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  1. ,,,the antennas may be positioned at +/- 45 degrees...!!!
  2. (DTA) is one of the best zig-zag antenna. Her canvas in contrast to the previously discussed antenna differs in that instead of two rhombuses consists of two triangular frames. The antenna pattern in the horizontal plane with no reflector is an eight The input impedance of the antenna in the receive frequency range depends on the antenna dimensions and its forms, from the placement of terminals to which is connected a coaxial cable or other transmission train, and also the location in close proximity to antennas of different construction which influence the distribution of electromagnetic field in space. In this case, the antenna is in good agreement with the coaxial cable is 75-Ohm characteristic impedance without other adaptation This antenna is made by "com666" user.
  3. Compact sector antenna WiFi Ubiquiti airMax Sector 5G 17-90 designed for installation where the placement of a full-sized devices is not possible or desirable. This WiFi antenna is almost twice shorter than the "large" Sector airMax and weighs just over 1 kg. Despite its modest dimensions, the device has retained all the key characteristics of the family of these WiFi antennas. Ubiquiti airMax Sector 5G 17-90 has the gain of 17 dBi and a wide sweep of 90°. WiFi antenna mounts to wall or post by means of special fastenings.
  4. Yes, if you have the pleasure, you can post them here .. !!
  5. Wow, formidable, you have the dimensions?
  6. A network connects computers by means of cabling systems or wireless connectivity, specialized software, and devices that manage data traffic. http://www.rdcs.com/network-options.htm
  7. ,,yes...!!! ,,,in all of the above images, you can see the sizes of the colander...!!!
  8. Yes, it does, so it should be done...
  9. ,,,but the best solution is this...!!!
  10. After an idea of Vman... Sector Antenna 2442mhz.cst
  11. ,,,it has the wings not inclined...???
  12. ,,,the antenna is powered by the SMA port...???
  13. Yes, it can be ... !!!
  14. I think it would be better...
  15. ", another stupid thing said by the fake author...https://4pda.ru/forum/index.php?showtopic=460625&st=16940
  16. There is a so-called author on the internet who seems to want to dyce the spider antenna for wifi ... !!! He said..."Spider" does not work! (Ground Plane balun need!) What do you say, he's right ... ??? https://ypylypenko.livejournal.com/46797.html
  17. I'm working on it now...!!!
  18. RF Elements StationBox 5 GHz 17 dBi MIMO is a plastic enclosure with integrated MIMO antenna 17 dBi, in which you install cards in the routers. The case is designed to create weatherproof access points that are installed outdoors. Quality ABS plastic material the case provides reliable protection circuit Board router from moisture and sunlight. StationBox can be used at subzero temperatures. StationBox secured with plastic ties that come in the kit. To adjust the case at different angles you can buy a special mount NanoBracket. Built-in antenna 17 dBi designed to operate on the 5 GHz frequency and provides high-speed data transmission technology MIMO. To connect built-in antenna to the router using pigtails (adapters) that are purchased separately. Features Case Weight:372 g Dimensions:19 × 5 × 18.7 cm Material:ABS plastic, UV-stabilized, weatherproof Antenna Frequency:5 GHz Gain:17 dBi Technology:MIMO Compatibility MikroTik:RB411, RB411A, RB411AH, Crossroads Ubiquiti:WISPstation – possible to install 2 PCs, RouterStation, RouterStation Pro
  19. ,,,you have to wait for a new simulation at the 2,442GHz central frequency>>>!!!
  20. I think this is a good shape of the colander antenna...