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  1. The dimensions (in mm) Diameter = dr reflector 240, dv driven 179, d1 director 1 154, d2 director 2 135, d3 director 3 133, disc thickness 1 boom 5, feedpoint from center 65, boom length 210, Gap = dr to dv 15.5 dv to d1 21 d1 to d2 88 d2 to d3 78
  2. The antenna working frequency should be well enough to operate from 898 MHz to 934 MHz which suitable for UHF RFID application. I will share later once the antenna has been constructed and tested with the network analyzer
  3. you dont use cantennator for this dimension? I want to get the dimension for 920 MHz with 50 ohm
  4. yagi

    I'm currently learning to draw and simulate disc antenna using CST software. Still new and learning. I still cannot find the formula to get the feed point / inset feed location. Some said it is about ~1/3 from the V or the radiator
  5. yagi

    oh ok, so the feedpoint location is it safe to say around ~ 1/3 length location from the center of the V? I still cannot find the correct formula for this. or is it to be autocalculated in the CST software?
  6. yagi

    feedpoint (SMA) to the center c=20. is there any standard method on the calculation? most of the time it is about 1/3 to 1/4 from the R=90 in this case