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  1. I take the model from this topic and I change the materials to Al with some modification. antena_ns2 on Al.cst
  2. What changes should I make to the antenna? (mechanically) when my simulation results are slightly higher off from the center of frequency. thanks.
  3. I did a simulation using FR4 as vibrator and 0.5 mm alluminium as reflector and the efficiency is just bad. maybe some modification on vibrator dimensions is needed. 14 dbi panel antenna 2.4 v1.5 R1.cst
  4. How about stainless steel sir?, since it cheaper.
  5. okay sir, I'm sorry
  6. I wonder, is it possible to reduce the back reflector width to 120mm, and how bad is the impact if I do so.
  7. Since I didn't have 150x200mm fr4, I made this with 100x200mm fr4, and it still working good
  8. thank you sir!
  9. Will this work on FR4?
  10. Aye aye, sir! thanks for the advise.
  11. I would try to combine it in a strange way, without any deep knowledge of antennas. I don't know if this model can be improved any more. Not Simple patch antenna bare metal.cst
  12. Well, it kind of not enough.
  13. can I get dimensional details of this model sir? thanks
  14. Well. at least I learn something for today.
  15. I made this contraption, it works fine. 150m away from access point. Maybe just being lucky.