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  1. yagi

    Today will do with little dish (40cm) can you do measurements to will be 2.4 ghz?
  2. yagi

    It simple modem in nearest home approx 1 km apart modem supports 2.4 ghz and 5 ghz. But my device only 2.4 ghz. Today i made antenna with 20 discs. 17 x 4cm (between discs 22mm) then 5cm (between discs 12mm) then 68mm (between discs 9mm) and final 9cm (7mm) but with corner about 5 mm looking forward. Maybye do corner to back? Or do straight last disc? Can do projection to see difference with 7 and 20 discs?
  3. yagi

    Do you think this option is better with dish? How much approx km it can catch signal?? Also want to try "Blaster" with 20 pcs of discs, seperated 22mm. (Tryed standard with 7 pcs as you show) how about signal range , quality? Difference? Also what modem is better to use to cach internet? Im using cheap chinnese usb adapter (same body different chipset) one ralink other realtek, realtek is much better with chip mt 7601 but maybye in your options is some better modems? Also need to spread internet if it possible to the summerhouse.. 20 , 30 meters.. will add modem photo. In my option i putting modem straight to pc of course i can spread with wifi hotspot but pc needs to be always on. Maybye can connect straight to router or something what spreads..
  4. yagi

    at 4:30 ...
  5. yagi

    Ok i we seen this style antenna on sattelite dish. Can Admin make a projection with dish? Before i started to create
  6. yagi

    Hello difference between reflectors. In drawings its corner ar 15mm. In video it straight disc. I done couple of this style antennas. But reflector without corner 15mm. If change difference? And want make yagi antenna it better than this blaster? (Actual question - range)