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  1. Yes i know i will fix that...
  2. Hi How to connect 4 zigZag elements i have crazy idea! Is there image of feed point conections for alredy made 4 zigzag with 4 elements ? thanks
  3. ok they are here ,,quality is bad and those are just prototypes...he he one is yagi biquad and second is jensky when i change cable both work fine ...it looks that jensky work better because yagi reqiure more directivity
  4. I think that i found what was the problem .... it was in wrong coaxial cable i was used tiny 4mm black coax rg..something which I replace with 7mm coax ko.ka 3000. length of cable is 5 m from antenna to wifi card and i get 43...47% of signal with Jensky (4 zigzag ) antenna without reflecor ! voila. With reflector i hope that signal would be over 50% ?
  5. Thanks for simulation and dimensions.. I used for quick % dirty build measures for tringle 30-40-50 and distance from reflector 17mm and as i said signal strength is same like is with standard biquad. As i said ..i have problem with signal from AP which is 400 m from my house. I have optical match with AP antenna which is omni(fabric) and radiate in vertical polarization. So what would be the best option to build for this distance and vertical polarization? I already tried yagi-biquad and when i set in proper direction i dont get any signal? yes...is true BUT when i use extra reflector and turn yagi to this reflector then i get signal... so i catch reflected signal.... but direct i cannot get ? thanks
  6. I replaced classic biquad with batwings element and i can confirm that work the same what means that signal strength is same . I also build biquad yagi with 5 directors(also biquads) and i will test it .
  7. What i can expext if i replace classic biquad with wire with this one? I want improve signal strength ...distance is cca 500m from AP. I mean is it worth to try ...especially if you said that 75 ohm is ok ? thanks
  8. Interesting shape.. What about this dimensions for 2.4 ghz...
  9. I found this antenna on some radio amateur site YU ..i think and i don't get it why is connection point here where IS NOT maximum of current density?
  10. then is there a way to build this one ...
  11. I found this image ..about printed wire sierpinski fractal
  12. ahhh it is attempt to create something useful In fact - we can create wire antenna adding nodes but is tooo slow.
  13. then what is it ?
  14. No i download it from sourceForge you can find it there...