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Slotted Waveguide Antenna

Waveguide slot antennas are a type of microwave antenna that use a hollow metal tube, called a waveguide, to transmit and receive electromagnetic waves. They have slots cut along the length of the waveguide, which act as radiating elements. Waveguide slot antennas have some advantages over other types of antennas, such as high efficiency, low loss, and wide bandwidth.

Single Sided 8 Slots Waweguide...41x20x360mm....



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Polarization of slots is 90 degrees OPPOSITE of that of Lineal Dipoles-Monopoles , etc... 

Vertical slots = Horizontal (lineal) Polarization

Horizontal slots = Vertical (lineal) polarization

PS: equivalent to a Magnetic dipole due to Electric field energy on slot's borders...

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