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UWB Cantenna

Antenna-Bank (bandanna, banctenn, eng. cantenna) — name directional antennas-waveguide, made at home from tin cans. Typically used to extend the range of wireless devices.

This cantenna, presents some changes as it would be
1) plate vibrator
2) adding a directing element
3) attaching a cone to the cylinder

uwb cantenna_01.jpg

uwb cantenna_02.jpg

uwb cantenna_03.jpg

uwb cantenna_04.jpg

uwb cantenna_05.jpg

uwb cantenna_06.jpg


uwb cantenna_08.jpg

uwb cantenna_09.jpg





ANT-QSP_Loop 2300_quart_d_onde.jpg

You can also use the simple vibrator....


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Very interesting. This is easier to make and more gain than Bester feed.

Probably easier to optimize too!

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