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  1. Диапазон частот, МГц 790-960/1700÷2700 Усиление, (дБ)4÷7.0 Входное/выходное сопротивление, Ом50 Поляризация вертикальная Кабель в комплект3м
  2. Antenna Anteks Vika-24F MIMO General information Panel antenna Vika-24F MIMO is intended for use in complete equipment of wireless data transmission systems standards: 4G (LTE1800, LTE2600) 3G (UMTS 2100) 2G (GSM1800) WI-FI (IEEE 802.11 b, g, n) Electrical characteristics Operating frequency range, MHz 1700÷2700 Gain, dBi 2 x 21÷24 Width days, hail 8÷14 The sidelobe level, dB <-18 The ratio of forward/reverse, dB>20 Input impedance, Ohm 75 The CWS in the range of 3G/4G/WIFI, not more than 1.9 Isolation between ports, dB, More than 25÷30 Power handling, watts 10 Polarization Vertical + horizontal X-pol Mechanical antenna characteristics Weight with mount, g Overall dimensions, mm 800 x 800 x 540 Connectors 2 x F-female Antenna material Galvanized steel, aluminum The protective box material ABS+polycarbonate Operating temperature range -40 .... +60°C Standards support ?????GSM900(2G), GSM1800(2G), UMTS900(3G), UMTS2100(3G), LTE800(4G), LTE850(4G), LTE1800(4G), LTE2600(4G) Type ispolnennaya parabolic Operating frequency range 1700 — 2700 MHz Gain 24dB Gain range,21-24 dB Connectors for ??????F-female Operating temperature range -40 .... +60°C Material galvanized sheet, steel, aluminum Material of protective polycarbonate Dimensions (length, width, height) 800 × 800 × 540 mm Weight 4760 g Equipment Antenna Vika-MIMO 24 in the exploded view, the attachment point on the mast, installation instructions, packaging (carton+polyethylene) Manufacturer Antex
  3. Да, из этого видео Yes, from this video
  4. Panel antenna MONA Unibox PRO with sealed box 3G/4G USB modem is the ready solution for signal amplification LTE800/GSM900/GSM1800/UMTS900/UMTS2100/WIFI2400/LTE2600. Electrical characteristics Operating frequency range, MHz790÷960/1700÷2700 Gain, dBi 8÷9/10÷15 Width of DN in the horizontal plane, deg 27÷68 Days width, in vertical plane, deg 26÷68 The ratio of forward/back, dB13÷20 The sidelobe level, dB<-13 Input impedance, Ohm50 SWR in the frequency range, not more1,8 Permissible power watts10 Polarization vertical+horizontal or X-pol Mechanical characteristics Weight with mount, g 2300 Overall dimensions, m 0,3x0,3x0,165 Internal dimensions sealed box, mm not less than 210x160x65Connectors 2 x SMA-male, USB, SIM Mthe material of the antennasteel, galvanized steel Material of protective box ABS+polycarbonate Working temperatures IP67 Mona_Unibox_Pro.pdf
  5. Budget universal antenna Petra Lite Box c the dustproof and splashproof housing for 3G/4G USB modem. CRC9 connectors. F=1700-2700 MHz. GAIN=9dBi. Polarization X-pol. Standards: LTE-A, LTE1800, LTE2600, UMTS2100, WIFI.
  6. It is clear you used computer racks on which the motherboard is installed.
  7. Подскажите толщину стоек. Я нашлол от приборов.чтобы меньше их переделывать. Нет поблизости токаря. Tell me the thickness of the racks. I found it from devices. To reduce them less. There is no nearby turner. Tell me the thickness of the racks. I have these.they probably will be able to come up with some small alterations.there's no lathe in the vicinity.:-)
  8. so says the developer https://kroks.ru/shop/antenny-gsm-3g-4g-wifi/panel-antenna-3g-18-db-kp18-2050-modem/