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  1. V is 75mm for 2.4Ghz?
  2. this one..
  3. thats for 3G 2100Mhz
  4. how about miniPCIe to usb adapter?
  5. yagi

    the farthest distance between vibrator and first director I've seen is 9-10mm..
  6. yagi

    which one increases the bandwidth? vibrator?
  7. its okay to solder that part?
  8. what are the dimensions?
  9. wow, this one? 9dbi..
  10. hey, i'm just wondering what would be the gain that i made? assuming that the patch placed in the middle..
  11. i'm going to redo my work,,. thanks admin!
  12. the gain would be? 10-12dbi?