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  1. Hi Admin, i was looking for a 2500mhz antenna and i came across with this antenna and just want to verify if my understanding of the measurement is correct R = 165mm Patch = 64mm d1 = 43mm fp = 9.3mm space from reflector to patch = 6.5mm distance from reflector to d1 = 31mm thanks admin.
  2. yagi

    Can u pls share the details of that latest design?
  3. So this one is not working?
  4. its broadband antenna.. oh okay..
  5. if you want mimo for that just search here i'm sure you'll find one that'll suits your preference..
  6. nice, what frequency this antenna operates?
  7. Try Mimosa..
  8. is the screw metal or plastic? and is it possible to make this in galvanized steel?
  9. yagi

    i've been using a non-isolated yagi antenna.. so far no problem..
  10. V is 75mm for 2.4Ghz?
  11. this one..