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  1. How can I divide Batwing into 4 parts in CST Studio?
  2. ,,,..!!Judging by the screenshot, you just increased the sides,,,...!! I wonder what will happen if you connect two pairs of ellipses in the reflector with such sides? 17+ dBi?
  3. ...Try using the 75 Ohm F-connector,,,
  4. Jomy, can you simulate this antenna with vertical sides and a 2 mm thick polyethylene cover? https://ypylypenko.livejournal.com/77745.html
  5. yagi

    *facepalm* Some antenna design experts and the spectrum analyzer will not agree with you. There is nothing more to discuss here.
  6. yagi

    aurel, I am really dissapointed in your explanation, active plate DO NOT MUST BE ISOLATED from metal rod. Here is a simulation of an antenna without isolating the active disk: 1800 MHz - https://ypylypenko.livejournal.com/57630.html 2100 MHz - https://ypylypenko.livejournal.com/73658.html 2400 MHz - https://ypylypenko.livejournal.com/75267.html 2600 MHz - https://ypylypenko.livejournal.com/57985.html All antennas work well without isolating the active disk. I wanted to say that on the street you can not use copper without protection.
  7. yagi

    Galvanized steel 0.5 mm The сentral copper core of the coaxial cable must be protected from moisture. You can use nail polish. I hope I translated the question correctly. Wet copper will work, but over time it will begin to oxidize (deteriorate), and this may negatively affect its performance.
  8. yagi

    [offtop] Multiple beer cans + electrode + super glue = 3G antenna [/offtop]
  9. yagi

    The tube is needed for reliability. You don't need to isolate anything anywhere. The cable braid must be in contact with the largest disk. Also: Instead of the RG-58 cable (high signal loss), it is better to use rg-6. The antenna made of copper cannot be used on the street.
  10. yagi

    Better try to do like this: Лучше try to do вот так:
  11. I thought the bolt caps near the wire might have a negative effect. Now I need to get a drawing of the fastener somewhere.
  12. Where can I install four M6 bolts for mounting the antenna so that the bolt caps do not affect its operation? As here.
  13. ,,,,,You're right. >>>>>You're wrong. !!!!!...They are very similar. You only need to increase the pin...!!!!!
  14. Ok. Make it using the 75 Ohm connector I gave you today.
  15. Not better. This antenna is much more complicated than batwing, and it's not as broadband. I need 470-820 MHz (to be more precise, then 500-800 MHz).