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  1. yagi

    Ok are any of the following 50 ohms? - RG 58/u - RG 59 - RG 6
  2. yagi

    What type of coax cable is supposed to be used? And does it matter if it's 50 or 75 ohms? If it does matter, is there a way to check any coax cable to tell how many ohms it is? Thank you!
  3. yagi

    Can someone post close up pictures of what its supposed to look like of how the coax cable is soldered or connected to this antenna? I see a lot of people using connectors. Is this the best way? I just drilled a hole big enough for the coax cable to go through and soldered the center copper wire to the vibrator. I also tried soldering the copper braid to the reflector. I'm still not getting any luck. Also, can this work if you only want to use it for your mobile phone? I followed the Russian dudes 'WiFi Gun' YouTube video for this and made a capacitive coupling (sp?) at the end of the cable.