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  1. Hi, Does someone have design fo tl-ant2415d antenna. I want to build one.
  2. Will this work without any additional booster amp?
  3. Hi, can i have complete design of this antenna?
  4. yagi

    Thanks for the response, it does help. I am facing an issue. I get good speed when my router attached to Yagi antenna. but it stays connected for 20 to 25 mins and all signals loss. and nothing works unless i reset my router any thought on this?
  5. yagi

  6. yagi

    Hi, I have few more questions if anyone can answer. 1. Can this Yagi Antenna transmist and receive signal at the same time. 2. What is inside white cone and what does that do as attached. 3. I have TP Link MR6400 router it has two antennas not sure if both transmit or receive signals or one receives and the other transmit. 4. I have pretty good response from this antenna, now looking for omni directional antenna designs. 5. Is there any way to identify transmission tower location? I have so many towers on my sight but not sure which one to point my Yagi antenna at? It will be great help if you could share transmission tower tracking app. Appriciate your help in advance. Regards, Khubaib
  7. yagi

    There you go.
  8. yagi

  9. yagi

    Hi. I have built antenna with latest design. I observed upload speed decreased and download speed increased. What could be the reason for this? Image attached
  10. yagi

    How much speed or improvement would increase if i install two antenns with 4G SIM router? If all dimentions and process is followed? instead of router antennas.
  11. yagi

    Thanks for the explanation, it does help.
  12. Hi, i am looking for indoor antenna to boost mobile signals. My house has very low coverage for mobile signals. we have to go out to attend calls. Could you please share a design for indoor and outdoor signal boosting. Appriciate your help in advance.
  13. yagi

    For above diagram, can we add two connectors to antenna and install same to 4G SIM Router? The first 90mm plate, should it be corved as shown in picuture?
  14. yagi

    Agree, I thought it may work. BTW what difference the wire could make, as i am learning about antennas need to keep in mind.
  15. yagi

    Could you please share a good design for 4G SIM router which can boost signals and also share which cable should i use? I know i have left some loop holes , i just I have installed a connector and did not use it due to cable diffrence. i also isolated vibrator using a plastic bag strips :).
  16. yagi

    It is regular copper cable normally used for speakers.
  17. yagi

    Hi, I am new to Yagi 2.4 antenna. I am looking for an antenna which may increase signal strghnth for my 4g SIM card modem TP Link MR64000. This modem have two antennas. But it does not give much speed. Which type of antenna should i make and connect to my modem as out door extermal antenna? I have made following and it does not perform well. this design is from andrew on youtube. Thanks, Khubaib