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  1. I made this antenna that receives the signal from a distance of 14.8 kilometers. There is no direct visibility, there is high ground on the way.
  2. Yes, my friend modem knows how to work with different antennas.
  3. Yes, it will be a very interesting design. Does it contain MIMO ?
  4. I think ALANSY needs two different antennas, one for 1855 MHz and one for 1760 MHz. These two antennas are connected to different connectors of the modem will increase the speed of communication.
  5. On sale there are different versions of this model.I would like to clarify, version V3 has any restrictions in the system WiFislax?
  6. Oh... as we want details......
  7. I think the thickness of the material is not that critical. I used galvanized steel with thickness 0.2 mm for the vibrator and the Director, reflector in galvanized steel with thickness of 0.5 mm.
  8. I have this design works well. Does the SMA connector match the connector on the router? If so, I don't know what can be changed.
  9. Buddy... want details, if not difficult ?
  10. My friend, please explain how to properly power this design. I don't understand at all.
  11. Thanks, buddy...!!! This project, I think, will be interesting to all users of our forum!
  12. If the matching lines are made of copper wire, it is quite possible.
  13. This design is not difficult to repeat. Method to balance the four elements in future antenna I don't know.
  14. The height of the M6 nut was 5 mm. Wiping it, I achieved the thickness of the nut 4.7 mm, more precisely I can not measure.
  15. I was a bit hasty, but the Director can be cut to size in the drawing. And... that's what happened, the test will come when my 4G modem.
  16. Is this design change acceptable for the 2600 MHz frequency?
  17. Hello friends! I am sure that on this forum there are people engaged in this fascinating hobby flights from the first person. I'm here to discuss issues related to FPV. Question one: which models do you prefer? I like flying wings.
  18. My friend, Directors of different forms can be tested on one antenna, they are elementary change. So I'm ready to test any form !
  19. yagi

    This antenna with circular polarization? Left or right?
  20. Recently, the development of FPV fans from Poland, radar based on LORA modules has been gaining popularity. It is attractive price and the ability to customize the system for their needs. The link to the project. http://qczek.beyondrc.com/qczek-lrs-433mhz-1w-lora-rc-link/
  21. To maintain the theme, a screenshot of the Don river in Russia from a bird's eye view.
  22. I came to the conclusion that for a better cut of polystyrene foam, a gravitational foam cutter is needed. Above I laid out an example. Foam cut from the video above is needed for small parts. Here is another example.
  23. This is a good device, but it is needed for good quality video shooting, so its price is huge over $ 1000. For a hobby this is very expensive.
  24. When you do not have a FPV model .........