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  1. I thought the bolt caps near the wire might have a negative effect. Now I need to get a drawing of the fastener somewhere.
  2. Where can I install four M6 bolts for mounting the antenna so that the bolt caps do not affect its operation? As here.
  3. ,,,,,You're right. >>>>>You're wrong. !!!!!...They are very similar. You only need to increase the pin...!!!!!
  4. Ok. Make it using the 75 Ohm connector I gave you today.
  5. Not better. This antenna is much more complicated than batwing, and it's not as broadband. I need 470-820 MHz (to be more precise, then 500-800 MHz).
  6. Can you make this version using M6 metal studs?
  7. ,,,,,Your Internet connection has a very high ping...!!!! The "classic" version is easier to manufacture. Also I thought that it is possible to reduce the size of the reflector a little (so that the gain at low frequencies does not fall below 9 dBi). I also wanted the "butterfly" to be attached to the reflector on metal (and not dielectric as in the model) rods.
  8. Unfortunately this is true. Didn’t even give a connector model.. Here you go (big thanks to Sergey Sychugov). F-female.aedt
  9. I asked, but he wouldn't help. This must be a very difficult task.
  10. ,,, I wrote to Yurik82 to give measurements (he took measurements). Waiting for his answer...!!! Yes, 75 Ohm...
  11. Can you replace the SMA connector with an F? sgser (Antex engineer) and yurik82 say that such a connector can be used, but it must be considered in the model. https://ypylypenko.livejournal.com/76027.html
  12. Because you posted a new drawing 11 hours ago And what about this?
  13. .....!!!,,,,,,,,Still pretty busy?,,,,,,,,,,!!!.....
  14. Ok. Just wanted to make sure you didn't forget