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  2. ,,,this is real...
  3. Is this version really good?
  4. Yesterday
  5. ,,,yes, it seems that this antenna works, but it is still narrowband...
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  8. The AX-2020P panel antenna with a sealed box for a USB 3G modem is a ready-made solution for amplifying the UMTS2100 signal (WCDMA, HSPA, etc.). Electrical characteristics of the antenna Operating frequency range, MHz1900÷2180 Gain factor, dBi 19÷20 Bottom width in the H-plane, deg-16÷18 Bottom width in the E-plane, deg-16÷18 Side lobe level, dB max-13 Forward / backward ratio, dB24 Input impedance, Ohms-50 SWR in the operating frequency range, max.1,5 Permissible power, W50 Polarisationvertical/horizontal/inclined Mechanical characteristics Weight of antenna, mount, box, extension cable g-4480 Overall dimensions without mounting, m 0.45x0.45x0.105 Internal dimensions of the sealed box, mm not less 184x135x60 Connector SMA-male Antenna Material steel, galvanized steel Protective coating-powdered polymer paint Antenna protection box and box material-polycarbonate
  9. Last week
  10. ,,,this it"s okay...???
  11. ,,okay, I will try...!!! I use cst.
  12. How can you simulate these suitable for 2.4ghz frequency Do you use software for calculations?
  13. Earlier
  14. ,,,hi buddy...!!! ,,,install version 2024...!!!
  15. Hi i want this file in CST version 2022 is it possible for anyone here?
  16. ,,, yes, it is possible, but with other dimensions...!!!
  17. Does it work on 6ghz frequency?
  18. I don't have the file but in the future I will be able to give you the dimensions.
  19. can you give to us the all te dimensions of the antenna?
  20. How is it made? i know coaxial COCO only : (reasembling 1800MHz antenna to 1296MHz
  21. ,,, two cables at 120 degrees can also be used...!!!
  22. is this use one cable?? or two cables??
  23. I think you can try a Bester antenna from this post.
  24. hi admin i want to make an antena for 1800 MHz. what is the best option? which antena can best signal speed 1800 vs 900 ?. thank you
  25. ,,,to make the simulation easier, you can leave air space...!!!
  26. sir iam designing a omni antenna in HFSS, should i include this spacer material or can i give gap(empty space)?, thanks in advance sir.
  27. this is alternative to circles? nice thanks. can you give me the dimensions? and if its possible dimensions for circle one for 3570mhz if it's different with 3400 that you post before.
  28. ,,,anyway, this is quite small... 150x230mm
  29. 3d-corner easy to build this antenna maybe hard to cut circles, maybe not... the Easyest way for you is to try to use your quados
  30. ok maybe i build both and compare them... just give me the diameter of the wire in your design please. tnx
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