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  1. For the production of conical-will be hard for home-made. better - without conical
  2. can this patch antenna be used for offset parabolic antenna?
  3. this is the American standard. we don't have these nuts. No in Europe.
  4. нужного размера очень тяжело найти в компьютерах - поэтому лучше искать и покупать на алиэкспресс the right size is very hard to find in computers - so it's better to look and buy on aliexpress Like this
  5. on the irradiator Antex is used 6mm. I use 4.7 mm. other I have no...I buy on aliexpress
  6. тольщина патчей - 0.7мм. Но, мне не нравится этот облучатель. Я ищу 1700-2200 MIMO the thickness of the patches is 0.7mm. But, I do not like this irradiator. I am looking for 1700-2200 MIMO
  7. Да ... Да ... Да ... Отлично! Jomy, у тебя отличная антенна! Я собираюсь приготовить эту антенну. Спасибо, Jomy! У меня хороший лазерный разрез. ,,, Yes ... Yes ... Yes ... Great! Jomy, you have a great antenna! I'm going to make this antenna. Thank jomy I have a good laser cut.
  8. I'm not talking about the irradiator. I mean, like this antenna..panel....240 mm
  9. аBut the firm Antex puts the reflector 240 cm
  10. this antenna is what 2400-2500 gain Wi Fi ? I need maximum gain at that frequency of .
  11. thanks, Jomy! Great project! I have a good job. But I got a little bit off that antenna. Here is such a dish will work ? Really need broadband, no MIMO