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  1. i asked you a questions above respond on them and i will show you when i have answers about my questions and i will show you the result of the build !!!!!!!!
  2. can i replace the dielectric cylinder in plastic tube in this case? be cause im using the device patch and the hyperbolic can be flat ?
  3. exactly !!!! can i make this with 60ghz ? how much percent i will gain ? how much more distance to ?
  4. like thiss
  5. device on the right and the small circle reflector on the left .------> reflect to the parabola
  6. yessssssssssss that what im talking about the small green board i will make it in the focus of parabola butt with 2 reflector ( small aluminium circle facing the parabola )
  7. Can i make this way ? the antenna small green board i will attach it to centre of dish and the small green board will be faced to small aluminium circle reflector , so the small aluminium circle reflector will also be faced the big circle dish
  8. reflectror thickness 2 mm vibrator to reflectror 3mm
  9. from fr3 pcb board 1 layer
  10. haha i didnt understand nothing just answer yes or no can we make dish for 60ghz ? and if you can send me photo or dimensions
  11. dear alll does someone know how to make a good antenna for 60 Ghz ????? mikrotik has made 3 devices work on 60 ghz frequencyy sxt sq lite 60 lhg 60ghz wireless wire 60 ghz ((((max distance is 1km )))) can we make antenna parabolic dish for 60 ghz ? or patch with very small beamwidth angle ?