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  1. ,,, put some pictures, if you want ... !!
  2. Clanon,,,, good job, but I don't know if you respected the F-dipole connection...!!!
  3. ,,, yeam,, thank you for your post,but you can give the dimensions more clearly because it is not distinguished on your images..!!! ,,, these dimensions are good(in mm) ... ???
  4. Powerful broadband antenna 3G/4G/2G/Wi-Fi with support for MIMO 2x2. Strengthening 15-17,5 dBi.It is recommended to use complete with universal modems Huawei Е392,E3276(M150-1) and conventional 2G,3G and 4G modems. Panel antenna MIMO 2x2 AGATA is intended for use in complete equipment of wireless data transmission systems standards: 2G(EDGE, GPRS frequencies GSM1800) 3G (UMTS 2100) 4G (WIMAX,LTE1800, LTE2600) WI-FI (IEEE 802.11 b, g, n) in other systems the range of 1700-2700 MHz. AGATA MIMO 2x2 antenna is highly directional and ideal for use in communication systems "point to point" and "point-multipoint". Antenna is a structure of two spaced in-phase arrays with orthogonal polarizations.
  5. * Communicate with GSM 850 900 1800 1900 2100 2600 signal repeater * Indoor ceiling Installation * Frequency range: 800 ~ 2700mhz Internal antenna * Operating system: 2G 3g 4G LTE CDMA GSM DCS WCDMA network signal LTE2600 * High quality (1 year warranty) * Antenna gain: 3dBi * Connector: N male * Cable length: 2 meters
  6. Planar microstrip antenna arrays have conformal nature andgood directivity. However, they have low efficiency because or feed network losses and higher cross-polar radiation from the feed network. Reflector antennas provide high gain but their curved reflecting surfaces and large weight are disadvantages.To mitigate the above problems, space-fed microstrip antenna arrays have been proposed.
  7. Compact sector antenna WiFi Ubiquiti airMax Sector 5G 17-90 designed for installation where the placement of a full-sized devices is not possible or desirable. This WiFi antenna is almost twice shorter than the "large" Sector airMax and weighs just over 1 kg. Despite its modest dimensions, the device has retained all the key characteristics of the family of these WiFi antennas. Ubiquiti airMax Sector 5G 17-90 has the gain of 17 dBi and a wide sweep of 90°. WiFi antenna mounts to wall or post by means of special fastenings.
  8. I was looking for a design that promised reasonable gain without excessive size. The short backfire antenna is not a common antenna, promised 20dBi and looked easy to build. Several designs were found and analysed which did reveal a few discrepancies which seem now that been resolved. A quick look at the finished antenna shows a 'cake tin' style base fed with a elliptical patch as vibrator and a waveguide as sub-reflector.
  9. ,,,simply omni-directional...
  10. The design is an elementary collinear antenna and does not require additional explanations. The dimensions are shown in the photos,..
  11. ,,, and I think in the future I will do a simulation with this added yagi antenna...
  12. The high quality Patch antenna for 5.8GHz receiver. Can increase the range of 5.8GHz transmitter
  13. I think this connection between ports is not the right one....!!!
  14. General information of the indoor antenna " REMO BAS-5106 RADAR» The REMO BAS-5106 RADAR TV antenna is designed for receiving television programs in the frequency band 174...862 MHz (channels 6 to 69 MV and DMV). The antenna receives analog and digital TV signals in DVB-T/DVB-T2 format. Depending on the design, the antenna can be active or passive. The built-in active antenna amplifier can receive power either via a coaxial cable directly from a digital receiver (receiver) or a TV with a DVB-T2 tuner (model REMO BAS-5106 RADAR), or from a USB injectorthat can be connected to the TV's USB port or power supply unit with USB output. Main technical characteristics of " REMO BAS-5106 RADAR» * Antenna placement: indoor; * Antenna type: Broadband TV antenna; * Gain, max., dBi, 6-12 channels: 15; * Gain, max., dBi, 21-69 channels: 26; * Wave resistance, Ohms: 75; * Package dimensions, mm: 265×240x35; * Weight, not more than, kg: 0.35; * Cable length, m: 1.2; * Amplifier and power supply: Yes; * Power supply voltage, V: 5. Scope of delivery "REMO BAS-5106 RADAR» * Antenna Assembly, PCs. - 1 * Injector*, PCs. - 1 * Warranty card, PCs. -1 * Packing, PCs. - 1 * - for the antenna model " REMO BAS-5106USB RADAR» Appearance and overall dimensions of the "REMO BAS-5106 RADAR" antenna» It is worth noting that the appearance of the antenna is non-standard, and indeed resembles a radar.
  15. ,,, of course, you can't see ... !!! ???
  16. ,,, where do you see insulators at the wings of the box ... ???
  17. A method to improve the gain of axial-mode helical antenna is proposed. This method involves a parasitical circular metal disk,which is installed on the front of general axial-mode helical antenna and is apart from the helical line. A circular current whose phase lags behind that of helical line current appears,which brings a more concentrated radiation field. Consequently,the antenna gain is improved, Based on the simulation results,an antenna array model fed independently is proposed.This model gives an excellent explanation of the radiation characteristic of helical antenna, Both the simulation and experiment results show that for obtaining the same gain,the antenna length in this new method is only 71% of that in traditional helical antenna.The reduction of antenna length favors the miniaturisation of antenna. In addition, this method has a little effect on the bandwidth of antenna, so it can be widely used in the design of helical antenna element and array.
  18. This MiMo antenna was made by the user "com666" and has a circular polarization(RHCP+LHCP)... According to simulation the antenna is good, but isolation between ports is not the best...!!!
  19. TP-Link CPE510/520 is a 5 GHz outdoor access point similar to Ubiquiti NanoStations. There is also a 2.4 GHz Version of this AP, the TP-Link CPE210/220. The device has a built-in 13 dBi 2x2 dual-polarized directional MIMO antenna with a beamwidth of 45° (H-Plane) and 30° (E-Plane). Installation 1,Connect the TP-Link CPE510 with your computer via ethernet 2,Set the IP address of your computer to with a subnetmask of 3,Open your browser, go to and accept the invalid certificate 4,Log in with user "admin" and password "admin", change the password in the next step 5,Go to the "System" tab and upload the OpenWrt firmware in the "Firmware Update" section and select "Restore" in the dialog promted the filename is limited to a length of 68 characters (as of: "1.3.0 Build 20150612 Rel. 50997", the real limit seems to be 80 characters - including the implicite prefix "C:\fakepath\") 6,Follow official OpenWrt setup instructions (e.g. IP address of the device is now
  20. We've shared tons of ways to boost your home Wi-Fi, but if you need something a bit more powerful, this DIY antenna can stretch your wireless network much further. Simply use this sardine cane box from which the cover is used for patch antenna... This box is ideal for the construction of antennas in the 5 GHz band and beyond...
  21. Efficient feed for offset reflector antennas for 4G networks (LTE1800) support MIMO technology. F=1.7-1.9 GHz, the Resulting KU with reflector up to 27dBi. Connector type - N-female (50 Ohm). Own gain, dBi=9-10 The width of the days in the H-plane by level -10dB, hail=110÷120 Width days in E-ploskosti level -10dB, hail=90÷96 Isolation between inputs of the antenna, not less, dB=28 Input impedance, Ohm=50 SWR in the frequency range, not more=1,5 Polarization...vertical+horizontal