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  1. By the addition of directors rings at a cantenna, can get better directivity...
  2. I don't know, maybe a maximum of 6km with a height of 3m and with direct visibility....???!!!!
  3. 4G antenna BDM-2 is a wave channel with crack initiation, and the delay line is made of sequentially installed disk elements. Compared to the classical antenna BDM , new directional antenna BDM-2 is: More gain; Improved radiation pattern; More stable operating parameters; Greater reliability; Superior mechanical characteristics. Due to the small weight, a small sail and streamlined shapes, the antenna BDM-2 can be used in almost any climatic conditions. And corrosion-resistant materials of the antenna will ensure a long maintenance-free operation even in the marine climate. Specifications 4G/LTE antenna BDM-2: Antenna type Directed Beam width H/V ° 20/20 Frequency range, MHz 2600 MHz Polarization Linear orthogonal Gain, dBi 15-17 DBi depending on frequency of execution The CWS in RAB. the frequency range, not more 1.5 Max. input power,W 50 The weight of the antenna package, gr. 910 Input impedance, Ohm 50 Overall dimensions, mm Ф90 x 500 The operating temperature range, °C -40 .. +60 Performance All-weather, all - Connector (on the case) N-female x2
  4. The BDM-2 is a wave channel with crack initiation, and delay line is made of sequentially installed disk elements. Compared to classic antenna BDM new directed antenna BDM-2 is: More gain; Improved radiation pattern; More stable operating parameters; Greater reliability; Superior mechanical characteristics.
  5. Here are some quick notes about the parabolic type dish antennas you might find. The actual antenna is a normal half wave dipole with an integrated balun and is located inside the sealed plastic cover. The mesh screen is the reflector which concentrates the RF energy onto the antenna. That is how dish antennas increase the received or transmitted power level. Also, wireless cable service providers frown upon giving away their used dishes as they think you're going to steal cable service.
  6. ,,, attention...!!! aluminum cannot be tinned (welded)..!!! ,,,the vibrator and the reflector can be made of copper sheet (galvanized sheet) and the directors of aluminum...!!!
  7. ,,,yes, it seems that this dipole with circular reflector is good....!!!
  8. ,,,the dimensions of this are not clear...the dimensions are in inches and the wavelength in centimeters...??? ,,,a very old book, it can help someone... 12 - Microwave Antenna Theory and Design.pdf
  9. ,,,old trash...!!!
  10. DavidER ,,, something like these would be...
  11. yagi

  12. ,,,by Harry36 user.... For manufacturing, you will need galvanized iron with a thickness of 0.5 mm (no more, this is due to the height of the patch above the reflector), two SMA connectors, an M8 bolt, an M8 nut, an aluminum pipe with a diameter of 8 mm, and foamed PVC. The design is relatively easy for home production, even a round element of this diameter will not be difficult to cut with metal scissors. Follow all the dimensions and recommendations as accurately as possible and you will have a great antenna.
  13. ,,,okay, I'll try to satisfy your desire...!!!
  14. ,,,okay, I will try to satisfy your request...!!!
  15. ,,,do you want something like that...???
  16. The antenna is intended for reception of TV channels 21-60 KAPPA.cst
  17. ,,,here you can find some schemes of WiFi amplifiers...https://vrtp.ru/index.php?act=categories&article=3393&CODE=article ,,,and another 2.4 GHz amplifier scheme...
  18. Universal antenna Petra-9 MIMO 2x2 built-in professional sealed box. CRC9 connectors. F=1700-2700 MHz. GAIN=9dBi. Polarization X-pol. Standards: LTE-A, LTE1800, LTE2600, UMTS2100, WIFI. PETRA-9 MIMO 2x2 Box is the antenna combined with a large sealed box in which you can put any 3G/4G modem and even router. The antenna is provided with connectors - CRC-9. The connection of modem to PC or router located in the room is via a USB extension cable. A sealed box will protect the modem from adverse weather conditions!
  19. Main technical specifications 1. Frequency Range: 2400MHz 5G 5800mhz 2.VSWR:<= 1,5 3. Gain: 10 dBi (max.) 4. Vertical polarization 5. Maxlmum Input Power: 50W 6. Connector Type: RP-SMA plug/SMA plug 7. Length: 19.5 cm 8. It is widely used for wireless transmitter and wireless receiver. Such as AP, WLAN ,WIFI router, WIFI adapter. 9. Advantage: Nickel-plated has excellent quality in solubility, conductivity and stability in metal. 10. It has two colors, you choose black or white. Thanks.
  20. It was interesting to design a small and lightweight antenna from available materials for FPV. After looking at what is available in household stores, I decided to stop at zinc/brass for the antenna elements and a canister cover as a radom. And so everything is in order - as it seemed to me, a lid from paint cans / mounting foam / air fresheners is perfect for radom. Its diameter is 77 mm external and 84 mm internal. Height from 12 to 40 mm. Material-polypropylene. Based on this, the dimensions of the entire structure were selected. you will need brass / galvanized 0.25 mm thick, brass tube diameter 4 mm external (wall thickness 0.25 mm), screw m3 -40 mm. cap nut m3, SMA connector, pipe cutter, metal scissors, drills with a diameter of 1.4 and 3 mm. The reflector is made of sardine cans. General view of the structure and results:
  21. If you like pate, do not throw the covers, are good, to manufacture circular antenna patches
  22. Antenna for digital TV is no different from antennas for analog TV. choose from a large Ku. Specify which channels are broadcasting UHF. the antenna should cover the range(500-800MHz). This is a realization of VodkaMan friend. Some improvements for this type af patch antenna UHF: Mounting studs M6 with nuts and washers. Line powering with ramps instead of fillets (I think smarter). Reflector rectangular 340mmx290mm, the distance between studs 120mm. Patch - 208mmx208mm truncated cylinder 214mm installed at a height of 65 mm (the gap). Director - 173.6 mm in diameter, at a height of 95.5 mm from the reflector (the gap). Material - galvanized 0.5 mm.
  23. TP-Link CPE210/220 is a 2.4Ghz outdoor access point similar to Ubiquiti NanoStations. There is also a 5GHz Version of this AP, the TP-Link CPE510/520. The device has a built-in 12dBi 2x2 dual-polarized directional MIMO antenna with a beamwidth of 65° (H-Plane) and 35° (E-Plane)
  24. 5.8 GHz 17dB High Gain AAT Automatic Antenna Tracker for HD FPV RC Racing Drone Product Description: Model: 5.8 GHz 17dB AAT Automatic Antenna Tracker Frequency Range: 5150-5950mhz Input impedance: 50Ω VSWR at surface level: <1.5 Antenna Gain: 17dBi HPBW (3dB): 16 ° H-plane 38 ° E-plane F/B:> 20 (dB) Max Power: 50W Polarization: Vertical polarization Connector Type: RP-SMA Static protection: DC ground Antenna Length (AAT): 30 cm Size: 136*68*10 mm Weight: 57g (Manual)/47g (AAT) Package included 1x5. 8 GHz 17 dB high gain
  25. After an idea of Vman... Sector Antenna 2442mhz.cst