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  2. Rotating the antenna kind of works, I get a lesser signal (-74dBm), but a much lower retry rate (120%) and watching a 360p video is now clearly possible. I will keep it like that for the moment. Building an antenna sounds fun, but I don't have any tools at the moment. I will save your schematics though, thanks ! What are the specs of the one on top ? Is it a directional or omnidirectional antenna ?
  3. ,,, it can be 9 dBi...!!! ,,,but try to rotate the antenna 45 degrees horizontally and change the position in different places...!!!
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  5. The specification says it's 9dB, but I don't know about real case usage. Anyway, I'm not convinced that a better antenna would be a solution since I already have a pretty good signal (I don't know about the router though ...). I was thinking this is a problem caused by the distance (packets have to travel to much time and this delay causes the devices to think the packets were lost). Why do you believe a better antenna could be a solution ?
  6. The antenna (TP-link ANT2409A),has only 6 dBi gain in directivity, try a stronger antenna made by you .. !!!
  7. ,,, the material used for antennas does not have much influence...!!! ,,,usually used galvanized sheet, covered with Rilsan (or a coat of paint)...!!!
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  9. Hello everyone ! I am kind of new in this forum, this is my first post, but I have been lurking a lot these last few days. I wanted to describe you a small project of mine and some problems I have been having. Maybe my project could give some ideas to others and/or maybe you could have an idea to solve the problems I currently have. So I am currently living in a small apartment in a medium density residential area (some small building and individual houses around). When I arrived here I noticed there was a public access wifi (in which you had to enter some identification), since it was working quite well I didn't bother to pay for an internet connection. The first problem was that the signal was quite low (depending on where I was in my apartment I couldn't connect) and I had to enter a password every 2 hours... I solved this by placing a raspberry pi in a specific corner in my apartment and programming it to check the connection every 10 seconds and automatically send my credentials to connect if no internet was available. This worked very well for a few months, but a few weeks ago the wifi I was using for this went offline... To solve this I bought a better receptor (Alfa AWUS036NH) and a better antenna (TP-link ANT2409A), boosted the transmission to 30dBm (1W) and pointed the antenna to another building. And it worked ! I had internet again ! But I noticed the speed of the connection was much slower than before it's usable, but it's very very slow ... I can barely watch a 360p video without lag ... So now that I presented my project I am exposing my problem. I have a quite good signal (-70dBm), and since my transmission is made with 1W, the router should not have any problem in receiving my packets, but I have a very high rate of TX retries (300%). I tried to move the antenna a bit, but nothing seems to change this. I also tried to block the transmission rate at a lower bitrate (5.5MBit) hoping that it would solve my problem, but again no change ... Does someone has an idea on why my setup is not working correctly ? (I attached a screenshot of the main information of the connection)
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  11. I'm currently in the process of buying a new phone (I really need one) but I'm considering waiting 6 months – a year for the 5g phones that will be released in that time frame (s10 5g and others). I was just wondering whether it's worth taking 5g compatibility into account at this stage when buying a phone. I'm aware that CBD areas would most certainly have access to 5g first, and even those areas likely won't have it until the latter part of 2019. I live in Victoria in a suburb somewhat close to the CBD (around 30 min drive away). Is there any information regarding how long I should expect to wait for full access to 5g in my area? If not, thoughts? If longer than 2 years, I'd likely stick to buying a new 4g phone for now. https://youtu.be/UkBzbBDvhhk
  12. when simulating with CST what material does the simulation use?
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  14. Port 2 is not getting to 20...i'm working on it...TOO MANY stubs and LONG feed lines... Is the one on the left
  15. ,,, it's good, and the other port ... ??? ,,, put the simulation ... !!!
  16. What ya think...? JOMY Port 1 (middle port)
  17. Please what is the design for square plates
  19. this is similar Polyurethane with aluminum film... https://youtu.be/9nA0PBCHiOg?t=245 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yv1pV2r-HPs
  20. video link...? or antenna name model...?
  21. ,,, sorry, but I don't know ... !!!
  22. ,,, I don't know how to do it, I posted something like that before, so there are three -four posts with Antena Nitsa .. !!!
  23. It would be good if this simple version were tested as well....!!!
  24. ,,,no,I think that the director's clearance, it"s not taken into account in the model when calculating...!!!
  25. The front director frame has a cut / gap in the middle of the bottom of the square. The gap in the cut is about 1.5-2 mm. The gap is closed with a plastic holder. This is to widen the band. Was the director's clearance taken into account in the model when calculating? http://dvbpro.ru/obzor-komnatnoy-antenny-troynoy-kvadrat-signal-3-0/
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