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Antenna DUAL LTE 17 dBi 1800 MHz 2x2

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хорошо, спасибо, посмотрим, что выходит из этого..!!!

но все же нужны эти размеры ///


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не хватает многих габаритных размеров, и кажется, что левая сторона имеет другое расстояние от отражателя



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On 20.09.2017 at 7:02 AM, chilanzar2 said:

Jomy, You wrote lan23 on the fact that this antenna gives 14dB gain. Maybe I'm wrong

I measured 14 dBi field test on LTE-2100 (Band 1), 6.6 dBi LTE-1800 (Band-3), 3 dBi LTE-2600 (Band 7), -13 dBi LTE-900 (Band 8). Cable length was 0 (direct attach)

This is best possible gain, when antenna is rotated in each individual band to get max possible RSSI readings.

Due to the fact, that radiation pattern in different bands beam into different directions - actual gain figures may be lower if antenna is fixed (e.g. 1800 + 2600 Carrier agregation).


There is no precise geometry measurements, since all elements are bent and misaligned. 

Patch-to-reflector heigh varies from 5 mm (patch with screw) to 11 mm. Individual patch height varies from 7 to 11 mm, as it is not glued parallel to reflector.


Delay line is tuned to ~2200 MHz (right shorter half) and ~2100 MHz (left larger half).

Due to different sizes of elements in phased array - phase lags is out-of-phae and power split is not equal.

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