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Wifislax 2017 the new version!

Wifislax 2017 - a boot disk with a set of tools that will help test your wireless networks, identify and resolve different vulnerabilities in them. Contains a large number of drivers for the network cards from different manufacturers integrated into the Linux kernel and provides their support.
Wifislax 2017 – a high level of specialized system-a software tool for security analysis of wired and wireless networks. Is a LiveCD preloaded with Slackware. Can be used for analysis and verification of security systems LANs of different types, the study and evaluation of Wi-Fi networks, as well as in forensic purposes.
Wifislax 2017 out of the box comes with a huge number of drivers for network cards, both wired and wireless types, is integrated in the kernel Linux that provides native support for the vast majority of currently available network devices from different manufacturers.
Wifislax 2017 is based on a code system of SLACKWARE (in earlier versions of the distribution was used a combination of SLAX and PORTEUS) and can be installed on a hard disk for permanent use. Being a "modular" operating system, it supports the expansion of functionality using the XZM-file. A GUI is provided by three related systems – KDE 4 (installed as default), Xfce and Openbox.
In the distribution uses multiple cores – standard and PAE, you can switch between.

Running the system with the USB stick:
For recording, use the program UNetbootin, he checked, everything works fine.


Modulos extra para wifislax64-1.1




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I have wifiSlax ...i think little bit newer version than this one and in general distribution is ok.

But there are too many similar programs with lame results.

Same or similar programs you may find in Xiaopan,Beini,tinyPaw which are really small distros .

I don't know if better results we can get if we use Kali( ..backTrack) which is proclamated as THE BEST pentesting distro.

And i really doubt about that..

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