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  1. interesting antenna on the 0.88G. Share antenna sizes? Or project if modeling in CST Studio
  2. Where can I find such a dialectical polystyrene? Is it suitable in a building materials store? I'm sorry for the stupid question, as I understand it, you need a material with certain characteristics of dialectical permeability?
  3. changed the connection location and replaced the wire with strips in the connection. If you have free time, can you check me out? I'm still in CST. According to your articles on the forum. A little later I will put optimization 1320patch.cst
  4. I fly this antenna now at 1320 MHz. I suggest you stay that way. Cut less:))))
  5. I apologize for the arrogance:) do not share the project file? In order not to waste your time, I will play with the size of the antennas myself.
  6. Thank you so much for your time. It also seemed to me that this antenna connection option is a little incorrect. I changed the location of the cable connection in the middle of the connection line, above I posted a photo. The results were as follows on the analyzer. The results above are incorrect since they were in a small room and industrial interference was detected on the air
  7. Don't worry. It's ok. I'm also waiting for windless weather to test this antenna option in field flights. Science requires sacrifice!!!
  8. read about such antennas. Made a connection point as in the photo. It seems better but I still want better
  9. Yes ,50 Ohm.
  10. sorry!!! diameter of the patch 125 mm, diameter of the wire 1.5mm
  11. Please tell me if there is a calculator or model. I bought for video such an antenna at a frequency of 1320 MHz. Is the structure assembled correctly? During transportation, I bent the matching line a little, what distance should be from the reflector? An image of such an antenna slipped on the forum but lost:)))
  12. I bought an Antenna from TrueRC 1.2G for video. fly the plane. Broke during use. I ask for help. Is it possible to repeat the manufacture of the antenna at home? Thank you