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  1. yagi

    Dude! It seems this card is no longer exist on this solar system even used... For the rest, thanks for the advice, I write down this information.
  2. yagi

    About isolating... What's needed?
  3. yagi

    yep crimping tool, rp-sma male and female are already in transit and I found 50m CFD195 low loss in my garage from my old job. Better than the white TV cable for sure. Next link to the antenna will be better. Dual band situation was already in my mind. It's not possible in ALFA integrated app to disabled 5Ghz. I've opened the AWUS to see the board, tried to plug/unplug antennas in different scenario to see if 2,4Ghz or 5Ghz are more visible and found which output is designed to operate in each frequency.... BUT, unfortunately driver is not stable (reboot frequently), each scenario are quite similar, sometimes inconsistent and I can't see anything that's help on the board. Documentation is also imprecise. So maybe AWUS036NH (2,4Ghz only) can be an option in the future. Any words about insulating? I'm very curious about which disk I have to insulate.
  4. yagi

    Hello there, I've seen all this topic and found many way to make a wifi 2,4Ghz antenna. Thanks to all of you about the work you've done here. A this time my project is blocked and I'm lost... but I really want to realize this antenna. When I plug the antenna to my card, I see network but I can't connect to them. If I go outside I can't see any new network in the neighborhood and there a lot of house around. Just my network and I can't connect to any network My usb card is an external brand new alfa AWUS1900. Average output power 21dBm with four external dual band 5dBi antenna. I can see new network if I go outside with the card and all work fine. On side of the antenna ; 75 ohms RG6U (Europe) and the conventional stuff for the rest. I'll post my actual config. I know distance are not good, It's a mix of different sheme and now I'm tired of assemble and disassemble and assemble, etc. I've seen insulated is needed somewhere (otherwise there's shortcut), so i've tried to insulate disk 1 and then disk 2. Checked every time with my ohmmeter. But can someone tell which disk do I have to insulate? What I wanna know is if someone can see a details or somethings. I will be ordering real connectors, cables and adapters in the next week. For today I had to do with the means at hand.