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Fake author...!?

wow Juri is a tuff guy

it looks that he like to simulate antennas

it looks to me like  he is fake expert

but some of simulations looking nice

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On 15/4/2019 at 0:35 PM, Admin said:

There is a so-called author on the internet who seems to want to dyce the spider antenna for wifi ... !!!

He said..."Spider" does not work! (Ground Plane balun need!)

What do you say, he's right ... ???




It's been used from more than a 100 YEARS...


But then again the most used antenna is like a quarter wave + balun or half wave alltogether


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What do you say, he's right ... ???

I don't say that, i never build such antenna but i used 

small pin antenna which comes with wifi card and that one work 

but work better if we add some reflector.

Yes this verticals are used for radio transmission long time...

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,,,a ground plane antenna for Noaa weather station...


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Another fake...https://3g-aerial.biz/wi-fi-3g-4g-pushka-analiz-i-raschet

,,, and to demonstrate this, look at the Bester antenna simulation for the 2.2 GHz frequency...




,,, if it is desired to respect the dimensions given by
  the CANTENNATOR calculator, must take this situation into account(I mean the pin-connection  from SMA connector and vibrator)....



,,, and here is the result....>>>


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