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  1. On sale there are different versions of this model.I would like to clarify, version V3 has any restrictions in the system WiFislax?
  2. Oh... as we want details......
  3. I think the thickness of the material is not that critical. I used galvanized steel with thickness 0.2 mm for the vibrator and the Director, reflector in galvanized steel with thickness of 0.5 mm.
  4. I have this design works well. Does the SMA connector match the connector on the router? If so, I don't know what can be changed.
  5. Buddy... want details, if not difficult ?
  6. My friend, please explain how to properly power this design. I don't understand at all.
  7. Thanks, buddy...!!! This project, I think, will be interesting to all users of our forum!
  8. If the matching lines are made of copper wire, it is quite possible.
  9. This design is not difficult to repeat. Method to balance the four elements in future antenna I don't know.
  10. The height of the M6 nut was 5 mm. Wiping it, I achieved the thickness of the nut 4.7 mm, more precisely I can not measure.
  11. I was a bit hasty, but the Director can be cut to size in the drawing. And... that's what happened, the test will come when my 4G modem.
  12. Is this design change acceptable for the 2600 MHz frequency?
  13. My friend, Directors of different forms can be tested on one antenna, they are elementary change. So I'm ready to test any form !
  14. yagi

    This antenna with circular polarization? Left or right?