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N78 Antenna

Please, I need to make an antenna dish feeder (ISP antenna over 1km away), for TCL HH500V router, which supports only
N78 antennas (Vodafone Greece 3.4-3.8 GHz), on double TS9 ports. So, looking online
tried to calculate a dual polarized patch panel construction, and must know if the attached
diagram is good for my construction.

The dimensions are on the attached .pdf file.

I don't have and I don't know how to simulate this project in a simulator.
Could anyone simulate, correct it or suggest something else for this configuration?
Thank you.

YG: I learned a lot from these posts, thank you all for posting them online.


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,,,so, for which frequency do I want the antenna panel..???

,,,and MiMo to be...???

,,,your antenna from the pdf file is not working well...!!!

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,,,maybe you want something like this...


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