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  1. There are not all sizes. Have you tried to optimize it?
  2. I am looking for a MIMO irradiator for 4g b3 (1710-1880). I found this option, but Yurik says that this antenna has poor port isolation. Can you check it out?
  3. http://www.lan23.ru/forum/showthread.php?t=12338&p=138269&viewfull=1#post138269 Did you model it? Is this a really good 75 ohm antenna?
  4. What is the polarization of this antenna? Linear? Where are the other graphs (vswr, gain)?
  5. 1800-2100 MHz? What does it mean? Dual band (4g + 3g)? LOL! This is not an antenna, it is piece of... metal. Made very poor quality. If you use direct cable entry without a connector (or a connector with a solder connection as in the photo), then a spacer is not needed.
  6. What does it isolate? I see the free space between the active disk and the reflector. Give a link to the video.
  7. Maybe it's better with this connector?
  8. Yes. 2412-2472 MHz.
  9. Can you make a 75 Ohm version of this antenna? Or this: https://ypylypenko.livejournal.com/75267.html (yurik82 couldn't do at 75 Ohm, as "the displacement of the pin increases strongly negative reactivity (i.e. shifting the resonance), most likely it is necessary to recalculate the sizes of the active and associated with the first disk").