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  1. It is DVB-T - digital video broadcasting - terrestrial ok so range is 350MHz,,,, so you mean is he can cover whole range He can if the size is for 470MHz...
  2. bandwith of 350Mhz ? what is that ? i am not sure...here where i am there is no any TV station that emit on 350Mhz in DBV-T all of them are above 470MHz so if you can pick up lower then you must recalc biquad dimensions which must be more larger
  3. For example like i do, i doubt in first what to build and now i am happy with reception with my double biquad with aluminim wires and standard baloon transformer
  4. Hello boys I think that building patch antenna for tv UHF band is a pure wasting of material and it is large and ia heavy, it is something like you wish to drive a cae but u use truck.. there are far elegant solutions
  5. I use F connector with my new patch-yagi or wifi gun antenna and work ,also i use kO-Ka 3000 75 ohm coax
  6. Hello Just to let you know with just 3 elements reflector, patch and director i get 46% of signal from 400m distance.
  7. yagi

    i see this on a given site link by you there is a patch even 60,5mm and first director 58 mm instead 54 mm
  8. yagi

    I mean size or diameter of patch and disector. first is 68 then i see 62 mm which one is proper? that is why i asking
  9. yagi

    Jomy I am confused with all that different sizes of patch and first director which one give best gain ?
  10. Hi JoMy Well in my case not, i build this type of antenna for 2.4ghz few months back and i can tell you that signal gain is lower than with ordinary double biquad. So following logic i build this Double biquad for TV reception and work really well even without baloon tranformer. I don't have time to exeperiment with this one for TV ,i am busy with oter things.
  11. Easy and simple to build double biquad TV antenna ch 21-69
  12. Thisd "Liver pate caps" are really good and i have in plane to make one
  13. I am not sure ...what is SW fractal loop antenna ???
  14. I like da Silva antenna it should be easy to replicate ..
  15. I am in processof building your version with wires so i will see how this one work.. i hope better than mine !