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  1. How to determine the distance between the biquad antenna and the aluminum sheet? Or maybe you can help master? Sorry master, if this antenna is made with a thin sheet of aluminum, will it have the same gain or will it get worse?
  2. Sorry master, if this antenna is made with a thin sheet of aluminum, will it have the same gain or will it get worse?
  3. Hi admins. I'm trying to assemble a 4g antenna, for the frequencies 1800, 2100 and 2300, with this Catherine Antenna. Can you help me simulate it? Thank you.
  4. These are the measurements I got. CATHREIN.pdf
  5. Okay. I will try to give the size in the picture. It might take some time.
  6. I have tried to connect this antenna to a 2.4 Ghz wifi router. Antenna works fine. Can master Joymi simulate this antenna for 2.4 Ghz frequency, and how many dbi gain is obtained? Thank you in advance.
  7. Sorry. Yes, the dimensions are the same. Right now in my country there is a lot of talk about the Catherine antenna. Looks very interesting in the attachment. To maximize the performance of this antenna is it enough to add a 120 mm reflector?
  8. Kurang lebih seperti ini yang bisa saya buat. This is more or less what I can do.
  9. Hi admins. I'm interested in this antenna. Can I get the detailed size? Can this antenna also work in the 3850 to 4080 Mhz frequency?
  10. Hello everyone, I am very happy to join this forum. Thank you Master Jomy for allowing me to join. This is my stupid way of soldering aluminum. Will this affect the performance of the antenna? Is there a better way than this? Thank you.
  11. Thank you. Maybe that's a more appropriate name.
  12. At each plate connection, I put a little wedge which I glued on both sides. So the connection remains secure.
  13. If it was made a little neater, would it still affect the resonance? That's right, the material I use is the vehicle number plate / License Plate.
  14. To conclude from the image above, each joint I'm about to solder looks like a small coil of copper wire. The key to making soldering on aluminum easier is the winding of the copper wire. I took this copper wire from a piece of LAN cable. Then, the two plates to be joined, I made holes with a diameter of 1 mm on both sides, then the two holes were joined with a copper wire coil, wrapped as tightly as possible, then just glued the tin with solder on the front and back. I think this is the easiest way to do it.
  15. Thank you very much Master Jomy for allowing me to rejoin. And it has helped restore my membership. I really like this forum.