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AX-2513P 2x2 MIMO panel antenna 4G LTE2600.

General information

Panel antenna AH-2513P 2x2 MIMO is intended for use in the set of user equipment wireless communication systems LTE, WIMAX 2.6 GHz band. AH-2513P MIMO 2x2 antenna is the medium directional and recommended for application not far from the base station and in the city. Thanks to the support antenna MIMO 2x2, the speed of transmission when using modems LTE2600 (YOTA ONE, Huawei E392, Е3276, M100-4, etc) can reach 150MB/s.

Electrical characteristics AX-2513PF MIMO 2x2

    Operating frequency range, MHz 2500-2700

    Gain, dBi 13 x 2

    The width of the days in a horizontal / vertical plane, degrees 54/28

    The sidelobe level is not more -13 dB

    Isolation between ports, not less >28 dB

    Input impedance, Ohm 75

    SWR in the frequency range, not more 1,6

    Permissible power watts 10

    Polarization +45°/-45° (X-pol)

Mechanical characteristics

    Weight with mount, g 1050

    Mount-the mast diameter 20-52mm

    Range of working temperatures,C. Celsius -45....+60

    Overall dimensions without mounting, m 0,2x0,2x0,04

    Allowable wind speed, m/sec 35

    Connector 2хF-female

The material of the protective casing -Polycarbonate+ABS

   Antenna material -galvanized steel

   Fastener material steel

   Protective coating powder polymeric paint


Dignity antenna AH-2513P MIMO 2x2:

The tilt of the antenna polarization +45/-45 degrees. This solution allows to maximize the use of modern high-speed 4G LTE modems.
Active radiators of the antenna are securely protected from rain body ultrafioletowego plastic.
The inputs of the antenna closed-loop DC current between the outer and inner conductors, which reduces the probability of accumulation of static electricity on the modem input and makes optional the use of gazorazryadnoi
Use SMA-male allows the use of standard antenna adapters (2 PCs) to connect the antenna and modem.
The presence in the antenna of the two radiating systems with orthogonal polarization allows to work in mode MIMO 2x2 technology or implement Diversity.







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Another way to connect the SMA port...




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,,,okay my friend, but not today...!!!

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