI. PETRA-9 MIMO 2x2 Box is the antenna combined with a large sealed box in which you can put any 3G/4G modem and even router. The antenna is provided with connectors - CRC-9. The connection of modem to PC or router located in the room is via a USB extension cable. A sealed box will protect the modem from adverse weather conditions!
  14. Well, but the antenna has nothing to gain in the directivity 16dBi , as they say...!!!! ,,,,patatua666, where you found this drawing...??? Panel 16dBi 5GHz 56x57mm
  15. That's what you ask me...!!! Material = Aluminum #4mm Isolated Spacer= plexiglass 20x25,5x40mm
  16. ,,, I think it's a better option...0,5...0,7GHz(200MHz bandwidth)
  17. ,,,to solve the problem with isolation between ports, it is necessary to execute a cross-cut to the vibrator and to place an insulating spacer...
  18. This MiMo antenna was made by the user "com666" and has a circular polarization(RHCP+LHCP)... According to simulation the antenna is good, but isolation between ports is not the best...!!!
  19. The device is designed to provide stable access to the Internet via the USB - radio modems in the areas of uncertain reception of a signal of networks 3G (HSDPA/HSUPA/WCDMA2100) and 4G (LTE2600) of any operator. Range of working frequencies, MHz 1700...2700 Gain, dBi 12,5...15 Cable length, m 5 Overall dimensions of the antenna, mm 240x240x20 Overall connectors remover, mm 150х65х35 Set weight, not more, kg 1,5
  20. ,,,it"s good...!!! Tell me, are you taking the test today?
  21. ,,,yes...!!!
  22. ,,, some portions must be added to the drawings, so that the line can be glued to the hexagonal patches...
  23. Of course, my friend....!!!