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  1. Yagi

    I have tried to install the YAGI TXR185 antenna with 3 driven, but the results are not satisfactory, it only works on 4G 900mhz and 1800mhz frequencies. unlike the antenna that I posted above by using any modem the signal is still good and can capture 4G 900mhz, 1800mhz and 2100mhz 3G frequencies.
  2. Yagi

    Yes, my friend, this antenna uses a 75ohm RG6 cable. can you show how to design this antenna and what software is good to use?
  3. Yagi

    For extensive research on this antenna one end connected to the other so between copper and other coppers, connected to each other
  4. Yagi

    that's what I hope, hope you guys can solve this mystery?
  5. Yagi

    this is a picture I did the antenna installation at a height of 21 meters. and below there is no signal at all.
  6. Yagi

    wait, i will try to test copper pipe with multitester. yes this antenna does look strange but the gain is very good for areas far from the signal range of 4G LTE / 3G.
  7. Yagi

    Okay, you are welcome just info that the antenna has a cable length of up to 30 meters and I often use it in areas far from the reach of the Base Transceiver Station tower. even though it looks like there is no service on my cellphone, with this antenna I get 3 bars of 3G 2100mhz and 4G 900mhz / 1800mhz networks.
  8. Yagi

  9. Yagi

  10. Yagi

    The driven is not in contact with the boom, because there is a plastic case blocking it
  11. Yagi

    The image is clearer and closer
  12. Yagi

    okay thanks for greeting me, here I will provide information about this antenna. I hope the admin can help me in making simulations and parameters for the Yagi calculator, so that I can make antennas of this type with different sizes.
  13. Yagi

    thanks friends for the information, I am an antenna installer and I want to learn in the process of making an antenna for a cellular network.
  14. You can try this Antena, In my Country this one is best ever Antenna Yagi Extreme 3 Dual Driven - Modeling antennas - WIFI Antennas (wifi-antennas.com)
  15. Yagi

    Hi, I from Indonesia my friends. and you where you come from?