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  1. hello greetings, any idea for an antenna for commercial fm with maximum gain and that is not of a monstrous size (no more than 3m)
  2. excellent, this is what i mean
  3. Someone who models this antenna for please ...... no idea of the measurements, they have told me that it is very good but I have never been able to get measurements
  4. Friend, I have received stations with that antenna at a distance of 2200 km in New York and 2000 km in Houston Texas, but that happens 1 or 2 times a year at the most, when atmospheric conditions condition the propagation of radio waves, fundamental when DX is done in this band, (which seems to be what happened to our friend Sven) ... but it is not the common thing and less with this type of antenna and with those characteristics. The stations that I listen to the most daily are in that range of 200-250km and let me tell you that even with a signal amplifier and the antenna that I post at the beginning of the post (and which is more powerful than that) it is difficult for me to maintain stability in the signal. I opened this topic to see if something new emerged in the debate and other friends knew of other types of antennas with better characteristics and that were not so gigantic and complicated, something that with 3 meters in size achieves the maximum possible gain that can be squeezed ... .. if not possible there are no problems
  5. Greetings ... I already tried it and it is very good for its size but no, it is not that good, it does not have enough gain and the F / B is not that good either I have stations behind that bother a lot, I need at least 10 db in the whole band, or in large part at least to avoid having to use a signal amplifier, there are solutions, but they are huge monsters so I keep looking for something more ideal. I have reviewed http://www.ham-radio.com excellent site and there are very interesting things but who knows maybe there are better things out there, creative and intelligent people abound in this world.
  6. the size I have always said from the beginning no more than 3 meters
  7. As for the material I will use whatever is necessary, according to the design, tubes of 9, 10, 11, 12 mm ..... square boom, round, whatever is necessary to squeeze the profit and the F / B, too it could be a quadix like this ... they say they are very good
  8. Let's see, sorry, it is not that they play with the data of the monster that I showed them, it is to optimize something smaller, as I said at the beginning (about 3m) ... I would like to squeeze something like that and then expose the measures to be able to build it and try it in real life .... thanks everyone for the answers
  9. something like this ... but not that big!!!!!! They were produced in Germany in the 70s and 80s
  10. It is for DX, the long-distance reception of stations in the band 88 - 108 MHZ, between 200km and 300km and that also has a good F / B
  11. Could you publish the measurements please and how would it be with more directors? adding more directors what would be the maximum profit