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  1. is it okay to use a 75 ohm connector on a 50 ohm antenna
  2. hi admin, please simulate this antenna, because at my place the signal reception is pretty good.
  3. admin, please make me an antenna yagi that covers a frequency of 800-2200 mhz ...
  4. I hope the admin gives details of its size, and I want a 75 ohm impedance ...
  5. Thanks admin ...i mean 4g network at freq 830-950 mhz not 2600
  6. Hi admin ... Please make 3G 4G antenna simulation with sparated type
  7. Thanks admin, I wait for his simulation
  8. In the area I was hard to find coaxial 50 ohm, can this in replace coalial 75 ohm
  9. Is this antenna allows for 4G LTE 900 MHz network
  10. please give me the antenna design for 4g 800 mhz too
  11. Maksud saya apakah ada formula untuk membuat antena ini , formula for impedance adjustment to 50 ohms or 75 ohms
  12. how do we get the impedance and vswr frequency we want
  13. how to get it can wideband
  14. Which antenna simulation? the size too ... thank you