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  1. yagi

    that black thing is just glue to make it more stable
  2. yagi

    I finished making my antenna guys and it's working . is there any thing i can improves it with like adding something Pringles can maybe ??
  3. i asked him for the cst file and he gave me picture lol. i don't know how to use cst that's why i want the premade file
  4. I searched every sing thread but i didn't find . please just share the file if you have it
  5. i searched everywhere but I didn't find it can you share it with me please i really need it
  6. do you have the simulation model for this antenna can you share it with me please
  7. @Admin i finished the construction and i isolated the driven element . is everything correct??
  8. can you please explain more
  9. done and it's working. i saw in a YouTube video that we can upgrade this antenna by isolating the driven elements from the others is that true ???
  10. and also can i use this cable thanks i already made a normal circular one can now tell me where should i solder the coax cable and the ground on it
  11. hi man sorry to bother you again i was cutting the elements to 37mm but i missed them now they're all 35mm . I'm thinking to change to this antenna is it working (32mm) ???? can you please explain more it's my first time now the director can be made from aluminum but what about the reflector? lol why i asked if i can make it with aluminum?? no dimensions for that part . how to make it ?
  12. can you please give me any good yagi antenna diagram with rectangle elements not circular
  13. ok and what about about the antenna the measurements are good ?
  14. no this picture is from openwrt forum