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  1. OOK thanks!
  2. could you post the .cst file for this antenna? thanks
  3. Seems that VSWR and gain go to the opposite direction!
  4. ,,,under simulation the real antenna... Dual_Band_Flower_Pot_2.cst
  5. Ah! OK, I thought the spiral worked as a choke only... I will try
  6. yes must be so, the coaxial cable is inside a pvc 25mm conduit tube, anyway its effects are very low
  7. dual-band-half-wave-flower-pot The simpler version, Looks like to have the higher gain @410 MHz VS 430 MHz Dual_Band_Flower_Pot.cst
  8. Yes, I fix it; 5,5M Meshcells, lot of time to simulate...
  9. under simulation... Need time.... Dual_BandHigh_Gain_Flower_Pot.cst
  10. ook thanks, will CST simulate well a coaxial cable with transient analysis ?
  11. Hi! this is the antenna, http://vk2zoi.com/articles/dual-band-high-gain-flower-pot/ RG58, sleeve is a copper/aluminium or brass tube How you would simulate the 7 turns of coaxial cable? thanks
  12. How would you simulate this antenna? This is a collinear 144 + 430
  13. In reality, before doing that, I would like to know if this antenna has a 3dB HPBW around 100° or maybe something wider beamwidth than a traditional helix...
  14. these are the best (to my opinion) AN for Helical antennas HIGH GAIN AXIAL-MODE HELICAL ANTENNA WITH metallic disk.pdf Low_Pitch angle Helix Antenna.pdf Optimization of Helical Antennas.pdf
  15. MMMM 35 dBi gain maybe with an amplifier Looks like a wideband monopole