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  1. Most of you know for BOW TIE antenna for TV reception.. so few days back i decided to try to build one for wi-fi 2.4. This time i also use aluminum 1.5mm electric wire..even i can use copper wire just to see how work with aluminum... anyway most of antennas are build with aluminum. measures are standard ... distance of each element by holder is half wave L/2 size of element is full wave , angle in element is 60 deg
  2. I don't see that here anyone post something like this . I made it not very precise but dimensions are standard i mean for such a antenna are
  3. yagi

    WOW long time i don't visit this forum Dude above with double biquad made mistake 30 17 mm
  4. If the relector is connected to GND of cable then is better if is of aluminum
  5. Easy and simple to build double biquad TV antenna ch 21-69
  6. yes it is very hard and wouldnt wastimg my time with such design
  7. I think that too, you must find any old satelite antenna dish for such a large distances
  8. I dont know what kind of biquad is this ,,but biquad ia biquad
  9. Hi Today ..as i said before , i build this simple TV UHF antenna. It is build with thin aluminum electric wire 1.5mm dia and connected with ordinary "luster clamp".
  10. i think offset
  11. oK i will try add batwing to satelite dish dia 80cm
  12. Jommy what you think about this one:
  13. Isolation between ports,i don't get it , do you mean isolation between director and central metal rod/screw ? I recently build one and work well, just is a sensitive to polarization. Jomy ..i have old satelite dish and i have in plan to use it to try pick up wifi signal ... air line cca 3- to 4 km i am not sure.. so is it better use simple biquad with reflector and add it to satelite dish (60cm...or 70 i am not sure too) or ad patch similar to this 'gun' antenna i mean just two reflector 90mm and patch 68mm... thanks !!
  14. I suspect Jomy that this must be a fake... better than double biquad....ha ha
  15. what kind of trick is that?
  16. yeah that one is really good and expensive,,,,BUT why not use ordinary satelite antenna dish and add wifi element
  17. Hi jomy somewhere is stated that this type of antenna is circular porized, that is not true at all, i recently have some problems with this antenna my son use it on another computer complain to me that he have bad signal, he mean low signal from AP.. after looking i think that something else is wrong ,AP send H polarized wifi signal and when we desolder and solder again coaxial cable inner wire into V position msignal becomes large and very very good , strenght more than 86%...So people be carefull how you polarize youer antennas!
  18. I use it as dipole on reflextor 12x12cm and work ,of course there are better antennas but work.
  19. Yes i made it and connect it yesterday to try ,,,ok it work in horizontal polarization
  20. Thanks i will try to make it!
  21. Ooups not 120 than 72 mm
  22. Jomy do you can simulate only this double dipole with reflector...without directors ?
  23. Well Ok ,maybe i try to build .i have one spare piece of 12x12 cm zinc metal plate as reflector.
  24. Yomi it is video about double - dipole with reflector, i must say that i never see before such a antenna . Is is maybe better than classic biquad? IF IS ,then is worth to build..right?
  25. yagi

    Here it is :