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  1. So...can we add directors? Would it work as a yagi?
  2. It really looks simple....what design to do to get closer to 20db at about 20 km in band 3 1800 MHz?
  3. Hello friends, I found this antenna on my friend's channel https://www.youtube.com/@mul_onochannel1569, I would like someone to model this antenna to know how effective it is and if it could be optimized, it will also work with rods and a reflector. mesh? It is supposed to be for the 1800 mhz frequency.
  4. So guys, what would the balum be like for this antenna?
  5. yes....thanks I'll try
  6. Browsing Chinese wed I found these accessories, it seems like they are for cell phones, will they really work? They announce gains of 3 and 4 dB between 800 MHz and 2100 MHz
  7. ok ..... I just thought it would be interesting, that's why it's not common and that application could be used ..... it's not for so much, here's post with worst and very complicated begets that will not use or make anyone
  8. jjjjj they are just those, I don't accept the images at once, I don't know why, it's just to demonstrate the variety of models
  9. please....
  10. I like it Admin, what would be the panel measurements for LTE 1800 75 ohm?
  11. Could there be a version for 1800?
  12. Thank you very much, Discarded Project
  13. I could have a balance like that, simple and practical
  14. Yes I know, it should be like that, but sometimes they surprise me, is this the case?
  15. How much loss will the published model have?
  16. I see that in Asia it is very common to use antennas without impedance adapters and that they give good results, how is this possible?
  17. Yagi

    Anyway friends, what conclusion did you come to with the modeling of this antenna, is it that good?
  18. thanks
  19. Ok sorry if I'm clumsy searching, but this forum is huge and I've been searching for hours, I see that you offered to optimize this model and if I wanted to, I haven't seen other models this simple and powerful, yes I have seen others but with very complex balance lines Sorry again if I got into a very old topic, can you help me?
  20. Although I don't have its measurements either, I'm looking for powerful and easy-to-make antennas only for 1800 MHz
  21. Yes... that's what I'm looking for, a lot of gain and easy to do, do you have the measurements of that antenna for 1800 and optimized is it better than this one?
  22. Let's go group, only Wi-Fi is not lived jjjj... the best thing I've found profit size ratio!!... pity not having the measurements http://www.7arrays.com/custom/custom_designs_engineering.htm
  23. hello greetings, any idea for an antenna for commercial fm with maximum gain and that is not of a monstrous size (no more than 3m)
  24. The bad thing about this antenna is the F / R, how could it be improved? We could take the design of the active element used by Brian Beezley Author of the Site http://ham-radio.com/k6sti/index.html in your Metric Yagis to improve it? Can someone model it and share the changes?
  25. Here are the .maa file UKW 14 Elemente, DDR-Ausführung.maa has a great profit for its size, especially after being modified by the friend Peter Körner .... stolle_us14.doc