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  1. ok thanks, I've seen this way, is it more efficient? What size would it be for your antenna? Would it alter anything else?
  2. Greetings again, after trying many more complex and complicated antenna models from the forum, perhaps thinking that they would work better and being scolded by admin jjjjj perhaps for stupid questions..... I tried this antenna and walaaa!!!, I managed a connection stable at 1800mhz, with an acceptable size (I added about 14 elements), easy to build, little air resistance and almost immune to rain, it surprised me. How could I squeeze a few more db? perhaps modifying the reflector?
  3. Thank you very much, does the height of the patch to the reflector remain the same? If I wanted a 75 ohm impedance, what would I change?
  4. Could it be tested for 1800mhz? I need those 15db
  5. I think I will continue trying with the Yagi....?? 920cm pacyfic grid atenna with dipole feed (with coaxial splited balun and one reflector) will give You 19-22dBi, adequat Yagi will be 2m long and and should be carried out with great precision (+/- 0.1mm)
  6. It's a shame, it's very simple...and yes, they are right...but what can I do? I live in a region with a lot of air and there is no signal below 5 meters. I cannot raise such a large dish to more than 10 meters without having to invest a lot in a good mast. What options would there be?
  7. Clanón... can you help me with something like this for 1800 mhz, I thought about making the Yagi Extreme lll ...but no one has simulated it or confirmed the gain and how good it is
  8. So...can we add directors? Would it work as a yagi?
  9. It really looks simple....what design to do to get closer to 20db at about 20 km in band 3 1800 MHz?
  10. So guys, what would the balum be like for this antenna?
  11. yes....thanks I'll try
  12. ok ..... I just thought it would be interesting, that's why it's not common and that application could be used ..... it's not for so much, here's post with worst and very complicated begets that will not use or make anyone
  13. jjjjj they are just those, I don't accept the images at once, I don't know why, it's just to demonstrate the variety of models
  14. Browsing Chinese wed I found these accessories, it seems like they are for cell phones, will they really work? They announce gains of 3 and 4 dB between 800 MHz and 2100 MHz
  15. please....