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  1. Yesterday
  2. ,,,OKAY,THANKS A LOT...!!
  3. What i can do for you? Check rutraker.appspot.com, register, type in Inventor, get the torent... I didn’t understand, because it were you, who showed me this way 4 ears ago. If you need help for translation, I’m always at your disposal.
  4. ,,, Vman, I do not realize why you do not understand that I do not have such a program and I would like to install it on my computer...!!!!
  5. Ok. Fist step made. And?
  6. Vman, I am sorry that you did not understand but I want o install this program...
  7. Admin, don’t you think it’s a stupid game? You want me to give you something i want!!! Give me a brake, say what you want! Or better draw it.
  8. ,,, as you want,something simpler .... !!!
  9. Last week
  10. I don’t get you, Admin. File to download the program? It can be found in the net. Some one I did? Clarify which one.
  11. ,,,which, do you think is the best ... !!!!
  12. Which one do oyu mean?
  13. Vman,you can give me the file for Autodesk Inventor program...????
  14. I''s a pitty. Thank you, Admin.
  15. ,,,only in Frequency Domain Solver it is Tetrahedral Mesh Type...!!!
  16. Raul, this sector antenna is very interesting, if you have one, I would be interested in more details and dimensions....!!!
  17. Total oouter diameter of circle: 61.999 mm Wire lenght : 747.687 mm
  18. Design of Coil antenna Coil inner diameter: 6 mm Number of turns: 7 turn Wire Diameter: 1 mm Spacing between turns: 3 mm Admin can you simulate this design in CST? I think this design is match to the wave vibration.
  19. Admin, is there an abillity to use tetrahedral mesh in Time Domain setup?
  20. Is there something special?
  21. ,,,if you want, I can give you SP3...!!!
  22. But CST works. I assume it is not SP3, but I don't care, if it fully funtional.
  23. ,,,search...https://www.google.com/search?q=win10-+Turning+Off+Windows+Defender&oq=win10-+Turning+Off+Windows+Defender&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8
  24. So, first you read, than instal, only after that you do what is writtem in Readme.txt:) And i did it!!! The only poin is, that i can't find Update Manager...
  25. I think it would be good to read Readme.txt first...!!!
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