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PETRA-12 MIMO USB BOX Antenna for 3G/4G

Sealed box for 3G / 4G modem with built-in wide-band MIMO antenna and integrated 10-meter USB cable. The device is completely ready for self-installation: inside the case you will find two CRC9 pigtails for connecting the antenna part to the modem, and the complete mount will allow you to easily install the PETRA-12 MIMO 2x2 BOX on a facade bracket, pole or remote mast. Nothing prevents the device from being used indoors as well!

Communication standardsGSM-1800, UMTS-2100, LTE1800, LTE2600

Frequency range 1700-2700 MHz

Gain factor 10-13 dBi

Bottom width in the H-plane 30–48°

Bottom width in the E-plane 46–63°

Input impedance 50 ohms

SWR in the operating frequency range≤ 1,6

Polarisation vertical + horizontal

Permissible power 10 W

Forward / backward ratio 14-15 dB

Side lobe level≤ -10 dB

Decoupling between ports in the operating range≥ 32 d

RF connectors 2 x CRC9

USB Cable Length 10 m

Antenna Material FR-4, galvanized steel

Material of the protective box polycarbonate+ABS

Mounting material galvanized steel

Shell Protection IP54

Permissible wind speed 25 m / sec

Operating temperature range-40°C to +80°C

Size 260 x 135 x 90 mm

Weight 1 kg

Equipment PETRA-12 MIMO BOX antenna with CRC9 connectors, 10 m USB extension cable, pipe or mast mounting kit, user manual







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,,,an antenna simulation...


,,,and Guanella Adaptation...


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